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The Call

Into the New World My first message.
Thou who gavest the Ashram,
Thou who gavest two lives, Proclaim.
Builders and warriors, strengthen the steps.
Reader, if thou hast not grasped - read again, after a while.
The predestined is not accidental,
And the leaves fall off in due time.
Yet the winter is but the messenger of spring.
All is revealed; all is attainable.
I shall cover you with a shield - labor.
I have spoken.
I am  -  thy Bliss
I am  -  thy Smile
I am  -  thy Joy
I am  -  thy Rest
I am  -  thy Strength
I am  -  thy Valor
I am  -  thy Wisdom
1. By holiness in life, guard the precious Gem of Gems.
Aum Tat Sat Aum!
I am thou, thou art I - parts of the Divine Self.
Life thunders - be watchful.
Danger! The soul hearkens to its warning!
The world is in turmoil - strive for salvation.
Life nourishes the soul.
Strive for the life glorified, and for the realization of purity.
Put aside all prejudices - think freely.
Be not downcast but full of hope.
Flee not from life, but walk the path of salvation.
One Temple for all - for all, One God.
Manifold worlds dwell in the Abode of the Almighty,
And the Holy Spirit soars throughout.
The Renovation of the World will come - the prophecies will be fulfilled.
People will arise and build a New Temple.
2. In creation realize the happiness of life, and unto the desert turn thine eye.
Comprehend the great gift of love to the One God.
Try to unfold the power of insight,
That you may perceive the future unity of mankind.
The one salvation is to turn the spirit toward the light of Truth.
The great gift of love lives in the one vision bestowed upon the fearless soul.
Thou, who hast seen!
Pure art is the expression of the radiant spirit.
Through art thou hast the light.
3. He who is obsessed with matters of the nether world
receives not his answers from the Heights.
Fate can be overcome if thou manifest the Christ,
Who sacrificed Himself for Truth.
4. My Friends! Happiness lies in serving the salvation of Humanity.
Put aside all prejudices and, summoning thy spiritual forces, aid mankind.
Turn the unsightly towards beauty.
As the tree renews its leaves, so shall men flourish on the path of righteousness.
5. Direct thy friends towards righteousness.
Do not conceal Our Communications.
Watch with thy heart Our Inspiration.
Strive and thou wilt perceive the light.
I will point out the way -  the heart will understand Our Token.
Behold! The Teachers will reveal a lyre,
and miraculously Their strength will endow it
with the gift of enchanting men.
Behold the bliss sent unto thee.
Steadfastness is the requisite of those who strive for the path of ascension.
Those who with a full heart fulfill Our requests will
attune their ears to the harmony of the Universe.
By bringing happiness unto thee We show Our Trust in thy search for righteousness.
Truth is with thee - be ready to receive it.
As the heavens are depthless, so great is thy strength.
6. My Breath is the daring towards Beauty.
The outpourings through sacrifice will lead thee
to joyous realization in thy pursuit of Truth.
Eschew the life of the slumberer.
Love that life which sparkles with souls enchased by the Divine Radiance.
Strengthen the growing power of thy spirit.
Ever remember the Gates revealed by Us.
The pure Breath of Our Bliss imparts the living sustenance to thee in thy daily life.
Let the dance of wrath falter before the Temple!
The fire of fearlessness will brighten thy hearth.
We send the light to those who smile at darkness.
Thy spirit is already in ascent, and the flaming heart will not be blighted by cold.
The Right Hand of God asserteth Itself
and pronounceth the Dawn of Day.
7. Why walk the way of silence?
In life imbibe the source of sound and color - strengthen thy mind.
8. Be not bold in the daily life. Be more simple.
My friends, let not the personal affect thy auras.
9. Stand aside, Thou Flaming One!
Hide not the Gates of Heaven!
Thou hast created souls joyous in their consciousness of the spirit.
Lessen not the meaning of what thou dost not comprehend.
Cherish the token given unto thee.
Thou must await the awakening of new spiritual powers.
Many doubts will be dispelled in thy future work.
Necessary and inevitable do I deem the rise and fall of the spirit.
The Voice of Wisdom will open the gates to the Unknown.
10. Love each other - beware of disunion.
We must pay dearly for our frivolity and prattle.
11. Why, O Thou Flaming One, dost Thou avert Thy Face?
My sight brings pain to thee; thy wings are not yet spread.
Harden not the spirit - realize greatness in the minute.
Knowledge comes not readily when the spirit is troubled.
We bestow upon thee the ways.
12. Prayer on the way to the Sacred and Hallowed Dwelling:
O Lord of my spirit, forsake not the pilgrim!
The Guru hastens not to shelter me from the storm which threatens.
The pain will pierce the depths of my heart.
And the veil of the whirlwind will hide the light of Thy Face.
With Thee I tear not my ignorance.
The phantoms reveal not their faces.
Lead me upon the path, O Thou Blessed One.
Touch my eyes that I may see Thy Gates!
13. The daughter of the world may vanquish destiny.
The New World approaches - sacrifices are the steps of ascent.
The growth is quickened by faith if the spirit is ready to receive.
My friends! Hasten past the first steps, that, purified,
you may ascend to the glory of your motherland.
And it I offer thee the allurements of gold, or flowers, or jewels - refuse.
14. Carrying the spear of life, we breathe smilingly
the life-giving ether of the sun.
Take up thy spear at sunrise and guide thy steeds of
morning towards the midday of life.
And the lilies will blossom upon stones.
And at the first ray, open thy portal.
And birds shall sing the praise of labor.
Learn the Wisdom of the Creator through life's symbols.
15. Strengthen the consciousness of Our Presence in thy life.
Invoke Our Power for thy deeds.
Rejoice, ye who have understood.
Live a full life, rich in experience.
Whatsoever thy doubts We shall dissolve them in life-but perceive.
We shall manifest miracles in thy days - but discern.
Let thy heart be thy judge and faith thy power.
Be content with the true indications whispered to thy spirit.
My friends, a happy road ye chose to take.
Thou must teach others to search for My World - 
the World of the Spirit realized.
16. Try to study the higher manifestations of value to mankind.
The image of man is created by the energy of mankind.
17. Through the way of teaching will the
manifestations of light come to thee.
To teach and to love are manifestations of God.
18. Think freely; walk the shortest path.
But ascend by faith in the Blessed Ones
and thou wilt not err.
I come to succor - art thou blind?
Love the pure sense of power and thou wilt conquer.
19. Steep is the path to the abode of faith.
Turn thy mind toward the joy of creation.
That thou mayest exalt the spirit cast out the trivial thoughts and be ready
to receive the vibrations sent by Us.
20. The pure thoughts of the courageous spirit
transform into realities life's phenomena.
21. A pure thought ever ascends.
At the feet of Christ it blossoms, radiant.
With pure blue flame glows the Calling Word and
radiates the Chalice of Exaltation.
O Lord, drain our tears and perceive the flame of our heart.
"By flames shall I dry thy tears and upraise the temple of thy heart."
Remove the covers of thy hearth; the Lord cometh!
He has transformed the treasure of the cup.
And has returned the chalice afire.
O flame two-tongued, assert thyself, thou double-pointed!
O heart, pour out the wine of tears; but be not dry, my heart.
How shall I fill Thy Cup, O Lord!
22. Love the manifestation of harmony.
I send the blessed token of Gupta.
My Word is the flashing copper.
Await and attune thine ear; My Lips would speak.
23. I am the searing heat of the sand.
I am the flame of the heart.
I am the engulfing wave.
I am the earth regenerated.
Rejoice and behold the Light.
24. Beseech Christ.
Search for the joy of inner exaltation.
Discover and unlock the Gates of Knowledge,
And affirm thyself in the understanding of God's plan.
25. We lend Our Ears to pure thoughts.
Thou wilt receive the knowledge and wilt walk the
pure path, but beware of anger and of doubt.
If thou art conqueror, thou wilt receive the light.
I thou falterest, the whirlwind will obscure thy soul.
Perfect yourselves, my friends, unwearyingly.
Deny not the Voice of the Spirit, suppress only
the earth-bound voices.
Be daring - I am with thee.
26. Teach others by the example of manifested deeds,
but condemn not those in darkness.
Many there be still ignorant-forgive them,
Their spirits slumber.
Naught will daunt thee -
the preordained Gates await thee.
Spurn cowardice - I shield the fearless one.
27. I bestow My Wisdom upon thee.
I am not the path of promise but verily the Light Bearer.
I proclaim love. My disciples must realize happiness in
the love of Christ.
28. Love can create universes.
Love and Wisdom are one.
29. Water will not extinguish fire but will purify the world.
The torrents of blood cannot be washed away.
But by new scourges will the earth be purged of its evil.
I expound happiness.
I shall designate the path for the combat against worldly bargaining.
Men have sunk into lethargy but lightning will illumine their path;
And thunder will arouse the slumberers.
Mountains have crashed to earth.
Lakes have been drained of their waters.
Cities have been engulfed by floods.
Hunger shows its face.
Yet has the spirit of men remained unmoved.
Go, teach, stretch out the hand of aid!
30. Seek happiness and exalt the spirit.
Faith in self and the search for truth create harmony.
31. I granted thee joy of love for the Motherland of the World.
Thou wilt know the love for mankind.
Behold, I lead thee towards the heavenly joy of spirit.
Stray not from the path of ascension.
32. Through joy, purify the path.
While thou art pupils, learn to overcome irritability.
My pupils must have a sympathetic eye.
As through a magnifying glass behold the good, and
belittle tenfold the signs of evil, lest thou
remain as before.
33. Love each other - I shall send thee pure thoughts.
I shall strengthen thy desire for perfection.
By love would I heal the unjust ones.
Ramakrishna says:
"Love, and all will come unto thee."
I rejoice in unveiling the manifestations of life's complexities.
34. I shall manifest the power of darkness to its conquerors.
People realize not their happiness.
I am the Guardian of thy happiness.
The Flame Bearer brought to thee the sword of valor.
Understand that the way is marked for thee, and attain the path.
Walk thy own way.
35. Gathering the flaming hearts, you bear gifts to Us.
The power of harmony will announce triumph to the pure in spirit.
Teach smilingly, joyfully create, thy ear hearkening to the song.
By pure love shall I preserve compassion in my bleeding heart!
Grant me, O Lord, the mastery of self!
36. The pupils must not judge hastily.
I rejoice in the fiery spirit - temper thyself.
The spirit quivers, the northern light is at play;
teeming with light is nature, and God manifests His Mercy.
My Shield will flame radiantly above thee.
Read less - meditate.
37. Love Me, for love multiplies thy strength.
Love is My Shield.
My Smile will bring thee light.
Cherish the manifestations of blissful communion.
38. By Us and by you is the spiritual culture built.
The Truth of the world will stand firm.
The Light will penetrate the darkness - I attest.
The Gates of the Spiritual World are thrown open.
39. We possess the power to create and destroy obstacles.
Thought is lightning.
40. Beware! Do not forget to invoke the Teacher.
The cultivation of offenses produces a poor garden.
The power to conquer proves the strength of spirit.
41. I shall ravish thy ears with the song of Truth.
Work without complaint.
I shall define for thee the ways of the spirit.
I love to manifest the Teacher in quests of the spirit.
The other world of My days must kindle joy in yours.
42. Love erects temples.
A love manifest in spirit shall I send to thee.
43. Learn to approach Our Heights pure of heart.
Our Ray will shine upon thee to exalt thy daily life.
You carry stones for the erection of My Temple.
Teach others by My Word and wisdom will flourish;
And a new Temple will be raised.
Do not regard Me as magician, yet can I lead thee
along the ladder of Beauty beheld only in dreams.
Wafting to thee the fragrance from the mountains of Tibet,
We bring the message of a new religion
of the pure spirit to humanity.
It is coming; and thou, united here in search of light,
bear the precious stone.
To thee is revealed the miracle of creating life's harmony.
It will reveal to the world a new order.
44. Be alert - much time is spent.
Remember the duty of the hunter.
The divining of the meaning of My words
in order to understand My Indications
is a good exercise for the huntsman.
45. The miracle of Beauty in the adornment of our
daily lives will exalt mankind.
Uphold thy light.
Illumine the beauties of My Temple.
Teach the Joy of Beauty.
Teach the Happiness of Wisdom.
Teach the Bliss of Love.
Teach the Glory of Unity with God.
I will grant thee the power and fleetness of Mercury.
46. Walk light of heart, rejoice more, walk the higher path.
47. My Smile attends you, My friends.
The spirit feels turmoil, but be wise.
The surest knowledge is the heart's.
48. My thrice-called pupil!
Through thy creations, imprint My Word upon the joyous hearts.
Hunter, walk in victory.
49. Love and labor work miracles in life.
We are awakening thy energy for new thoughts, which
are needed for transmutation, arid for action of thoughts in life.
Thou must have resources to create a new life.
We send thee thoughts - sharpen them without violating Karma.
50. Hunter, unwavering is thy spirit.
Assert thy beliefs and thou shalt conquer darkness.
Pupils, spread love and knowledge.
A smile carries power.
51. Beware of the venomous vibrations.
Strive for the future and succumb not to the spell of the present.
Follow the simplest path, ere you ascend the mountain.
The power of vision requires pure conditions amidst prana.
Christ's deeds were consummated amidst the beauties of nature.
Never did He dwell for long in cities.
52. I reveal to thee the profundity of Ramakrishna's simple teachings.
We are all manifesting the Will of the Creator.
Thy strength grows through prana.
53. Manifold wonders have We to reveal to thee.
Manifestations on the happy ascent to the Heights of Tibet.
Meditate and strive, transforming the airy castles into
fortresses of achievement.
Repose thy spirit - fatigue it not with books;
and love, surging like a torrent, will reveal to thee
the splendor of M's flowers.
54. I disclosed to thee the knowledge wherein is
concealed Tibet's Wisdom.
Friends, look forward, forget the past, think of the
service of the future, and I shall come to give thee counsel.
Exalt others in spirit, and look ahead.
55. Endeavor to inspire others with the idea of the Master.
56. My warriors, walk valiantly.
The growth of spirit needs its impetus.
Each can attain.
The spirit, once called, will not turn back again.
57. You battle ably - victory is yours.
Be not in haste - even iron takes time for forging.
Iron is tempered in cold water that it may flash in flame.
58. Know to attune thine ear by quietude, by uplifting
thy spirit to the Almighty Eye of the Universe.
Friends, Our answers are ready; but let the stream of
Karma flow - the dam oft threatens to overflow.
Strive for the unity of the spirit.
By pure thoughts strengthen the harmony of thy spirit,
that the Blessed One may inspire thee.
Light penetrates thy aura - guard it.
59. The mole diggeth his burrow.
The eagle soareth above the mountain.
The mole is warm in his hole.
The eagle is chilled before sunrise.
Yet fly towards happiness, My dear ones.
60. In thy labor thou dost not heed danger.
Let thy heart unfold and thine eye perceive.
61. Labor is the pawn of success.
Each of thee must endure earthly thorns.
Manifest strength of spirit and approach!
Open thy heart through benevolence.
The Teacher values each search for greater knowledge.
The spirit of reason bestows knowledge upon the seekers of Truth.
It is enough to know the path of the spirit realization - the rest will come.
62. I try different souls. My Spirit is thy shield.
63. Direct thy forces towards the enlightenment of mankind.
Love Me - Bliss will come as comes the dawn.
I shall transfix the wrongdoer!
Carefully raise up the treasure of the Temple upon M's Mountain.
The Teacher sends thee His Blessings.
Try to understand Me. Be tranquil in thy faith.
I shall help the seekers.
64. The woodpecker wisely hollows the tree.
Take example.
My Shield will guard thee - My dear children.
65. My Shield assures thy victory.
Be an Aeolian harp to M's Breath.
Through love wilt thou come to Me.
I will bestow upon thy spirit the strength of the cedar.
66. Know how to love as you ascend.
Only later wilt thou realize how gently and lovingly
I strive to shorten thy journey in the assigned sphere of action.
67. I will grant thee the power to lead the spirit of men to God.
I will endow thee with the gift of bringing joy unto men
Teach the manifestation of M.
Teach I shall aid thee.
68. Your harmony brings results most cherished by Us.
For missions of importance We unite harmonious persons -
their current is most powerful.
69. Try to love Me - and manifest it.
My work permits not frailty.
What is sent by Me, take without hesitance.
70. Do not shun friends - in My Name can you enlighten them.
Be daring - verily disciples of the Master.
Teach them to love the world of spirit.
Sow the wisdom sent unto thee.
71. The mist will soon be dispelled, and the sun's
radiance will shine upon thy path.
Expound My Words - 1 shall send listeners.
The witness must become the giver.
Know that by the shortest path I lead thee toward knowledge, labor and happiness.
I pass among them and they regard Me not.
72. The Spirit of Christ breathes across the desert of life.
Like a spring It wears Its way through the solid rocks.
In the milky firmament It radiates in myriads of lights,
and rises upward in the stems of flowers.
73. We lay stones for the steps to the resplendent Temple.
In the name of Christ we carry the rocks.
Erect Thy Altar, O Lord, in our garden.
The rocks are too large for the garden.
Too steep the steps for the flowers.
On a cloud He approaches.
On the grass shall He sit beside us.
I rejoice, O Lord, to give to Thee my garden.
Depart not, O Manifested Lord.
Desert not our garden.
With stars is Thy Path adorned.
Among them shall I find Thy Way.
I shall follow Thee My Lord.
Should the worldly sun disperse Thy starry signs,
Then shall I invoke the aid of storm and wave to veil its rays.
Where in its use if it obscure Thy starry tokens?
74. I rejoice in the smile unshaken by approaching fate.
I shall grant the power to create good not with money but with spirit.
Full of travail is thy life, but vast are the depths of thy
happiness in the future victory of the spirit.
75. Not wrath but an ardent transport creates.
Be strong - thy illusions destroy thy health, but it thou
hast faith in Me, know that thou art guarded by
the Care and Shield of M.
M. is aware of thy hardships,
but a steep ascent is always difficult.
To overcome fate requires fortitude.
Be not downcast, for already thou hast traversed many torrents.
76. Be not dismayed at the Teacher's words.
Pupils should rejoice at every message.
Contemplate the spiritual guidance of One Teacher.
Thy spirit presses onward - 
At the Gates I shall await thee.
My Breath shall warm thy hands, and I shall guide thee
along the mountain path to the Temple.
Love Me and thy power will be multiplied and thy strength doubled.
Thy spirit transports thy body beyond the earth.
Thou must rejoice in the ascension through pure teachings.
77. There is no love greater than love.
78. Naught occurs by accident.
My Power is with thee.
79. We can change Our appearance.
Through faith increase thy strength.
80. M. is thy smile, thy bliss, thy strength, thy wisdom
81. All that can be absorbed by thy being is given to thee.
Even those tokens of Our Great Trust, Our Arrows.
In battle the arrows do not always reach their mark;
Know to aim thy arrows.
The spiritual life is always affected when one's possessions are too many.
Thou art ascending - walk the way of devotion and of love.
82. Love thy Spiritual Teacher.
Thy destiny is to bring the inextinguishable Light to ardent hearts.
Realise the joy of fighting in the cause of My Task.
Easy is destruction, but thou must build wisely.
83. Know to spread happiness - condemn not.
84. I give thee knowledge of men.
Each word and indication from Me in life, however brief, is full of meaning.
85. I smile at thy temper, but praise thy devotion to Me.
I value thy adoration amidst the stress of life.
86. The true calmness of spirit is tested by trifles in daily life.
Firm confidence is manifested in thee through the
assurance of Our Protection on the right way.
I send thee My Shield - know to defend M. as I defend thee.
87. Understand the soul of thy brother;
Display action, show understanding, behold the power of My Shield.
There are many wonders in this world, and a pure and ardent striving leads to victory.
88. Unpreparedness is not transgression.
Love the unhappy, have compassion upon the humble.
89. A happy and blessed Guide is given to each one.
Know to give thyself with all thy strength to Him alone;
Else will the door be opened and the currents crossed.
Invoke the blessed Guide not by question but by affirmation.
If I shall send a message through your Guide,
the current will be direct.
Hearken not to those who approach during your apathy.
The window open to the darkness brings the voices of the night.
But the call of love will bring the answer from the Beloved.
Love Those Who have chosen thee.
Realize the ties which bind thee to thy Guide
and naught unworthy will approach thee.
Love! Discern! Strike evil! My Blessings be with thee.
90. Rejoice when thou canst offer to those whom thou hast met before.
Happiness will come when the old obligations are settled.
91. Sharpen thy arrows.
If thou likest not the symbol of the arrow, take that of carrier pigeon.
Arrows are not thoughts but energy, which, as
electricity, one must concentrate at one point.
The easiest conception is that of a moving object.
Thou canst conceive an electric spark.
The energy creates a desire for action in those to whom one sends it.
92. In the Universe all things are but a reflection of
the Divine, and in a spark of light the Divine
Energy is at play.
Light unto thee!
93. The spirit in revolt shatters the bolts of the prison.
Thou mayst teach the reading of the Book of Wisdom
disclosed in the happenings of life.
The wonder of Our Presence in the manifestations of
life will not elude thee.
Suppress the imperfections of thy spirit,
and ascend with the sense of spiritual freedom.
Be firm in thy assertion of happiness in life,
and the thread of the path will not break.
94. Prayers to the Creator are offered not only in
temples - the wax of the candle is consumed in the labor of life.
95. I have ordained thee for a great task.
The Teacher has entrusted the success unto thee.
The needed strength to follow Me is bestowed upon thee.
Arrows, shields, swords hast thou received,
and with My Helmet shall I cover thy head.
Flight in My Name and love will dwell with thee.
The promise will be fulfilled in due time.
Keep thy flame alight - I teach.
96. Behold the Celestial Song, and on the summits of
the mountains pine not for the flowers of the roadside.
I rejoice in thy striving for creation.
Miracles are revealed in life amidst action and amidst harmony.
Dreams are realized not in fairy tales but through the happy communion
with the Ways of the Blessed Ones.
The Teacher is near thee at every moment of thy creative labor.
Realize and teach.
97. Pure deeds perform miracles.
Know to love My Work.
The spiritual dynamo must act in harmony, then My
Currents flow without interruption.
Change of mood does not affect the current,
but tlie fluctuation of aura causes intermittent waves.
Constancy of aura assures harmony.
The flame of the candle spreads light to all,
but smothered under an irritant drop
it flickers and must be set aright.
Let thy flame be steady - M. is ever with thee.
98. Knowledge will help thee to avoid danger.
Knowledge of My Manifestations will multiply thy strength.
Fearless is the Apostle!
99. Thou shalt realize happiness in due time.
The mist enfolds the foot of the mountain, but the
summit is ever bathed in the sun's glory.
Under the rays the mist cleareth, and thou dost behold My Love.
100. The Teacher rejoices with thee in the glory of
creation in life when it tends toward good.
Before thirty the necessary centers do not unfold.
Fifteen years must elapse before the result of the flame is visible.
But the sparks of light are manifest before that time.
101. Cautious judgment will but foster My Cause.
Display understanding and tolerance towards other teachings.
The phenomena of life will convince where words are powerless.
Gather a few of the elect and carefully obliterate the
calumnies of the unprepared ones.
102. Amidst a satiate worldly life, the spirit enters not the Temple of Promise.
Happiness is at the portals of thy heart, but it is
difficult for the Holy Words to enter.
Happiness has departed from many who have rejected it.
I send thee Bliss.
103. Behold each event as preordained.
The manifestation of it is foreseen by Us.
Every event to thee is a page of the future.
Work in valiance and in peace.
104. The Teacher would reveal how numberless are
the assaults upon the walls of the White Lodge.
The hour of Cosmic Understanding will strike.
A miracle performed is as a lamp when lit.
Afterwards none can recall the darkened chamber.
God knows all worlds.
Love and create and full joy will come.
105. M. is accustomed to battle, and My children must be wise in battle.
The unity of nations will come through battle.
I rejoice in beholding a valorous spirit.
Fight wisely now, for Our enemies are also thy enemies.
I send thee My Love and Strength.
106. Show might in battle.
Short is the teaching about men, but long is its comprehension.
And the curtain is torn asunder and the Unknown is revealed.
The mind comprehends not the ways of the heart, but the heart knows.
I speak not of the things of today.
The spirit is filled with foreboding of coming events - the currents vibrate.
And the happenings of the Universe are interbound
with men's lives, and the strings resound complexly.
The Creator's Manifestations should not terrify the
warriors but should wing them on.
Forge thy arrows, I am sending love.
107. My children, they will come to thee.
They will write to thee and stand before thee.
They will abase thee and they will extol thee.
But thou wilt pass them by as milestones on the way,
and thy feet will be cleansed by the snow of the mountains.
The Teacher will adorn thy days with laurel and will
refresh thee with His healing aromas.
108. Blessed art thou who evoke the assaults of the evil ones -
they attest thy fight for Me.
Fear not inaction; the air is tense and the fiery cross
of love will cover thy field of battle, and the song of harmony will resound.
109. Wonders are manifest in life.
Open thine eyes and thou wilt perceive.
110. All things will take their designated places and
many things will come to pass, and We shall
grant many tokens.
Not always does the eye perceive the sun's ray, yet does
the sun ever warm the earth.
Love's warmth is lavished upon thee, and thy spirit cannot comprehend barrenness of soul.
111. The unworthy will depart.
The Great Plan of the rise of the new race is wisely designed.
112. The Hand of the Teacher revealed the rays.
Comprehend their salutary light.
M. fills thy being with the strength of calmness.
And when the stillness of harmony is upon thee the force of the arrows increases.
113. Austerely dost thou begin the Great Task.
But the light of My Banner will bless thee and will
lead thee on the path to manifest My Truth.
Know to begin - the Teacher will know to send thee His Shield.
I foresee the happy outcome from the fulfillment of My Command.
And with the Seal of Solomon I attest - I gave, I give, and I shall give.
114. I speak - be vigilant.
Combine strength and understanding.
My Ring will seal the happiness of those who spread My Teaching.
115. Amidst the highest vibrations the body will be transformed.
The body cowers before the spirit - the slave before its master.
116. The Teacher suffered for the-words of Truth.
Men are obdurate on the path to Light.
Darkness is more pleasing to the eyes of moles,
But love and knowledge will conquer all.
Thy spirit will ascend and thy perplexities will pass
as swiftly as milestones.
Smile at the difficulties upon thy path.
I attest, thou wilt conquer!
117. My children, thou art unaware of the battle which rages around thee.
Secretly and openly the dark forces are fighting.
Thy spirit, like a dam, is lashed by the waters;
But fear not, O heart, thou shalt conquer.
The heart unfolds and is flooded with knowledge.
118. Miracles surround thee, but amidst life's tumult
thou heed's them not.
Inscrutable are the ways of God in their infinite means
to exalt the spirit, and a blade of grass may
transmit the table of Commandments.
Though the ship encounter the fury of the waves,
it reaches its destination.
The pure service flourishes if its roots be deep buried.
My shield is not upon the door, but the approaching
ones will bear My Banner m their hearts.
Fear not the spear and do not dread the scorpion,
the venom will not penetrate thy bodies.
I am the Morning Flute, calling the flock.
I am the Waters of the Spring, refreshing the lips of the sorrowful.
I am the Mighty Pillar of the Temple.
Approach, ye vigilant ones!
119. My children, the teaching of life's manifestations
under My Guidance is the straightest path to Cosmic Understanding.
Thou must realize the obstacles of ignorance.
The physician can cure only when he understands the
symptoms of the illness.
Men of vast possessions are often blind to the world's phenomena.
Seldom does the preoccupied one perceive the future.
120. In the history of mankind is disclosed the great battle
of race-obliteration, and at the call of battle
each summoned warrior takes up his arms.
Providence leads nations by way of battle; and do thou,
My warriors, guard thyselves with the Shield of God's Will,
and the Divine Song will ever find echo within thee.
Before the Deluge, when men were wedding and feasting and bargaining,
Noah was already selecting the most stalwart oaks for his ark.
121. Accept the stern lessons with a smile.
122. It were better to trust thy Guide upon the night
path than to grope thy way in darkness.
My children, these hazardous days will pass and thou
wilt safely enter the New World by the appointed path.
123. The whole Universe is the Body of the Almighty,
and We bear the command of the highest
manifestations of the Supreme Will.
The servant waits upon the Lord, All-Merciful.
According to our zeal do we receive the hue of our spiritual vestment.
Let us seek the worthiest attire for the Feast of Light.
O Thou Benevolence, O Thou Sufferer of the Cross,
Thou wilt attest the fire of our resurrection there
at the foot of the ladder leading to the Temple of Divine Glory.
124. Thy happiness lies in understanding the Divine Energy at the root of the Universe.
Let others count the leaves of mango eat thou the fruit.
Guard the roots and fruit; give others the leaves,
they are renewed each year.
125. God's plan differs from the ways of men.
Again thou hast forgotten the Heavenly combat.
None go to school during the assault of the enemies.
Times are more complex than thou dost realize.
Never was hatred more rampant.
But the hour has struck!
The hostile forces strive to defy destiny.
The doomed ones drive hard the chosen, and We must shield them.
Fate can be lightened and the battle brought the sooner to its end.