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The Illumination

Welcome to seekers!

Welcome to bearers of the Common Weal!

Welcome of the East.

They will ask: “Who gave you the Teaching?”

Answer: “The Mahatma of the East.”

They will ask: “Where does He live?”

Answer: “The abode of the Teacher not only cannot be made known but cannot even be uttered. Your question shows how far you are from the understanding of the Teaching. Even humanly you must realize how wrong your question is.”

They will ask: “When can I be useful?”

Answer: “From this hour unto eternity.”

“When should I prepare myself for labor?”

“Lose not an hour!”

“And when will the call come?”

“Even sleep vigilantly.”

“How shall I work until this hour?”

“Enhancing the quality of labor.”

One must manifest discipline of spirit; without it one cannot become free. To the slave discipline of spirit will be a prison; to the liberated one it will be a wondrous healing garden. So long as the discipline of spirit is as fetters the doors are closed, for in fetters one cannot ascend the steps.

One may understand the discipline of spirit as wings.

Whosoever will comprehend the discipline of spirit as illumination of the future worlds is already prepared.

He who has envisioned evolution will approach it carefully, joyously brushing away the dust on the path. Most important, there will be no fear in him. And rejecting the unnecessary he will acquire simplicity. It is easy to understand that the realization of evolution is always beautiful.

Again they will ask: “Why at the beginning of the path is so much that is pleasant accorded and so much forgiven?” It is because in the beginning all fires are full blown and the called one walks as a torch. It is up to him to choose the quality of his fire. He who comprehends the discipline of spirit will understand the direction of the fire and will approach the cooperation for the General Good. The end of the path can be illumined by a thousand fires of the General Good. These thousand fires will light the rainbow of the aura. Therefore, the discipline of spirit is wings!



1. Time was when even a hundred warriors were counted a host. Then a thousand were already an army.

In time a hundred thousand conquered the world. Afterwards millions rose but they also did not alter the orbit of the spirit. And so I shall summon under the Banner of Spirit one billion. This will be the sign of My army.

Consider when this manifestation will be fulfilled and seven banners will be affirmed!

2. The spirit is perfect only when it is conscious of the Cosmos. And it often happens, but we cannot always affirm ourselves in the realization of communion with the Truth.

The sky seems alive and we say, “Flies are swarming.” Thus interpreted are finest touches of unseen wings.

The Void is the treasury of the “Beginning, yet you feel the path of the Beginning.

3. Ponder each day how to fulfill My Work. Teach the inheritors — teach them beauty. Affirm their eye. Wherefore years, when one may accomplish in weeks?

It is easier to withstand a single roar than to permit thoughts to grow mouldy. Therefore, I say, let us proceed. Therefore I shall multiply your strength.

4. I shall send-fulfill My Will. Cautiously contact the earthly. When one is on the way, delicacies are not needed.

5. For the inner work, let them sell the shield of lie.

6. I wish to speak of the pure and carefully passed karma.

Cautiously touch the tarred knots of destiny. It is much more dangerous to touch the already hardened past events, which are dragging after you. Therefore, I warn that the non-fulfillment of the decrees, disrespect of the Hierarchy, is more harmful than it seems.

The flow of karma can be covered by the ice of understanding. But beware of destroying this covering by foolishness or by cruelty, which is forbidden under Our Shield.

I repeat — guard the given path!

7. To whom shall we speak? A mule can draw a cart. Is it possible that the human spirit will not compel the body to rejoice in labor? The mule carries the rider to shelter in stormy weather. Is it possible that the human spirit is disturbed by the flow of karma?

8. The manifestation of the Teacher must be remembered; the Shield must be held in purity.

I will send all defense, I will send all possibilities, but hold the conduit firmly.

Amidst the maddened crowd veil the fire of the spirit. Read My book and be not terrified by the voices of calamities, for the blind do not perceive what is revealed to you.

But I say, for your benefit, evoke My Name more often. Do you deem it a pleasure to behold dead countries? But observe the downfall of the -world of falsehood. Lie, lie, lie — perish!

9. The Teaching should be better understood. The Teaching should be applied resourcefully.

Smile at small stones!


1. The Teacher points out that you should learn to feel the bonds which have united you by the manifestation of miracles.

By a wondrous bast are your sandals tied for the long journey.

As was the past, so also will be laid the future.

One cannot have respite from predestined meetings.

And numberless are the sendings upon the pages of life.

Thus, all is prepared; but do not tear My web.

The whirlwind of folly blows away the best designs sent by Me. One should not strew about treasures which are bestowed for manifestation to the world.

Being a minor is not an excuse. It is better to celebrate the victory after the first battle than to wander underground.

Therefore, I say, walk together and cover yourselves by one Shield. Let each one purify his breath without spouting the dust of anger. And, gathering the flowers of devotion, you will understand the usefulness of My path.

Do I lead you by force? Compulsion is not Our ally.

But if we are walking together, why not give counsel! Therefore, I say to you, think better and do not stumble.

2. On Our scales the striving of the spirit is weightier than aught else. The success in life is strengthened only by the electricity of the prayer of achievement.

The teaching of spirit creates the armor of the body. Sensing the lightnings of the world, begin a new book for the coming winter.

I teach you to understand wisely the future. Success must follow My people.

You must wisely follow My milestones.

3. Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice! Afterwards the receiving, and after that the triumph of the spirit.

4. Each one has his goal. I provide the gateway fitting for the spirit. Through it one may enter into a transformed world, where the mind dwells at home in all lands.

The spirit learns to fly when sorrow sharpens the eyesight. The ray of realization of the Infinite illumines the bestowed good. There is the path of Earth and the path of wings. Discern and choose.

5. Clouds are gathering, but the Star of the Morning ascends.

6. Each moment of the spirit's understanding adds a gem to the treasury of possibilities.

7. Often through illness the achievements become intensified. St. Francis and St. Theresa were often ill Pythagoras had heart disease. The best zurnas often lacked some strings.

8. Mothers, in their wisdom, foresee the occult conditions at the birth of a child. The mother's spirit knows how the enemy tries to harm the new wayfarer. During the transitory time of gestation it is easier to send the poison. It is easy to stir the mother's anger and to fill the home with the dust of discontent.

Mothers try wisely to direct their eyes toward the images of saints or to be comforted through the beauty of nature.

9. In giving we receive. Disdaining objects, we receive the heavenly raiment.

10. The form is animated by its contents and is not forgotten.

11. Daringly raise your shield. I ask one thing: not to weaken your strength with gold. My Teaching does not like gold.

12. There cannot be mercy when the law of Karma must be fulfilled up to the sign. Karma will overtake one, but its quality may be altered by a voluntary sacrifice to unknown people.

13. Sow better, sowers! Earth will soon be ready! If the world is not helped by a special manifestation — Earth will not endure.

14. I shall call into My House those whom I see approaching.

The pending sword fills the spirit with pain.

15. Fulfill successfully the work that is pleasing to Me and advantageous to you, a friendly work which makes My House ready.

Gather the images of love. In love you will find the understanding of how better to adorn My House. Question your spirit as to what contents are befitting for My House.

Reverence will prompt one how to manifest the beauty of the clean House. The manifestation of your labor is like flowers. I shall take not an obol, but I will requite a hundredfold.


1. Even a simple housewife will say, “Do not soil the steps, or else you will have to clean them of your traces.”

Similarly, those who pierce the aura of the Teacher and auras of those bound to Him harm themselves. There is not punishment, nor revenge, but there is the counter-spark.

Therefore, let them beware of touching Our Works, especially at present, when the electric force is tense.

Let it be said to those and to others who do not believe, “Better not touch; there may be thunder during sunshine.”

But blessed are those who strengthen the armor of the aura.

2. Response can be given only to the pure in heart. Know how to combine the power of love with severity.

3. Welfare and health are found in trust. The necessary is always prepared by My Ray. Errors rend the tissue of the body.

4. One should not consider as a loss a concession to cunningly scheming hands.

The follower of wisdom likes to look far ahead. Stay the vile slanders by a smile bereft of irritation. The success of lightminded people is like the trickle of a small fountain, but a wise householder will labor to bring the water from the ocean and will then enjoy the eternal coolness of his fountain.

5. Cease speaking of enemies when an achievement can kindle a great light. Solitude will transmit the message better than the murmurs of crowds.

6. The world's basin is overflowing with bacilli. The web which covers it quivers. But the magic flower must be plucked on Earth by human hands.

I am with you, but when I become silent it means that I am receiving in My Shield arrows which are intended for you.

In unity, look toward the day of manifestation when knowledge will enter My House; for the carriers of knowledge are already born.


1. I speak of alien bridges and gates. On the way, alien bridges are encountered. One must cross them hurriedly, not looking downward, having but one wish — to reach quickly the other side. Also, do not pause before foreign gates, but demand the right of way without disturbing your calmness, because your way is determined. One must with pure thoughts close one's pores to bad air. But when times are difficult repeat: “Nevertheless, I am going into a Garden of Beauty. I fear not the predestined gates. Why is the shield above me? To safeguard me. If new dams arise I shall cross them, because I do not fear!”

2. Why merge into the astral world? Those rejoice who have suffered, who were aflame in spirit, and who labored. But here are the sowers and there the reapers. A rich harvest manifests itself from all earthly seeds. The kernel sprouts; and likewise understanding masters the new dimensions of future seeds. Therefore, why question the astral world?

3. Now, about the messenger: Even as in life one hastens to meet the postman, in the same way must one stretch out one's hand towards Our sending. A front of barbed obstacles impedes Our messengers, but you have miraculous shears for cutting the obstructions. By keeping the aura clear help the messengers to reach you.

It is difficult for a dove to fly in the fog. I lead you by the speediest path and at the moment of obscuration I am ready to send a messenger. But open the doors to him; it is difficult to stand knocking in the rain.

Love the solitude of thought, when the sparks of understanding weave a wreath of knowledge. And as I have vouched for you, so entrust yourselves to Me. With the Hand of Power I affirm the path to the Heights. Apprehend the Good when My Envoys will bring the tidings: “He has come!” The hour of happiness is ordained, and on the way there are flowers.

What do the far-reaching hands, dogs and tigers matter to you? Perform the great task of the living God.

4. The meaning will be clear when you will look from the mountain tops. One must observe the sparks; soon they will begin to merge into the flame of a new understanding of the foundations.

To build an arch between the ways of the full decline and the ascent is not easy. The carriers of spirit do not recognize each other. Harken to and record the voices of strange figures on your way. Afterwards you will weld together these information, thus revealing the ladder of practical possibilities.

The knife of attention is sharpened, the bond gets stronger, and skillful sparks alert your power without infringing upon karma.

5. I shall explain why it is important to heed the words and the given images. Our pupils have an exercise of thought in which out of a whole message a part or a single word is given and, perceiving the direction of the thought, each one adds to it according to his understanding, sensing that which is closest to himself. But in time the personal is superseded by a united consciousness, and upon a single word there is built a complex structure. Thus is attained the code of spirit.

6. Occultly, the circle appears as an impersonation of the human organism broadened by possibilities. The central figures carry the honorary functions of the heart. The growth of the organism and its injuries are reflected upon the heart. The waving of the arms calls forth fatigue and, furthermore, the non-realization of strivings. You already know the parable about the ring-dance and about the shields. You already know that the best number for the circle is seven. Five represents the extremities of the body. Supplements can carry only special functions or else the acquittal of a karmic condition.

It is difficult to form a circle, but it is still more difficult to make substitutions; because one cannot replace the heart by an extremity and it is impossible to introduce an undisciplined spirit. For such cases there are witnesses near at hand who will not burden the artery of a heart far away.

7. Now, about karma.

If to the realized burden be added the bonds of karma, then how hard it becomes to carry the whole unorganized thinking. One can alleviate this by cautiously avoiding contact with the nerve perceptions. But human thinking so easily unbalances the scales, only to throw off its weight, which drags one earthward.

But for each such gesture of the hand the poor heart aches.

8. It is a difficult task not to add enemies. One should be aware of the stones at the threshold but one should not be distressed by them.

9. Not one, not two, but a multitude of hearts have been directed to you, and the net of possibilities is being woven by skillful hands. But do not tear the net. Pay attention to the manifestation of each day.

Luxury must leave you. You will assume a distinct appearance, and you will find it in conformity with the nature of My country.

To the utmost limits of brain must you be immersed in the realization of My possibilities. It does not befit anyone to become wearied.

10. The gnats are displeased with the breeze; they cannot reach you nor sting you.

Do not make new enemies. They who are ordained for you will themselves come.

11. Only the harmony of the battery can control the power. The Ray can manifest its significance only when you act in accordance with Decree.

12. When you will speak in My Name, say: “The Hand of the Creator is always in motion; therefore, all is moving.” You see upon your ring two spirals. As upon one one may ascend, so upon the other one may descend. Even an Arhat can descend, by misuse of miracle.

Be steadfast not only during the time of Communion with Me, but also when you are left to your own devices, because only then is the resourcefulness of the spirit forged.

When they will suspect you of love for Us, you will be vindicated by My Shield.

I shall send you seven opportunities to manifest resourcefulness. Many window panes may be broken, and uncomfortable is the house with such apertures.

By the Will of the Hierarchy you can preserve the entrusted treasure.

Gird yourself with a determined desire and, looking at the ring, repeat, “I will not descend!”


1. Consider exultation as a powerful manifestation on the way to Us.

The old is for the old ones. My Sign should be preserved in a new book, with a new spirit, through new action.

2. When the raindrop taps upon the window -

it is My Sign!

When the bird flutters -

it is My Sign!

When the leaves are borne aloft by the whirlwind -

it is My Sign!

When the ice is melted by the sun -

it is My Sign!

When the waves wash away the sorrow of the soul -

it is My Sign!

When the wing of illumination touches the harried soul -

it is My Sign!

Count the steps when you approach the Temple, because each seventh step carries My Sign!

When you will manifest a new understanding of My Sign, you will perceive the flash of the Worlds' lightning. I have opened the door to you, but only by yourself may you enter it.

3. I say irrevocably: While with Me, while without irritation, while without doubt, the streams of possibilities are incalculable.

Unutterable are the Forces which serve you. They who carry the Stone radiate the stars of benevolence. New possibilities are given each day. Weave baskets in which to gather these stars. Spread the linen of the tents to catch the gifts, for thus I lead you!

4. Labor in the morning hours; in the evening rejoice in My Name. I bid you on a new way!

5. My Ray  —  thy breath.

My Hand  —  thy banner.

My Shield  —  thy pride.

My House  —  thy refuge.

My Mountain  —  thy marvel.

My Wish  —  thy law.

My Manifestation  —  thy happiness. May the spirit of Our Brotherhood abide with you.

6. Penetrating, through the Teaching, into the essence of the happiness bestowed, one must walk with firm tread, confident of resurrection of the greatest hope of humanity, based upon the Stone. Let us in prayer await our destiny.

7. Vicious voices are trying to spread dust. But remember that irritations are no better than dust, and avoid them. I teach through the manifestations of life. I give daily signs. As rose petals are strewn the signs, for the time is near. Think of the New World; think of the procession of peoples.

8. I repay a hundredfold, but what is lost retards one a hundredfold.

O ball of destiny! Where wilt thou fall and whither rebound? The Light has been revealed to thee. Succeed, thou ball, in reaching it in time! Restrain thy evil cunning whirl.

9. When you will stand at the wailing wall remember that joy is coming!

To you I say it! Turn to the East, behold My Dawn! Beauteous is the chrism stored up in time! Precious is the flower planted in My Hour! Do not spill the chalice of My Hour! The Miracle comes!

Accept your heritage, waiting ones! The vessel of ancient times has returned!

10. Why do you marvel at the given dates? We do not guess — We see.

You will ask how you should gather. I will tell you to gather in prayer. Better be silent, without the clatter of objects, without the raising of voices, because the wings of spirit grow in quiet. Dedicate in prayer the time of Our Communions, because for the Communion We shall bring the very best. The current of Communion creates a wondrous ladder to the very loftiest manifestations of the Creator — the ladder of Spirit. You can struggle in life, you can discern when is the hour to invoke My Hand.

11. How to await the development of works? As waves have their rhythm, so do the works grow: in measured rising and expectant flowing progression. Understand the hour of the clarion; heed the pace of life.

In moments of silence store up the teaching on the shelf of experience.

How should, one read the writings of the Wise Ones? One must isolate oneself and apply what is read to one's different moods.

Here am I, newborn.

Here am I, an old man.

Here am I, an exile.

Here am I, a sovereign.

Here am I, blind.

Here am I, one who has cognized worlds.

To all sources apply all the conceivable greatness of the Lotos.

12. One should not hesitate. Walk like lions! Righteousness adorns your armor.

I will reveal Myself to you as an angler, and I will thrust My Hand into the wheel of threats. I say that one should learn by the examples of attack. The fire of Earth wants to break through.

My command to disciples, and lawful is My request, is to walk sternly but without irritation. Irritation makes one's vessel crystalline and fragile. A silver chalice better befits the Stone. I check the shower of small arrows. Now the time is so near when the ancient pledge will be fulfilled.

13. By spirit retain the spiritual Teaching; only spirit can bring the Kingdom of God onto the Earth. As simply as My Words will the Kingdom of Spirit approach. As simply as last winter's dry leaves will be swept away.

There is no past, there is the light of the future —  by it walk! I summoned you from the gulf of life. I sharpened your teeth. I set before you the color of the banner. Understand the Teaching with a full sweep of wings. To Me leads only the upper path; by the lowest path one cannot come. Hold My Commandments under sagacious locks. Ascend by the most valiant thoughts, for I have lifted the flap of your tent with lightning. In spirit forget about insignificance. The predestined Light is great. So walk!

14. Pure thoughts are obstructed by gratuitous judgments of local people. It is difficult to hear be hind the forest. In the works you love. My laws must be defended.


15. I want to tell you to proceed more boldly, with all the power of spirit. The fetters of Earth will not impede you. Success will accompany the courageous ones.

As mountain flowers find it hard to pass even one night in a swamp, so for you it is not easy. The enemy's stroke sounds upon the strings, but claws cannot compose a symphony. Many darts has My Shield diverted from you.

16. It is easy to dig a ditch, but difficult to erect a house. Hostile scoffing fills the comers with dust. But with a feather of the wing you will wipe away the dust. Therefore, guard the wing.

17. My Sign can lead you. Keep My House in mind. Only thus will you attain.

Your destiny is to avoid crowds, sending them the highest Good.

Pure is the mountain's silver, but one must find the way to it. But the dirt of these days is as naught in the light of the future.

One can understand people's wearisome thought when one peers into human breath; like smoke it clouds the air. The suffering is transmitted on the waves of the ether.

Not sooner than the predestined date must the Earth break the chain forged by men.

18. Great is the light given by Our Teaching. Only the new to the new ones.

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