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Nicholas Roerich
Nicholas Roerich. Lumen Coeli. 1931

Prof. Nicholas Roerich

Prof. Nicholas Roerich

From the heart to the heart!

In the seventh century the great hermit of the Syrian desert St. Isaac Syrin wrote in his “The Flame of Things”:

“The weakness of feelings is unable to face and stand the Flame of Things”. “Have more fear of habits than of enemies”. “Whatever is produced without labour belongs but to earthly people”. — “Do not try to retain the wind with thy hand, that is to say the faith without deeds”. — “Do not irritate anyone and hate no one”. — “The hope for ease at all ages made people forget the Greatest” — The first of all passions is self-love. The first of all virtues of the abstention from ease”. — “Silence is the sacrament of the coming age”. — “With the destruction of this age immediately comes the new era”. — “What is cognizance the perception of eternal life” — “No one ever ascended through a life at ease”.

Thus the hermit meditated upon the flame of things. And the Rishis of the Himalayas proclaimed the same great Agni. The Agni-Puranas turned to the same One Light.

Verily the Himalayan Rishis and the hermit of Sanai, in their ascent gathered around the same Fire of the Heart.

At the time of the approach of the Fiery Age, there are being manifested with special persistency various fiery Signs, beginning from Vedic antiquity up to the latest discoveries of cosmic rays.

One of the most mystical ancient Russian icons is called — “The Angel — The Blessed Silence”. This great symbol is expressed in the form of a Fiery Angel. How much is given in this Image-Fire, and concentration, and the creative power of thought! It is not surprising that just a Hindu wanted so much to have this Image. If only we could understand the ancient symbol not from the modem conventional point of view, but in all their primary significance!

“Angel-The Blessed silence!” Who has not been exalted by this flaming mystery in the image of a fiery Angel? Who has not been imbued by the all-penetrating message of this ever-awaited, yet never-expected guest? His is the silence of the heart which has attained. He is the keeper of the eternal beauty of spirit. He guards and blesses.

The old Christian book, “Mirror” says: “The Angel is the impalpable, the fiery and the flame-bearing”… “That which is not in need of word for expression, nor ear for hearing. Without word, or hearing, the Angels communicate to one another their wise understanding”… “In a dream-like body the Angel clothes itself for manifestation to the people”.

In silence that vision was manifested: Translucent became all objects. And the image of the great Guest appeared effulgent. And his lips remained silent and he crossed his hands, and from each hair streamed light. And unfathomably, piercingly, glowed his eyes.

Zealously the Flaming One brought the message of the renewed and blessed word. Mysteriously he ordained the sign of Bliss. Daringly he recalled the Never-expressible. Untiringly in the hours of day and night he awakens the heart of humanity. He ordains the victory of spirit. And all will cognise and accept it with the language of their hearts.

Who then embodied the image of the Angle — the Blessed Silence? This image came from the Northern Sea. But this mystery did not come only from the midnight sea. In it is revealed the veiled image of the Messenger of the East. Within it is also the mystery of the Cross. The very Hand and Thought which created the Image of Sophia, the Almighty's Wisdom made manifest the Angel of Silence. Flaming are the wings of the ever-striving Sophia-the Wisdom; of the same flame are the wings of the Angel, the Blessed silence. Fiery are the steeds of the chariot of Elias. And the fiery baptism preordained by the Apostles. In all is the very same fire. Agni Omniscient and all-ascending, all-penetrating, and before which human word is superfluous.

Sparks of the dynamo imbue space. In tension they flower into spirals of ascension and glow like a tree with its branches and fiery leaves. The Logos of thought intensifies the prana and man stands humble, trembling before the radiance of the command of lightning. The fire of Kundalini kindles. The wheels of Ezekial revolve. The Chakras of India rotate. Austere is the eye of Kapila. Where is the limit of radiance? Where is the measure of Might? But light became invisible and the sound drowned…

No glimmer stirs; not even the fragrance of prana. This is the highest tension. Inaccessible to the eye, and inaudible to the ear. Only the heart knows the silence is calling and that the Chalice is brimming. First lightning and thunder and whirlwind and tremor; and only afterward, in silence, the Voice ineffable. Agni Yoga says: “The first call is as thunder, but the last is accomplished in silence”. At first, a flaming Messenger, and after, the purest Sophia, the Wisdom.

It is said: “Bliss is a timid bird”; impetuous are the wings of Sophia. Woe to him who did not perceive; woe to him who did not comprehend; woe to him who rejected. Why shall the flaming wing, which became manifest through Bliss, appear again to the timid or cruel eye?

But how many fires are already apparent even to the inexperienced eye? Humanity dreams about the Abodes of Light. It dreams in silence. In the darkness, it daringly confesses to itself. Even by night humanity believes; but by the day it does not profess. Although aware of the law: “I have faith and profess”; Oh, humanity itself knows that faith without deeds is but a phantom. Only abstraction! But bliss is attraction and affirmation, Otherwise for what are misty sighs? Otherwise for what is Science itself, if the spirit does not dare its application? Nicodemus
Nicholas Roerich. On the Heights (Tumo). 1936

Nicholas Roerich. On the Heights (Tumo). 1936

Ghastly is decay. Unbearable is the frigidity of ignorance. It is inadmissible because of its harm, its contagion of accumulations, its destruction of the very foundation. Many a time the frightened bird of Bliss fluttered with its white wings against closed windows. But we fear everything that assaults our ignorance and we depend upon door-bolts. Even when the eye perceives, we call it an “accident”. Even when the ear hears, we say “coincidence”. For us even the x-ray and the qualities of radium are ordinary, and electricity is only a lantern for our comfort. It one is told that thought alters the weight of a body, even this does not amaze the mechanics of civilization.

Irregularity of the blood circulation and harmful blood pressure are increasing amazingly. The latest form of influenza bums the lungs like a plague. The throat seems aflame. Asthma ravages. Meningitis is on the increase and incomprehensible heart symptoms are multiplying. But to us these signs are only fashionable diseases, not deserving of any special attention. We already hear of the hyper-saturation of Space by radio waves, of poisoning through gasoline, of signs of over-electrification… it is discomforting to think of the future. Hence the fate of a golf ball is regarded as of equal importance with the destiny of that small ball, our planet. Unlike the wise Queen Hatshepsut, we fear to address those “who will live in the years to come, who will develop their hearts and will look into the future” — even if the terrifying concept “the future” is pronounced through ideas so fossilized that the way to it is at once transformed into a subterranean dungeon.

However, the first condition for the attainment of knowledge is freedom from methods of study. One should not insist upon standardized methods. The true knowledge is attained by inner accumulations, by daring; for the approaches to the one knowledge are manifold. The description of such calles and nilestones of life would make a most needed and uplifting book. One must not insist, not deprive, not subdue by conventionalities, but should constantly recall the light, the fires of space, the high energies, the predestined victories. All facts not within the elementary school book should be collected. Such facts should be threaded with full honesty, without conceit and disdain, or hypocricy, for behind these lurks fear-in truth, ignorance. One may never know whence the useful seed will come: the physicist, biochemist, botanist, physician, priest or historian or philosopher or a Tibetan lama, or Brahmin-Pandit, or Rabbi — cabbalist, or Confucian or an old medicine woman, or finally, the fellow traveller whose name we for no reason failed to ask — who will make the most important contribution? In each life there is so much that b remarkably inspiring, unusual. Only to remember it! In these reminders sparkle so many of the best stars only temporarily obscured. Thus, once more without renouncing our daily labour, we approach not the things forbidden but the possibilities which illumine life. Only it is not our task to insist, lest we coerce. For nothing is achieved by forcing. But, I repeat, it is necessary to recall the possible joys. The names of these spiritual joys are inexpressible in the language of the material world.

Saint Isaac Siryn ordains: “The hope of ease, in all times, forced the people to forget the higher”. He also says: “Who is not aware that even birds approach traps in tie hope of rest?” Happy are those who, realizing Infinity, love daily labour. After tie Holy Scriptures let us also remember tie most recent book of Prof. A.S. Iddington, “Stars and Atoms”. Speaking of the condition of other constellations beyond earthly conditions, the Professor points out that it would be more accurate to say, the reason of the given manifestation lies in that it is earthly, and does not pertain to the stars. Even recently, people tried to ascribe earthly conditions to all far-off worlds. Freedom from prejudice is needed. The creative flame is needed. The bonfire summons the travellers in the desert. Likewise, the reminding call resounds and, through all encasements, reaches that heart which is ready. The milestones are manifold. The calls ire unexpected. Untiring vigilance and thoughtful attention are the keys to the sealed gates. Where universality aid sincerity of study, and veneration of he blessed Hierarchy are ordained there is no place for negation.

Nonetheless into the life of science enters the unprejudicial. With difficulties, under scorn in various countries, those fearless souls already strive to the predestined synthesis. Soon perhaps congresses of these creative workers will be possible. Already centres are being erected, where without fear of the condemnation of ignorance or jealous; one may interchange these view-points in full confidence. Let us then gather with all ñare these multi-coloured flowers of the great garden of culture, remembering that “I shall not reveal the mystery to the enemies, nor shall I give the kiss of Judas”. Without the coldness of condemnation, without repelling ignorance, shall we welcome each seed of Truth.

We interpret the flaming ecstasy of lofty spirits as “hysteria Magna with high temperature”. Vishudga, the centre of the throat, is for many only “a hysterical globe”. The fires of Saint Theresa, Clara, Radegunda; the ardent warmth of the Fathers of merciful love: of Tummo of the high Tibetan lamas; or the custom existing even today in India of walking upon fire (the Agni-Diku — the throne of fire was likewise in India, where rise the thousand summits of Maha-Meru) — for many, all these mean either an abnormal rise of temperature or the loss sensitiveness. Even the difference in weight of a potato before its dissolution and the loss in weight at the summarizing of its particles does not impel us to ponder upon certain energies which have been overlooked. However, each sincere chemist will admit that at each reaction some unaccountable condition is present-perhaps the peculiar qualities of the experimenter himself. For instance the presence of a certain personality in the laboratory of Sir Jagadish Bose prevented the death of plants. As Sir Jagadish is a great scholar, he at once noted this fact. But few are those who pay attention to the influence of human nature upon plants. Few are far enough advanced to accept a fact as it stands, unprompted by prejudice, superstition, selfishness and self-conceit. Verily, rare are such great self-sacrificing scientists, as Millikan, Michelson, Einstein, Raman, Marconi, who untiringly carry the torch of enlightenment and betterment of life.

The light-bearing quality (Tijasi) of the manas is as real as the radiant emanation created by the tension of a thought of high quality. The masters of Christian iconography, as well as the Buddhist artists, expressed these radiant emanations with great knowledge. Studying these images you will find an evident exposition of the crystallization of light. It is time to study and apply this reality of the value of thought — the value of light. It is time to realize that when we pronounce the great conception of Bliss, we are not falling into abstraction, but affirming a high reality.

The time has come for the establishment of the evaluation of the rays and energies now being discovered. Ahead of us for decades, lie carefully planned experiments into the influences and consequences of radium, x-rays, and all that power which invisibly permeates and magnifies the atmosphere of the planet. Without question, one must found laboratories for untiring, decade-long experiments. There psychic energy will also be studied as will physiology of the spirit and thought, and the quality of light-bearing agents, life-givers and life-preservers. It is a vast creative field, and in this continuity of researches, fearlessness before Infinity will be manifested.

Fire and Light. The entire progress of humanity is concentrated upon this all-penetrating and omnipresent element. If properly evoked it will be realized and lawfully applied; otherwise it will bum the consequences of ignorance, In this search for the synthesis of knowledge once more the divergences of the East and West. North and South will be erased. Everywhere we shall find the very same “subtle pain of the cognizing heart”, “the very same attainment by the innermost heart exertion” the “same exaltation by spirit”. And together with the Apostle we shall say, “It is better to say five words from the depths of the heart, than a torrent of words with the tongue”. Let us not leave the real values in abstraction, but let us unhesitatingly apply them without prejudice. The transferring of reality into abstraction is one of the most deplorable crimes against culture. There are many who still do not distingush between civilization and culture, and thus they are committing the values of culture into mistry unattainability. How much of that which is predestined has already been rejected by fear and hypocrisy? But sooner or later one must be cured of fear; it is necessary to liberate the enormous amount of energy usually dissipated in fear, irritation, lying and treason. Let us hasten to affix our radiant emanations on a film-thus we shall obtain the true passport of spirit. Agni-Yoga says: “The darkness shrieks, deafening in its regularity. Darkness cannot withstand the daring of light”.

Saint Theresa, St. Francis of Assissi, Saint Jean de la Croix, were levitated in ecstasy to the ceiling of their cells. Some may say that this is absolutely impossible. And what if even today there should be witnesses of levitation and changing of weight? The Flaming One took part in the Service with Saint Sergius, according to tradition. From the flaming Chalice, Saint Sergius took his Communion. In the great Fire, we realized the invisible Truth: The uplifted consciousness was illumined by tongues of flame. During the prayers of St. Francis of Assissi the monastery was so aglow that the travellers rose, thinking, “is it not the dawn?” The radiance glowed above the monastery when Saint Clara prayed. Once the light became so luminous that the peasants came, running, thinking: “Is there not a fire?”

There are many traditions, but here is a simple story about the Pecherski Monastery in Pskov:

“Our monastery is an unusual one. Walking out from the monastery, and regarding it from a distance, impenetrable darkness surrounds one. But above the monastery light gloweth. Many a time I myself have seen it”.

“One inquires, 'Perhaps this is from the Monastery fire?” So also others who do not know.

“What fires are in the monastery?”

“Two kerosene lanterns and two oil lamps burn before the icons. This is all of the lighting”.

“In our city, electricity is used, but nevertheless in the darkness, one cannot discern on which side it lies”.

“No, this is a special light above the monastery”.

Likewise the people came running to what they believed to be a fire in the Himalayas, and in the same way, instead of destructive flames they found the radiance of the spirit. Likewise the mountain stood crowned by the blue petals of the fiery Lotus. Thus in the Bible the unconsuming fire was kindled. Many fiery signs have appeared, such as the special manifestations of electricity. And what is electricity? This also has not been explained.

During the last earthquake in Italy many people saw the entire sky ablaze in tongues of flame. Over England a fiery cross was seen. Was it superstition? Or did somebody see that which in other cases passed unnoticed?

Try to test the attentiveness of people and you will be shocked at the rarity of those who know how to apply their vigilance and power of movement. Even the power of thought, the mighty magnet, is shamefully neglected. Smile, Smile! But just the same you do not try to think precisely.

Truly, boxing, golf, cricket and baseball do not require the power of thought. Racing also is not precisely thinking. One may invent still other occupations which will justify the neglect of thought but yet one will sometimes have to turn back to the creativeness of thought. Therefore, even small experiments in attentiveness are not useless. Verily, in schools one ought to establish special courses for developing concentration and thought. Rare is the person who is able to dictate two letters at once, or write with both hands, or to master two conversations simultaneously. Often a clear image of an object cannot be retained and even a simple interior cannot be described. For some people even all foreigners look alike. But even a slight attentiveness could be of great assistance in life. In the study of the hygiene of thought we notice of some things which are called phenomena by the average person, whereas, they are simple manifestations of the law. Thus honest study will. once more replace a glorious possibility for the despair of unbelief.

In any case we cannot avoid the era of Fire. Hence it is better to value and to master this treasure. It is advisable to question any statement when it assaults our reason, but doubt springing from ignorance will be destructive. However, the entire world is now strikingly divided into builders and destroyers. With whom shall we side? We have heard repeatedly of many luminous radiations; nevertheless we deride anything concerning human and animal auras. Even if a photographic film catches them we prefer to hint about a defect in the film, rather than to admit the well-known ancient law.

When remembering the strange experiments of Keely, we rather prefer to class him as a charlatan, than to consider the specific quality of his nature. The apparatus invented by him worked in his presence but refused to act in the hands of others. Why then does a machine become more “fatigued” in some hands than in others? Every experienced engineer notices this. Why does the fatigue of a horse depend upon the rider? Why does the quality of a hand shorten the life of flowers? We talk about psychic energy, We are aware that, as the ancient Militia Crucifera Evangelica gathered around the symbol of the cross, we must gather around the sacred conception of Culture.

Complicated but beautiful is our Era, when, in new combinations, shine new multi-coloured stars. The experienced fathers advise us of “the wondrous exertion in the innermost heart”. “We have ceaselessly to revolve the name of the Lord in our hearts, as lighting whirls in space before rain. This is well known to him who is experienced in spiritual conflicts. This inner battle has to be carried out like actual war”.

“But when by the sun of Truth, sensual desires will be dispersed, then usually are born in the heart luminous and starlike aspirations”.

In another part of the ancient Teachings, it is said: “The pure heart of him who has affirmed himself in full consciousness is transformed into a mental sky with its own sun, moon and stars. Such a pure heart becomes a receptacle of the inconceivable God Through the mysterious vision and exaltation of mind”.

Further the Fathers of mercy teach: “Be seated or, better still, stand in a half-lighted comer in silence, in a prayerlike posture. Do not relax, transfer the mind into the heart. Guard thy attention and do not permit either good or bad thought into thy mind; keep calm patience, keep reasonable moderation”.

“In order to assist in this task, the Holy Fathers pointed out certain means qualifying them as practicers of art and even the art of the arts. This natural art, that of entering into the heart by means of breathing, helps greatly the exaltation of thoughts”. Continuing the advice for this special pranayama, the Holy Father continues: 'Breathing through the lungs conducts the air to the heart. Thus, be seated and, concentrating the mind, lead it in this direction; force it by breathing inward, to penetrate into the very heart together with the air inhaled: and keep it there not permitting it to leave, much as it would want to. Keeping it there, do not leave it idle, but give it sacred words. Try to become accustomed to this inner concentration and watch lest thy mind leave there too soon, for at first it will be under depression, then it will be joyous and happy to dwell there and it will itself want to remain there. Shouldst thou succeed in penetrating into the heart by the means I have pointed out to thee, abide by this exertion for ever. It shall teach thee that which thou never hast conceived.

“Thus it is necessary to find an experienced preceptor (Guru). Saint Gregory Sinaite says: “An active and heartily intelligent prayer is achieved thus: Be seated on a low chair, half a foot high: transfer the mind from the head to the heart and keep it there and from there invoke with hearty intelligence: Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy!”

“Know that all such special positions of the body are prescribed and are needed until pure and concentrated prayer is enrooted in the heart. And when, through the Bliss of the Lord thou shalt attain this, then, laying aside much special exertion, thou wilt be united without words with the Lord, in pure and concentrated heart-felt prayer, no longer necessitating special preparations. Besides, do not forget that when at times thou art inspired to a pure voluntary prayer, do not by any means destroy it by the usual prayer precepts. Cast aside these precepts and as far as thy inner forces reach, try to adhere to the Lord and He will enlighten thy heart in the spiritual attainment”.

“Even in deep sleep the fragrance of prayer will ascend from the heart without effort. Though the inner voice be silent during sleep, yet within the sacred service shall ceaselessly act. For only this sacred dagger ceaselessly rotated in the heart, liberated from any other image, can force the enemies to retreat and destroy them and consume them as does fire applied to straw”.

One may quote endlessly from the Holy Fathers of the Church and the rules of the convents of the hermits; and one feels that these rules are created for life and applied in feality. Again speaks an experienced voice: “When the spiritual gifts are realized, then, under a constant bliss, one becomes radiant and becomes unwavering in the contemplation of the spiritual treasures. Such a one a freed from all earthly things and for ever is liberated from death into the eternal life. Inexpressible in words is the radiance of the Divine Beauty. Neither can word express it, nor ear contain it. Even if thou shalt compare it with the glory of dawn, the luminosity of the moon, the light of the sun-all these do not equal its divine glory. Poor are all these before the true Light, deepest night or densest darkness before the purest light”.

Thus can he alone speak who has experienced what is the “spiritual man of the heart” — a light which even in the darkness shineth and is inextinguishable by darkness.

When Makary, the Egyptian, wrote the following, he depicted, not abstract symbols, but vital realization: “Those who are the sons of Light and the sons of Service in the Holy Spirit, those shall learn nothing from men for they are inspired by Divine Wisdom. For bliss itself inscribes in their hearts the laws of spirit. They need not be induced by writings inscribed with ink: but upon the tablets of the heart and divine Bliss inscribes the laws of spirit and the heavenly mysteries. It is the heart that rules all the organs of the body. And if Bliss reached the valleys of the heart, then it rules all the organs of the body and dominates all thoughts”.

An ancient Egyptian papyrus says: “The beginning of the physician's Wisdom is the knowledge of the heart's action”.

He who knows the spiritual heart, knows also “the subtle pain of the physical heart”, about which the Holy Fathers speak so inspiringly. He who knows this “subtle pain”, has cognized also the fire of love-not the love of sighs but the real love of action and attainment. That love which, since antiquity has been called the Love of God-man, which purifies and uplifts the human sensations. Agni-Yoga says: “What sage of knowledge would not be a Lord of Love?”

“The subtle pain”, the heart of the flame of the heart, is known to the experienced one in the highest tests of life. It is known to those to whom enlightened labour has become the daily prayer; and prayer transformed into the ceaseless rhythm of heart, into the rhythm of light. Some will ask what is rhythm and why is its realization so important? It means that he who inquired does not know what is the “subtle pain” of the heart and is unaware of the music of the spheres; nor has he hearkened to the hymn of nature. Without his own striving, he shall not cognize the sparks of attainment, which will bring his heart closer to the Cosmos and Love. The centre of spirit is linked with the centre of the organism. “This unity, known for ages, is not deciphered scientifically, nor philosophically, but is nonetheless quite evident”. The Chalice of experience! In this way we again approach the creation by thought-the mysterious but immutable. “The word became matter”. This way the logos is embodied into the physical. This mystery is manifested in each man, in each incarnated spirit. “God breathed eternity into the heart of each man” — the Abode of Light is immortal, eternal, through all incarnations. And it shall cognize the Light; for it is the very source of Light itself. The “subtle pain” is the manifestation of subtle energy and the luminosity is one of the prime qualities of the action of such energies. When this light is intensified, it becomes visible even to our eyes. This moment remains for ever the long awaited and unexpected. It is ordained to keep the torches aflame, but the moment of the great Messenger is inexpressible. Likewise inexpressible is the “subtle pain” of the heart and the covenant that. Joy is a special Wisdom. Alongside with this one can remember the covenants of the Bhagavadgita, and Agni-Yoga and the Kabbala and the prophecies of the Bible and the Fire of Zoroaster.

The Sun-likeness of Plato belongs to the same untold but luminous conceptions. When the experienced ones meet, they are not in need of a vocabulary, for, even in silence they will understand the language of the heart.

Hence, gain experience and proclaim it because you are not aware of your best hour, nor do you know when the flame will flash over the Chalice of Accumulations. Only the high quality of thought will guide you and, insatiable impetuosity will be the wings of Light of Sophia-Wisdom. It is ordained to radiate, but not to be consumed.

The resounding of the centre of the heart, heard by Socrates, harmonizes with the rhythm of Good. The high matter of Spinoza is ozonised by the same waves of light. The luminous centre of the heart can radiate with the all-illumining flame-the fabulous stone of the legends of the Grail.

Agni-Yoga says: “At the basis of the Universe, search for the heart”. “The creativeness of heart is strained by the Chakra of the Chalice”. “The greatest Might is in the Magnet of the Heart”. “The word not containing the affirmation of the heart is empty”. “The Pearl of the heart is the subtle tensity”. “An Arhat as a flame carries in his heart all fires of life”.

Origen affirms: “With the eyes of the heart we can see Be-ness”.

“All is pure to the pure”, fearlessly ordains the Apostle Paul. He knew the purity and activity of the heart, when it knows only the good and as a magnet attracts around itself only the good. The similarity between heart and magnet is often mentioned, although scientifically it is not yet acknowledged. However “The treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge” are attained only by the wisdom of the heart, by the chalice of love and self-sacrificing action. “There, where you treasure lies, there is your heart”, says the Apostle. The luminosity of the heart is similar to fluorescence of the sea, which in motion produces numberless visible luminous formations. Likewise the action of creative love kindles the flames of heart. “There shall be Light” says the thought of the Great.

The “inner man” wishes only good and at the moment of his heart's radiation he knows without doubt where is the good. And from the heart's radiation springs forth only good. And this emanating light smites all excrescences of ignorance: because sin and ignorance are the brothers of darkness. To live in spirit means to radiate, to do good and ceaselessly to attain. To live only in the body means to obscure, to condemn, to be ignorant and to prolong one's path. But it must not be overlooked that in retarding our own progress we obstruct the progress of those nearest us-hence every display or egotism, selfishness, self-pity, wrong pride, ignorance — is the stronghold of darkness. In the name of those near us, we must not disturb the rhythm of the waves of light and Good.

Useful are observations upon flowers. The garden of light is likewise in need of constant care. The streams of pure thoughts are its best nurture. The more intense is light, the weaker the darkness. Even the radiant heart of the Angel could choose the freedom of gloom instead of the freedom of service and glory. Therefore without delay is needed the nurture of the garden of Light. Otherwise the spotted tongues of tiger-lilies will devour the lilies of Annunciation and the treacherous Belladonna will overpower the Fresias of the shiny summits. One must radiate. One must generate and strengthen the light of the heart. One must remember that co-radiance and co-resounding of light are mutually strengthened. Immeasurably is the might of the thoughts united by Benevolence. For every one, is the Light prepared, but we may extinguish it with an empty vessel. It is said, “At the fall of a rose petal, the far-off worlds tremble” and “the feather from the wing of a bird creates a thunder upon the far-off worlds”. What a vast, beautiful responsibility! Let us not turn the thunder born through light-mindedness towards the Earth.

From this inspiring responsibility issues a radiant attempt to study honestly without any disillusionment all that surrounds us. Even an accomplished virtuoso is in need of daily exercises. It is repeated: “If thou art tired, begin again. If thou art exhausted, begin again and again”. And like a shield invoke Love.

“The warmth of Love” is as real as the “subtle pain” of the heart. The radiance of the thought is not only tangible to the eye, but is even accessible to the film. It is necessary to study at once, without superstition, fearlessly and altruistically. Evidence is akin to the physical body, but not to the spirit. Truth is in the very reality, but not in the pathology of evidence.

The heart, this great transmuter of energies, knows where is the convulsion of horror and the tremor of ecstasy. The spirit distinguishes the spots of terror and the radiation of exaltation. Wherefore to be scorched and carbonized if it is preordained to radiate immortally? “God is the fire which warms the hearts” says Saint Seraphim.

“He knows the depths of the heart”, chants the Psalmist king. When we speak about the Beautiful, about the depths of the heart, then first of all we have in mind the beautiful creative thoughts. As the most delicate flowers they must be cultivated. They must be unceasingly watered by the joyful streams of Bliss. One must learn daily how to think clearly and benevolently. One must nurture the aspirations these highest seedlings of thought. Let us dare. Let us not be afraid to aspire upon heights. From the summits we can see afar. From the summits come the Tables of Commandments. From the summits come the heroes and achievement. Radiant is aspiration. The flaming aspiration is the threshold of Bliss.

Agni and thought.

Fiery are the wings of “Sophia-the Almightly's Wisdom”.

The Book “The Fiery World” begins as follows:

“The element of Fire-the most omnipresent, the most creative, the most life-bearing-is least of all noticed and valued..... A great many petty insignificant considerations fill the human consciousness. But the most Wonderful evades. People argue about one pie at the bazaar, but do not want to stretch out their hands towards the real Treasure. Much that has been said about the heart in special stress applies also to the Fiery World. The rainbow-flame affirms the striving of the spirit. A multitude of application of the work of Fire are manifested as the most astounding conditions of Be-ness. From the usual formations of light accessible to the physical eye to the most complex fires of the heart, every thing leads us into the Realm of the Fiery World”.


How shall we see Thy Face?

Thy all-pervading Face,

Deeper than feeling and reason.

The intangible, the silent,

The unseen. I summon

The heart, wisdom and labour.

Who has apprehended that which has

No form, no sound, no taste,

Which has no end and no beginning?

And the darkness when all shall cease?

The thirst of the desert and the salt of the


I shall await

The Glory.

Before Thine Image

The sun does not shine. The moon does


Shine. Nor the stars nor the flame,

Nor the lightning. The — rainbow does not


The Light of the North does not glimmer.

There shines Thine Image.

Everything gleams through Thy light.

In the darkness are shining

Particles of Thy glory.

And in my closed eyes

Dawns Thy wondrous Light.


by Nicholas Roerich

from Flame In Chalice.

______    ______