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       Female images were always one of the main subjects of Nikolai Roerichs works Nikolai Roerich has dedicated this particular painting to his wife Elena Roerich who has always been sharing with him all the difficulties and joys of their life The artist himself explained the painting s message Extremely different are the forms in which human wisdom creates the same image of beauty, selflessness and patience And once again the woman has to ascend now mountain, expounding the eternal paths to her near ones.





       Every man, everybody of us is not a simple result of an accidental conglomeration of elementary matter particles but a dear child brought up by the Universe. In its development humanity has grown up enough to discover the Truth about the Universe and about itself which is necessary for a further progress since its spiritual unconsciousness is hampering the evolution. For this purpose the New Teaching of the Light is given to the humanity by the Heaven. "The teaching on how to walk on Earth is given to those who worship the Heaven as a living being". "Know it -I lead to knowledge, work and happiness by a short way" - says the Teaching Giver.

       The Teaching has been dictated by the Heaven. Russian woman Elena Roerich and Nikolai Roerich who was an artist heard the Voice from the Other World. A spiritual bridge connected them with the Hierarchy of the Universe by whose will the New Teaching has been given to the people by the Great Teacher and the Lord of the future era Maitreya (MORIA). His every word has been written down.

       Beginning from 1920 for ten years this work has been under way. The received Teaching is called "The Living Ethics" or "Agni Yoga" meaning "The Teaching of the Fire, Light". It includes the following books: "Leaves of the Moria's Garden" (I - "Call", II - "Enlightenment"), "Community", "Agni Yoga", "Infinity", "Hierarchy", "Heart", "Fiery World", "Aum", "Fraternity", "Overground".

       The TEACHING gives an answer to the question of questions who rules the World. It is revealed to us that the Worlds of our planet are ruled by its Supreme Consciousness or the Single Hierarchy of the Light led by the Mother of the World.

       Mother of the World is the Great Feminine Source of all being. The ancients new about Her. But for thousands of years of our present dark epoch Kali Yuga the Mother of the World has been concealing Her Name and Image from people. Now on the eve of the New Epoch the Sovereign Mistress has revealed Herself to us.

       The Hierarchy of the Light consists of a great number of the mankind's teachers. Some of Their names are familiar to us.

       Our elder brothers Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed and others were incarnated in the Solid World in different times among different peoples to implement One Mission. All of them came to us on the will of the Hierarchy in accordance with the Single Holy Plan of the evolution. The Teachings left by the Teachers laid a foundation for the world religions. Corresponding to the level of consciousness of the people living at the time they have partly revealed various aspects of the Single Truth.

       We have received the New Teaching of the Light from the same Single Source. But this time the new Teacher Maitreya has sent His Teaching before coming Himself.

       The NEW Teaching does not press people to join it.

       "There is no need in dragging somebody to the Heaven by force - The time will come and the blind eyes will be opened". The Teaching teaches us to listen to our heart's voice. Those who are keen, whose inner voice is not suppressed by a presumptuous mind are not looking for the proofs in the faith as they are wise enough to believe their hearts.

       The Teacher says "Faith is a premonition of knowledge". And we are searching for the Truth or the knowledge of the concealed and find it in the New Teaching.

       Now we are living in such a time when our souls have cast off their fetters and being liberated have called people to come to God. More and more people come to the temples. But many of them haven't realized yet that God descends under the temples' arches being attracted not by the shining gold on their domes but by a fire in the hearts. Jesus Christ said: "IN SPIRIT SHALL YOU PRAY BUT NOT IN A TEMPLE". Many have not realized yet we are not the God's slaves but disciples of Him. The Hierarchy of the Light wants us not to say words of love and light up the candles but to be faithful and diligent in learning. "I call upon the faithful... Strain your efforts with My Name on Your lips".

       TEACHER Maitreya tells us about the life of three from six invisible Worlds of our planet: Thin (Astral), Mental and Fiery.

       These Worlds coexist in the same space but they arc not perceptible to each other as if they were parallel.

       Our World of incarnated people is solid or physical. Time to time everybody of us comes into it by embodying in the flesh.

       On getting free from the flash after our physical body's death we find ourselves in the Thin or Astral World on our way to the Mental World.

       Our real home is the Mental World. We leave it for an incarnation in the Solid World and later on come back again on terminating our next incarnation's cycle.

       The main book of the Teaching tells us about the next Fiery World. The Fiery World is the "seventh heaven" or "heavenly kingdom" which is mentioned in all the religious teachings. This World is the final aim of our evolution, hut in order to reach it it is necessary to make ore souls' light conformable to the Fiery World's Light.

       Three other Worlds arc the Highest Worlds of the Teachers.

       By REVEALING the Truths to us the New Teaching eradicates the meaning of death: "Death is not more important than a simple hair-cutting". "Humanity is tremendously bothered by the problem of death. People are very much afraid of the transformation itself. But a spirit which has realized the perishable nature of the earthy existence easily transcends to the Thin World. It should be prepared for a conscious break with the Earth".

       The law of incarnation and the mystery of our eternal life are opening to us.

       As all living the human beings are created by the Constructive Energies of the Universe. LIFE is given to everybody, everybody has received SOUL and everybody has his own PATH for discovering and leading one's spirit through the crucible of earthy incarnations and nurturing one's consciousness.

       Every man simultaneously has three bodies consisting of the matter of the first three Worlds: Solid, Thin and Mental. Some people also have a fiery or spiritual body which can be either week or strong.

       We live in all three Worlds simultaneously for we are represented in them by our corresponding bodies. Our late relatives and near ones though not visible are always with us for our invisible bodies live in their Worlds. People living in the Thin World see our Thin body, those in the Mental World see our Mental body. They can "hear" our thoughts, the whole life of our Solid World is visible for those living in the Invisible Worlds. Therefore we should take more serious attitude towards our thoughts and deeds because nothing can be concealed. Don't make your late near ones suffer but give them joy by living properly.

       The Worlds are interconnected. That's why the Teaching says we should avoid bothering those who have left us by our mourning and calls to come back in the beginning of the new journey of their lives because it causes sufferings both to us and them. They are not far from us, they can hear and see us. Let's better help them by an encouraging thought and wish them a happy journey. Let us not disturb those who left us. They are not far. We shall meet them.

       The TEACHING reveals how those living in the Invisible Worlds can communicate with us. We "hear" their thoughts, but due to our ignorance think them to be ours. Kind souls, they don't interfere in our deeds and don't rob us of our right of a Free Will, but the dark forces of the Thin World very often try to manipulate our consciousness by instigating us to the evil. Therefore we should learn to look into our thoughts and resist the unseen provocateurs' tricks. We always must remember: a dreadful struggle is going on for the future of the World on all Planets. For when the New Age of goodness and justice comes there will he no place for the darkness. That's why the dark Hierarchy's forces are trying to drag people in their "mire domain" and prevent development of the people's spirit and consciousness.

       As it is ALREADY REVEALED to us our life is eternal and never ends. It is written: "We shall not die but change". Every Life constantly acquires different forms in its development, becomes more sophisticated but always preserves its individuality and the gained experience.

       When our next solid body is exhausted we disembody and transcend to the Thin World where we have to evaluate our worldly deeds. Here our experience transfers into wisdom by sufferings from our mistakes and sins and by joy for the former good deeds. On accomplishing this we transcend to the Mental World for a rest. To mark this transition an old tradition makes people get together to pray for the deceased on the 40th day after his death. After spending some time in our home - the Mental World we are born again by embodying in the solid matter in order to provide our soul with a necessary new life experience.

       Our every new incarnation has a specific aim or programme which has to be implemented. Therefore it is so important not to make a mistake when choosing a life path. Don't get tempted at a crossroads by future possible gains without hearing your heart's voice. Tremendously suffer so many souls being lost and not having found their path and place in life.

       How could we help our souls? Simply open the book of the Teaching, "immerse your mind into the heart" and the veil will fall and reveal a lot of treasures. Many things will be revealed to you. And your soul will be filled with joy by receiving the Teaching.

       In every new incarnation our new brain and the new memory start writing a book of the new body's life from the very beginning in order to transfer later on the most precious treasures of the gained experience into our deep memory or the memory of the soul thus accumulating experience. In this way step by step, one life after another our character is being moulded by a constant chain of our incarnations. That is why even a small baby has his own character. That explains why children brought up in the same conditions do not have the same characters. This happens because their souls have had different experience during hundreds of their previous incarnations. With every life our abilities and talents are constantly growing. That explains why there is such a thing as an innate genius which can be regarded as a fruitful result of a strained work during so many lives dedicated to one cause.

       EVERY human being has started his evolution millions of years ago. Everybody of us has lived in caves during the Stone Age. There was a time when we learnt to extract fire, hunted for mammoths, changed our stone axes for metal ones and received wheat and wheel from the Teachers. Being reincarnated hundreds of times everybody of us has lived in all historical epoches and under all political systems in all social strata and positions, in both sexes during millions of years before our present existence. And those who have accumulated the whole experience of the Solid World or in other words it can be named a cosmic kindergarten who has kindled a spiritual fire in their souls and formed a Fiery body can terminate their human evolution and a chain of Earthy incarnations can enter the Fiery World which opens its doors for them. Obviously incarnations of such souls are possible but only on their will with a particular assignment or a mission. And radiating Infinity is waiting for those who are eager to go further.

       Life itself is given to a human being to enable him to implement this goal. Life is given not for a bliss, poverty, enrichment and finally death but for an attainment of a spiritual enlightenment through pains and joy of the eternal life. The Teacher says "What for to live through a hundred of incarnations if only a dozen of them can teach us how to pass a threshold". "The Living Ethics is the bridge to all the Worlds. It should be considered and cherished as a map showing the path".

       We ALREADY KNOW that three principal laws of the Universe ensure this path: the law of Incarnation, the law of Karma and the law of a Free Will. By his own free will every human being determines his every step either towards the good or the evil, to the higher or lower evolution's levels, to God or to the Devil. There is no middle way because a staircase doesn't allow any horizontal movement. If in bliss or in idleness one remains at the same level there is a great danger of laying behind those who strive forward, becoming unfit for the evolution and eventually joining the representatives of the dark forces.

       "With every day and hour every human being either approaches the Haven or moves away from it". "The Earthy World is like a wall on the way -one can either get over it or be destroyed".

       WE LIKE to talk about our fate. We connect our fate and chance together. But the Teacher says: "Nothing happens by chance. Every chance is envisaged by Us".

       Not God gives or takes from us. It happens in accordance with the cosmic law of cause and effect, the law of Karma.

       Our happiness and misery, prosperity and poverty, health and illness, success or misfortune, gains and losses -all these are our harvest. The Teaching explains that all our thoughts and deeds even the most insignificant are recorded in the space. Being aware of everything the Cosmic Order renders good for the good and sufferings for the evil to everybody. But payment on the debts is simply deferred and an apparent impunity or unjustly gained luxury can be enjoyed for quite a long time. "But in a due course you will inevitably have to pay the old bills". "Not only improper deeds but impure thoughts also accumulate humanity's grave karma. Everyone is free to jump into the abyss but it is necessary to make a warning".

       Whenever a human being is just born it is already predetermined which bills he will have to pay in his present life for the deeds in the previous ones. And even conditions of the birth are determined by these bills. The whole future life is already marked by the Karma's landmarks. There will be a time and a giver will receive, a grabber will loose, a peacemaker will gain peace and a killer will die. And while reaping the sowed all should be accepted with dignity and while eliminating the Karma "go by the higher path". The life is going on and let you sow new good seeds.

       The Trail of Cosmic Justice is inevitable, incorruptible and precise. This is the fate. Think about it! Fate is an uninterrupted trial for the continuous deeds. That's why don't blame the fate for it is not accidental but a result of your own deeds.

       We learn from the Teaching that "at least half of all our meetings on the Earth take place due to the previous incarnations" in order to enable us to return our Karmic debts. That's why we should always remember the Teacher's advice: "It is better to be on the giving end than on the receiving one for every payment terminates the past while receiving can tie up again"

       The Teaching says: "Happiness comes when all the old debts are paid off'. That's why we should live through our present trials with dignity and patience for this is our Karma.

       WHEN we hear about the forthcoming New Era of spirituality we wonder where will the darkness go?

       The Teaching says: "The unfit will leave for the new race development plan is wise". But how will they leave? Where will they go?

       Let us recollect the prophecy about the Doomsday and the Last Day of Judgment. The New Teaching reveals the mystery.

       Space Fire - the most powerful beam of cosmic energy is coming towards Earth from Space. All of us will be subjected to its trial. The Space Fire will rouse the inner fire of those who have already developed the Fiery body, in whose souls the Fire is already kindled. Thus the human evolution will be speeded up. The souls of rough vibrations will be destroyed in a beam alien to them and a chain of their incarnations will be terminated forever.

       All the souls both presently incarnated and disincarnated will be tested by the Fire. Thus all the Worlds of the Planet will be purified and the Era of the Light will become feasible.

       Impartial and incorruptible will be the Trail. And neither prayer nor puja and gold will save from it. Let us not be mislead.

       The Teacher says: "We should understand we are all in blame for Armageddon and nobody will escape it". Everybody will be tested. The Fire will judge us.

       But we shouldn't lose our courage. Still a lot can he changed in our thoughts, words and deeds. Still there is some time to kindle a fire in the .soul by striving for self-improvement, purification of the heart and for the Common Good, though for many of us this incarnation is the last one before the Fire. The Teacher says: "The New and the old worlds are divided by our perception of the personal and common good"

       The New Teaching is the helping hand of the Hierarchy of the Light. Many of us will be able to cross the fatal line with its help.

       "You can win and become enlightened but give me your gift. If somebody has a fear give Me the fear. If somebody has any doubts give them to Me. If somebody has an anger give the anger to Me. And I shall show you the way to the Light for I want you to approach Me with joy and enlightenment in the day of the Great Darkness before the Sunrise"

       The NEW Teaching is the way to the Teacher. Many seek for it but don't know that the way to the Teacher runs through their pure hearts.

       "Reveal your consciousness. There is a mirror in it. You should look upon yourself from aside. Wash off your dust and grime. Fresh water is not far" the Teacher calls us to a spring.

       The New Teaching is the spring water to purify our hearts.

       Today our greatest worry is our common destiny.

       NOW all of us are at the cross-roads. But there is only one road leads to salvation and it still should be realized.

       The Teacher helps us to find the way: "The foundation will be new. Wandering along alien paths will be fatal". "Community is the only way of the common existence".

       The crucial time has come. The Saviour's hand is given to us. The Teaching has come hack. It is given to the people. It gains momentum and kindles more and more hearts by its word.

       The Call is for everybody and for all of us. We should realize it. Being on the verge of disaster could we not accept the helping hand and lead our soul to the Light?

       Could we not understand our heart and realize that we are not alone?

       Could we not purify ourselves and get united in pure spirit and save our planet?


       There is no higher assignment

       To kindle the spirit from the ashes.

       Fulfill the Behest of Mine.

       The time has already come.

       Heart, arduous is your path.

       Heart, can you hear the Calling?

       Heart, I know you.

       You will win, Heart.

       Upon the hearts courage I bestow.

       Carry it with faith.

       Strengthen the way of ascent.

       So let it be.

       EVERY people has its own mission under the Divine Plan of human evolution. The Plan foreordains:


       Teacher Moria says: "We have envisaged the best destination for the best land".

       A textbook on the New World's Life is already given to us. Let's open it.

       ON THE EVE OF A NEW ERA (Extracts from "Agni Yoga" books)





       I OUR TIME

       1. Incomprehension of the current events

       People do not want to realize the meaning of the current events.

       People do not understand the extraordinary circumstances. They think nothing special is happening.

       How insignificant is the number of the people understanding an extraordinary nature of the conditions!

       It has to be realized how unusual is the present time and we should get accustomed to it.

       A conscious attitude has to be worked out towards the current events for there are a lot of meanings connected with the spiritual revival.

       Exceptional conditions of the present time have to be taken into a special consideration.

       It has to be realized that the most crucial time is coming.

       Let the disciples try to pace in the .same rhythm with the events and their consciousness has to be strained up in a unison with the events.

       2. The troubled times

       Situation in the whole world is dangerous.

       The mirror of the hour reflects an unprecedented disturbance. Now we are witnessing the great troubled times.

       Every day brings more tension in the Nature and between people. Truly this is the troubled times.

       While some precise cosmic limits are approaching the human consciousness remains far behind. Suppressed by the mechanics consciousness is lost in madness.

       A mechanical attitude towards the world has disturbed the balance and conformity. The spiritual consciousness is left far behind the physical one""

       The ethics are lost in the piles of formulas. Machines have segregated human beings from the art of thinking. Earth's aura is suppressed by the evil

       Savagery and roughness have crossed all the limits. Eventually the savagery has burst into the cities and overwhelmed all the spiritual beginnings. Consciousness of the people's majority has returned to the darkest age. The cry of the spirit is drowned in the machines' rumble.

       Cyclone caused by the crimes suffocates the old Earth.

       Spreading of the deadly gass dulls our minds. Intolerable is the metal shower.

       If only you could see all the committed crimes! Strange it is to see the world being destroyed!


       1. The planet is ill

       Why the planet is ill? Because the planets' beams can't penetrate through the dirty aura. Having lost the idea about the great worlds people have estranged themselves from the perfection's understanding.

       Grievous is the condition of Earth. Earth is ill.

       The only cause for Earth's illness is in a total discord between those who could get united in the Common Good.

       The world is ill as a result of semi-measures, it suffocates because of connivance.

       2. Poisoning, contamination

       Could any killings, damnations and atrocities be done without forming grave spatial layers? Everything is accumulated clearly and heavily thus creating something like a vail from the deadly gasses above the place of the event. Is there any hope that the poisonous radiation of the evil energy could be dispersed? On the contrary, it will be accumulated and it will produce a grave Prana.

       People mercilessly destroy the planet's natural recourses. They are ready to poison the land and the air; they have eradicated the forests which generate Prana, they have reduced the number of the animals having forgotten that the planet is nourished by the animal energy. They consume natural recourses having forgotten that the balance must be preserved. They don't think about the reason for the collapse of Atlantida.

       Degradation of Earth's orchard is dangerous. Nobody thinks about the importance of the planet's health.

       By their thinking people poison the environment and turn it into a chaos.

       A sizable part of the soil is already contaminated. The space above the Earth is already contaminated. Cities are suffocated by the poisonous miasma's spreading. The deadly gasses torment all the living. People are not ashamed at all to kill near ones' intellect and spirit .

       The world is covered with sores of human vices and creations. There are no limits to the human spirit's illness which contaminates the planet.

       3. Corruption

       Extinguishers, they will come; corrupters, they will come; darksome darkeners, they will also come. Once corruption has started it can't be stopped.

       The state's main shortcoming is in a mechanical mixing of the two opposite elements which causes an untimely corruption. Human being needs a balance between his mind and his heart.

       It is even difficult to imagine how contaminated is the planet! All laws are penetrated by the corruption's poison.

       They will ask: Can cataclysms be avoided? Can horrors and disasters be escaped? Are sufferings unavoidable? We are like some spatial conglomerations and human creations which have to be expiated. During Armageddon the space is purified.

       The laws' denial obstructs thinking and causes corruption.

       Never was Earth so wrapped up in the brown gass. Never there was so much hatred on the planet. There is an extraordinary situation all over the world.


       1. Climate's disorders

       Deprived of its opulence the Earth crust is dying. Couldn't people see the extraordinary changes in heat, thunder storms and tempests? Truly the Nature must be bemoaned for it is sick with human madness.

       Climate's disorders are obvious. Isn't it the human spirit which is in blame for this dangerous phenomenon?!

       It can be already felt that the harmonious vibrations have been disturbed and the planet is convulsing in the waves of heat and cold. You can read about changes in the climate, changes of the continents and currents.

       2. Cataclysms

       A howl can be heard all over the world, obviously it is not possible to move further any longer in this way. The planet's convulsions have become more frequent.

       The great volcanoes are wakening up, the ft re is striving for an escape: people know about it but leave aside none of their habits.

       May be you have read that for the last seventeen years every day there is an earthquake somewhere. This scientific datum is not precise. At least for the last eighteen years Earth has been constantly convulsing. Couldn't the growing waves of the Earth's convulsions make people alert and think if everything is in order?

       Is there not enough earthquakes? Is there not enough wrecks, tempests, cold and deadly heat? Was there no rising of a fiery cross? Was there no shining of a star in a day time? Were there no fiery rainbow across the sky? Isn't there an abundance of omens? But humanity does not want to understand what is clear in the reigning chaos! If humanity is blind with doubts then there is no necessity in a visible omen.

       You can already see how one storm kills thousands of people. Could not the deadly tempests make humanity think about the reason for such an instability and realize that not only storms, earthquakes but floods also can he of the highest dimensions? They will say millions of people have already died but the consciousness' degradation continues. It would be appropriate to ask humanity how many millions of casualties it is ready to bear in order to change its consciousness?

       Earthquakes, volcanoes' eruptions, cyclones, smog, shallowing, climate's disorders, illness, impoverishment, wars, rebellions, skepticism, betrayal - how many more signs of the crucial time humanity is waiting for?! There is no need in a messiahs because even a humblest scribe can tell there never were so many deadly signs of Earth's corruption. But the ears are deaf and the eyes are blind! They don't want to realize a disastrous nature of the events and just like obsolescent monsters they are crawling away leaving behind a free way for the fiery waves.

       3. Hostility and wars

       People don't even suspect how tense is our planet! All conditions created by the states can be compared with a volcano. Every wave of actions leads to a destruction.

       The world is suffering from a division which kills all the great undertakings. Everywhere instead of unity they advocate division.

       Our time is much more crucial than you can imagine. Never before hostility was so overwhelming.

       It is a very difficult time, for the people's hatred has grown up tremendously. We shouldn't remember about the ancient klans' hostilities for it was like a children's game in comparison with the present hatred.

       Humanity enters a period of constant wars. There are many forms of these wars but their basic principal is the same - hatred in everything and everywhere.

       A war by arms, a trade war, an unemployment war, a knowledge war, a religious war - they are different and they don't recognize any borders on the Earth! The planet's life is divided by a great number of various borders.

       The world is in the constant state of war. Different are its faces! Somewhere they are concealed, somewhere overt but their meaning is the same. Seemingly a revolution can have its own meaning, it can happen without being named a revolution.

       The world is in a hurry: somewhere in the name of war, somewhere under the mask of thoughtlessness, somewhere under the influence of hatred, somewhere in accordance with the will of the head of the state.

       4. Atlantida's example

       People are trying to forget about grievous examples. Destruction of the whole continents is thoughtfully removed from the ancient manuscripts. Seemingly many omens of the world's destination are disparaged.

       Exactly in the same way during the previous collapses people were not inclined to realize the present state of affairs at that time.

       We should be afraid of water level's rising. Earth has gone through the same calamity for several times already. Now some resemblance can be found with the past events.

       Unfortunately the present time completely corresponds to the last time of Atlantida. There were the same false messiahs, the same false saviour, the same wars, the same betrayals and spiritual degradation. We arc proud of the civilization's crumbs like people of Atlantida who could fly around the planet in order to deceive each other more quickly. In the same way the temples were desecrated and the science has become an object for speculation and discord. In the same way they had rebelled against the Hierarchy and had been suffocated by their own egoism. In the same-way they had disturbed the balance of the underground forces and by mutual efforts led the planet to the collapse.

       The atmosphere is unprecedentedly tense! The world's condition can't be considered as normal. But exactly in the same way people of Atlantida could not see all the astonishing things. They had gone even further and sentenced to death everybody who predicted the inevitable calamities. Certainly this measure could only bring them closer to the death.


       1. Covered faces

       People themselves have closed their eyes and ears. They have refused the help and allowed a chaos in their thinking.

       The legend of Armageddon depicts people with the covered faces - isn't something like this is already happening? It can be seen how the whole world gradually puts on a vail and its inhabitants raise their hand against each other.

       A sign of the time are those covered faces.

       2. Brutish egoism

       It is terrifying to think that the present level of the mind's development is the same as it was during the Stone Age. Alien thinking, not human, doesn't want to move, namely doesn't want.

       It was the people who led themselves in to an exclusive circle of sufferings at a cost of tremendous pains.

       For the whole millenniums people are trying to become bipedal. By evil they are trying to suppress Earth's atmosphere. Having forgotten everything human being is trying to forget his predestination. There never were so many human animals as it is now.

       Ferocious human egoism adopts a form of dangerous paroxysms which can be called horror or fury of selfishness. What is the main reason for the fury of egoism? By spreading horror human being is tremendously afraid himself.

       Whenever a human being becomes brutish his individuality ignored by the mind becomes maliciously selfish. Then a crusade begins against enlightenment and cooperation. Such an egoism makes an animal from a human being but leaves him without the gregarious instinct of the animals. Such a human being is worse than an animal.

       3. Permissiveness, Obsessiveness

       Our thinking and life are tremendously improper. Now everything is allowed and human being is a slave of everything.

       The ancient prophecies have predicted: "When the darkness spreads everywhere people will decide everything is allowed". It will be the darkness which will make people insane. Insanity leads to obsessiveness with all its gloomy consequences.

       Obsessiveness is developing and threatens with insanity.

       Truly so many countries are ruled by the insane in the direct meaning of the word.

       4. The whole nations' madness

       Solemn is the time of ours! Remember, while Moses was preparing the tablets on the rock at the foot of it people were abandoning to madness. Nevertheless the Holy Testament has destroyed the reign of lawlessness!

       Now there are so many deeds of the lowest nature in the world. Thus the whole nations' madness can be seen. Now hatred is being accumulated like an explosive material but people don't even see the volcano. The most wise of the rulers are not afraid of what is happening, thinking that everything will be solved somehow.

       There is a lack of thinking all over the world. In reality people are surrounded by ghosts. The whole nations' madness can be seen.

       V. MAYA'S POWER

       1. Obviousness and reality

       The truth is grave but it is high time to know that the world is inhabited by the shadows. Before disaster only shadows wonder. They are doomed. Horrible is the dance of the shadows which have forgotten the spirit. Ignorant shadows, the shadows which have lost, they don't know about the New World.

       Reality is not an obviousness. Obviousness does not completely correspond to the reality.

       Obviousness is the reality for fools.

       Look back at the Maya's mirage once more. How obvious are the indications of a mutual destruction! How obvious are hypocrisy and lie! How suffocating is ignorance and deathly laziness! This obviousness of the mirage covers the horizon of the reality. But reality is coming like Maitreya's white elephant. When it seems that lie and self conceit are overwhelming exactly at that time the evolution's wheel makes a turn. Community stained in blood is moving on the white elephant. A major lightning makes a stronger thunder. All people say - a new age usually comes with a thunder storm. A lightning needs both a positive and a negative energy. If Maya does not provide a negative obviousness than how the swords blade of a positive reality will shine? You will see all the mirages and realize the inevitable reality of the world community's coming. Cooperation must be strong. The lightning's shining must be dazzling and the thunder stunning. Every obviousness must serve to the inevitable reality. The evolution's phenomenon is inevitable. Let the inevitability's light show you the way!

       Humanity has to realize that at the hour of destruction and drastic changes there is a New Dawn at the horizon. Certainly, mirage does not reveal reality but it is a reality itself. Therefor the Maya's reality has to be understood properly without forgetting about its treacherous distortions.

       Why people accept Maya's depictions so willingly? There are so many such images and treacherous phenomena in our life. This tension brings only unnecessary images into existence. Spirit is striving for the smaller reality of Maya and accepts only what is already known to it. It likes only ordinary life's phenomena.

       Only a small part of the reality is accepted by the Humanity. Humanity exists in the smaller reality through which only it can see the visible images.

       Dead are those who believe that by the means of Maya they can create strongholds! They are unwise like children dreaming to make a castle from the mud! Human being is striving for the illusions and moves away from the reality even further.

       Humanity has gone so far from the real contemplation of the world that everything real becomes illusive for it. There is such a great lack of commensurability in the human mind!

       2. Commonness and prosiness

       Humanity is overwhelmed by the remnants and old thinking without realizing the existent Entity. Thus the moving peoples' spirit is smouldering on such dying energies as hypocrisy and superstitions.

       Our life paten has come in such a disbalance with the Cosmic Magnet that all human creations accept monstrous forms.

       For so many centuries so many human souls have been seeking for the material gains instead of the spiritual ones.

       Human consciousness is covered with the chest of commonness. Consciousness is penetrated with self-conceit and a feeling of its great importance in the world structure. But in reality such consciousness is hopeless because it hinders the Common Good's construction.

       Ignorant people continue to find satisfaction in fornication.

       The darkness is yelling, stunning with Commonness. Yesterday's rubbish of commonness' curses is multiplying like dried fallen leaves of the last winter.

       3. Moving away from the Truth

       Not only meanness but mainly roughness of perception makes a useless material from the major part of the humanity. Truly roughness raises thoughtlessness and as a result of it betrayal.

       People think that they should live like animals without knowing the past and the future. It is terrible to realise to what an extent people living on Earth have obstructed their own path!

       By limiting their lives people limit their activities. A human being uses only the smallest part of his life and the smallest number of his centres.

       The most dreadful whip for the humanity is its own narrow outlook. This outlook is strictly limited by the physical world's perception. It's terrible to realize how desperate is the humanity's situation. Humanity believes that the world is very far from the Truth.

       How many undeniable Truths have been rejected! They say there is no eternal life. But it does exist. They say there is no Thin World. But it does exist. They say there is no communication between the worlds. But it does exist. They say - there is no Supreme Guidance. But it does exist.


       1. Hierarchy's disbalance

       Oblivion of the most important is the main reason for the humanity's dark clouds.

       The most dreadful fate is caused by choosing the way of isolation and superiority.

       Hatred of skepticism is spreading all over the world. Such hatred is the most ferocious for it struggles with the essence of being.

       Take the human history, look how short were the periods of materialism. They always ended up with bloody convulsions.

       Truly the disaster has already come. People ask: What is the reason for the God's anger? People have turned away from God and have become traitors either in deeds or in numbness caused by fear. This is the main reason for the God's anger. God never punishes but can turn away. Then balance turns into a chaos and the Earth's energy can become exhausted. The World's collapse is only a consequence of the Hierarchy' disbalance which means destruction of all the causes and all the following effects.

       Near by I pass but remain unnoticed,

       Now is the most crucial time. Old prejudices raise a multitude of misunderstandings. Dark are the paths of the humanity. Animal habits consume all the spare time of the humanity. Jesus Christ preached compassion but the law of love is defied. Gautama, named Buddha prayed for courage and energy but his followers are dwelling in laziness. Confucious taught about harmonious state but his followers are wallowing in corruption.

       2. Kali Yuga's end

       Where has the sluggishness of our race's thinking has come from? It is a characteristic feature of every race's end. This is an old age, this is an end, this is an unwillingness to join the evolution.

       Thus Kali Yuga's end can be envisaged.

       Dying of the human and animal generation as well as the natural productive forces' exhaustion indicates an end of Kali Yuga.

       Falsehood and darkness are rising at the end of Kali Yuga. It has to be realized in order to preserve strength. The dark days are unavoidable but only understanding of their cause will provide courage to endure them.

       It is a severe time now. In different Puranas we can find indications on its time frames. Transition from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga is depicted rather precisely and there is a stress on the difficulty of the time.

       All the Testaments indicate this time. Nevertheless people don't think about the events. Even at the far worlds they are terrified by the fiery inevitability but the process of the Earth's wrapping up into the dark veil continues.


       1. Creations

       The present condition of the world corresponds to the layers accumulated by the humanity. The planet is being suffocated by these accumulations.

       Humanity has to make preparations for the upheavals and reconstruction of the created conditions. All the creations have to be expiated and eradicated. There are ready energies in the space for a transmutation of all the existing accumulations.

       Transmutation of the old accumulations has already started.

       Spiritual reconstruction eliminates the darkest accumulations.

       2. Appearing

       On the eve of an earthquake snakes are creeping outside. Now there are many such snakes. As monsters rise from the sea-beads so all the dregs rise from the dark depths.

       On the eve of the great reconstruction of the world all the dark forces appear to allow a batter transmutation.

       The lowest, the most tense and the most saturated with the dark energies appear.

       3. Purification

       The world needs reconstruction. Purification is absolutely necessary. The fire of the heart will strengthen the new beginning. There is a miracle at a threshold.

       By fire and by sword the planet is being purified. What is the other way to wake up consciousness?

       Truly, the Era of purification is coming! Atonement is unavoidable for the fiery purification gives a new direction to the Karma's development. Truly, humanity must be preparing for the fiery purification.

       Truly, an achievement of the great fiery purification must be strived for.

       Humanity needs purification of its existence. So a reconstruction should be started from the hearts and homes, from everyday's life.

       Reconstruction of the world is under way in all its parts and already established apparent well-being is simply a mirage for every energy is in a state of transmutation.

       All the peoples are straining their efforts. Everything strains for the transmutation. The time is great and crucial.

       Our thinking has to be corresponding and our consciousness has to be prepared for the fiery upheavals. The space needs purification.

       4. Fire at a threshold

       Disturbances which have led to outbursts of an extraordinary hatred can be equal to the underground fires. In case people don't pay any attention to the constant changes between cold and heat than probably soon they will have to endure fiery rebellions.

       Who could become simply a spectator of the battle? Now there can't be any spectators for the fire is at a threshold.

       In disbalance and chaos humanity has lived up to the Fire rebellion. The Fire is at a threshold!

       Blood, blood - they shout at the East and the West. Unprecedented time! The saving Fire is forced to become destructive!

       Two thousand years ago it was predicted that the fire will destroy the Earth and many thousands years ago the patriarchcs warned humanity about the forthcoming fiery destruction.

       When the energies' influence becomes stronger humanity will display a panic fear and a chaos in its actions. There will be more grave diseases.

       The coming fiery waves are dreadful if they are not familiar and the hearts' fires don't seek for them.

       The time is coming but people do not know how to use the fiery opportunities. By all means they will be trying to suppress the fire instead of accumulating its energy.

       When the fiery waves make people seek a shelter in the spiritual strongholds then with loathing people will regret about every idle life. We have to think about the extremely unusual times which are coming.

       The time is coming when spirit has to be enlightened and exited with the true knowledge. The fire is at a threshold.

       Dreadful portents of the fiery storm, so often mentioned in the Teaching are already appearing and thousands of those who are not enlightened and weak in spirit will die from unknown epidemics.

       Thousands will be dyeing in the fiery elements. Why don't they want to listen about these elements?

       The fiery energies are striving to escape from their dungeons. Very soon they will be either utilized wisely or they will have to acquire various forms of fiery diseases or cosmic cataclysms.

       There are three ways opened before humanity. It can chose any of them in accordance with the level of its consciousness' development. The right of a free will is granted to the humanity for ever.

       The Fire is at a threshold! Humanity has to be reminded that it's coming and it should be realized that only Agni or mental energy can give a warning when the Fire comes.

       On the eve of the fiery energies' coming people should not be afraid to accept that they have fiery elements within themselves. And that will be the growing of Agni. Fire preventive measures have to be introduced as soon as possible.


       People are at the THRESHOLD of the future but they don't see it.

       Very long ago it was said that on the eve of the great events the best part of the humanity will become more sensitive while the dregs of Kali Yuga will become mute and deaf.

       1. Let's realize the events

       The fiery reconstruction has 1,0 find a consciousness which will understand the events' meaning.

       We should understand what is happening for there are a lot of meanings connected with the spiritual revival.

       Everybody has to contemplate about reconstruction of the world for when we realize what is happening we will understand that the future is coming.

       Only the knowledge of the Cosmic Battle will reveal an understanding of the events.

       Difficult is the situation in the world for obduracy is everywhere.

       People hope to hide themselves in a mire but the whole mountains are cracking as the future's reminders.

       When a slavery feeling appears for the World's disgrace then coming of a new era can he expected.

       People are lost on the way but lightnings will lighten up their path and thunder will awake the sleeping.

       Calamities can return humanity to a real thinking as it was for so many times during the previous calamities when people had been changed completely.

       Obviously the world's reconstruction can't be accomplished without clashes and calamities and all the efforts of the Great White Fraternity are directed for holding back the madness wave till a more auspicious time when the stars interfere and help them to save a lot of.

       Different levels of the peoples' development can be recognized by the waves of their religious believes. Wherever there is a visible atheism there the God's harvest is ripe. But wherever there is a hypocritical piety there the sword is already raised.

       People believe they can live in ordinary conditions but with every day it becomes more clear that people can be saved only by faith which is above all the religions.

       2. To build now

       Events are coming. It is an important and tense time. Instead of a narrow horizon there will be a great time.

       Very important events in the planet's life can be expected. Unusual is the time when the events are flowing into the Archangel's cup by the cosmic will.

       Could life be build within the hatred of the Kali Yuga's end? But the whole future building of Satya Yuga has to be revealed now amidst hatred and destruction.

       It was wisely indicated that the greatest separation will give an impetus for a unification. But does the greatest separation coincide with the present time? Can humanity be divided even further? Our time is the dawn of a unity's formation.

       After the forthcoming calamities humanity will step on a path of cooperation.

       3. When decisive hour comes...

       Entire humanity destroys all the Truths. Humanity has stigmatized all of them. Therefor the Fiery Purification's coming is justified. Great records are penetrating the space and eventually they will reveal the great Truth of the existence. A great preparatory work is under way for the world's transformation in which the Fire Energies will take part. Thus all the principals of the fiery laws will be given to the humanity as a last touchstone. Thus we are ready for the Great Hour.

       When the forewarned hour comes the fiery power will be shining in all radiation of its Beauty.

       Tangible and unnoticed comes the forewarned hour thus the greatest Mystery enters the life.

       Predestination contained in the Testament will be implemented. So let's preserve our joy for the future. Let's strengthen the victory.

       None of the Great Lords will be incarnated in a physical body.

       But the spiritual energy of the Three Lords will appear in the perspective of Earth in the decisive hour.

       In accordance with the teaching the world now is on the eve of a crisis, after which a spiritual revival or even a new birth will follow. Following six stages lead to this moment. Two periods of signs: 1) An end of a great war, 2) Political and economic disasters of an international psychology. Two periods of cataclysms:

       1) Unprecedented calamities all over the world, 2) Appearance of the Heavenly energies. Two periods of construction: Holy enthronement of the Heavenly Emperor over the world - State system marked by monism of a religious cult and state affairs, 2) Appearance of the rulers and representatives of science and engineering inspired by God.


       1. Commensurability

       Strive for the future and leave apart the soot of the present.

       While receiving the knowledge of the future pass the present without going to far into the mire.

       Strive for the future. The present time has to be considered as a bridge over a roaring current. Consciousness should not be connected with the wrong reality for it is only a brushwood on the bridge. Usually all human misfortunes happen due to an excessive attention to sudden jolts which have to be taken easily.

       The whole thinking power has to be directed for the most important and not for the minor things. We have approached the great events that's why there is no spare time for the minor phenomena. It must be remembered the decisive time has come.

       Solemnness will be the best cover from wretchedness; and especially during Armageddon usual measures have to be rejected. The Great time has come and only Solemnness can be in line with this time.

       Not many have to realize an overwhelming nature of the events indicated by the Stars. The whole importance of the hour has to be realized and solemn must be attitude towards it. Blessed you are if you can feel it!

       2. Mind's work

       When it so dark let's think about the Light.

       During the battle every work has to he done with a thought how it can help the Light.

       Even insignificant consciousness is able to understand the reconstruction for which the world is preparing.

       Everybody has to think about the World's reconstruction for when we realize what is happening we will understand that the future is coming. Every thought directed to the New Epoch's construction will give its forms. And this thoughts-cum-forms will determine the future's direction. Thus those who think about advantages and the great future bring construction closer to the reality. The space must be cemented and engendered by the fiery formulas of the spiritual fire.

       3. Strive for the Hierarchy

       Very soon all the conditions of the life will make people understand the Single Hierarchy. Only pure strive for the Hierarchy ensures the right decision. Only overwhelming strive for the Hierarchy will ensure victory.

       Consider the time as the most crucial. Thus strive for Me!

       You should learn to behave properly before the Hierarchy's Image. Here is my word - be in a constant stay of prayer. Such a prayer now is of an utmost importance for the Earth as it is convulsing with the calamities.

       If humanity wants to escape the collapse it has to become more sensitive. How couldn't they understand that the help can be rendered only if the Leading Hand is accepted.

       It must be emphasized collapse will be unavoidable in case the Leading Hand is not accepted.

       4. Courage and Exploit

       We shouldn't become frightened when comes the hour announced long ago.

       All the details of these days are very confusing. The difficult time has to be endured with steadiness. Let us strengthen the future in our thoughts. So let you be strong!

       Now let's get strengthened in our hearts for poisonous is the time.

       During reconstruction of the world we can survive only by strengthening the New World.

       During difficult days caution and generosity has to be displayed.

       It's a very difficult time. Let the courage be with us. Let us know about an unprecedented tension. Let us be delicate to each other.

       During the fiery battle an unbreakable unity is needed, only it can build an invincible stronghold. Such strongholds are necessary now.

       During the days of a grave illness of the planet we must be very courageous. It's a very important moment and we have to strain our courage.

       The great battle is going on for the Earth's renewal. The future has to be taken as an exploit, as a reconstruction of the life but not as a battle.

       Life of an average man is over, the new day of an exploit has come.


       The "Living Ethics" Teaching is not for the weak hearts therefore only tested souls can be admitted for the league. Quality is important not quantity. And if there are no strong hearts better not to commence at all. We can't profane our pure Teaching. Besides we are not missionaries. The Teaching says that everyone pressed to join us will be like a stone on our neck. We look for the souls free of any fears. Books containing the Teaching will be circulating and those who need them will find and this is of an utmost importance. There are so many souls seeking for the Light and new values in the chaos of all the defied and deprived exalted ideas. There is a great demand for the higher knowledge and a request to join The Light Host in all parts of the world. That's why with joy we carry our light of knowledge.

       There is only one Hierarchy of the Light and no doubt this Hierarchy is the Trans-Himalayan Hierarchy itself. As Light overcomes darkness so the Hierarchy of the Light struggles and wins over the hierarchy of the darkness which is very powerful for there are a lot of its followers. None of the teachers staying at the Earth in our ordinary earthy conditions can't be compared with the great Himalayan Lords. Those Lords have achieved such a high level of the spiritual development that they can't bear the burden of a purely earthy existence and of personal, direct guidance and contact with many. That would have been a mere waist of energy. They can spare only a small part of their energy to a direct leading of only a few representatives of the mankind that's why they pass the spiritual Prophecy only through trusted and close disciples. Most of their energy is directed to a crucial battle with the dark distractive forces in the Thin World and to the prevention of peoples' clashes on Earth for a time being and to the suppression of an underground fire which can blow up our planet. Truly they strain themselves up to the limit in order to save the Earth. Mankind in its madness only deploy dynamite everywhere. Thus having only a small number of assistants on the Earth these selfless Savours of the ungrateful and ignorant humanity take upon themselves an incredible burden to rarefy the distractive energy.

       The human spirit must be revived! Truly our planet's future depends on the mankind itself. If the spirit is revived during the forthcoming small decades the inevitable collapse can be partial as it was at the time of Lemuria and Atlantida. Otherwise we shall have to migrate to another planet. But in accordance with the Law of conformity and commcnsurability the most of the humanity will not be admitted to the higher already inhibited planets. They will have to become adjusted to the new world still not inhabited and thousands or even millions of years will he spent to create new frames and forms corresponding to the new world. Only limited groups of the mankind will be able to migrate to the higher planets and continue their evolution in new excellent conditions.

       The Great Fraternity takes extraordinary measures to save our planet from an untimely distraction. But the underground fire is very active and the number of those who can rarefy already accumulated dangerous energy is simply insignificant!

       The Great ADVISABILITY reigns in the Universe and all who are unable to catch up with the evolution will be remade as a cosmic refuse. Thus humanity chooses one or another destiny by his own free will. Up till now it has been making only piles of waste and if its spirit is not reborn in due time it will be buried under them.

       Until humanity does not realize its place and destination in the Universe, the law of reincarnation and the law of karma are not accepted and interconnection of all living and corresponding great responsibility of a human being arc not understood;

       until the higher worlds are not understood and the Hierarchy of the Light is not accepted; until thinking is not recognised as the main moving force and the spiritual synthesis is not considered as the most important in functioning of the state machine till that time peace, freedom and happiness ')f a human being will not be achieved and the great service to the Common Good will be an abstract idea. But before living through all the terrors of all the calamities and cataclysms caused by his own madness the human spirit will not rise and will not seek after the Higher Guidance. The cosmic cause and reason of all the disasters falling on our unfortunate planet from time to time is in the madness of an awful separation and intolerant refusal to accept new higher energies leading the world to the further evolution.



       My Dear Friends,

       Please realize what an important cause you are implementing by defending culture! Thus rebel by spirit and find the fiery words! You should always remember that only enthusiasm, a firm believe in the righteousness of our cause and a fire of aspiration can kindle or attract the human spirit with which you come in touch! So kindle this creative fire in yourself. Here is the order sent through me: "Go to the battle like chased by fire!" Do you remember how Tamerlan had won one of his greatest victories? He set on fire the field behind his troops and chased by the fire they overwhelmed the enemy troops despite the fact that they were much more numerous. Similarly you should realize the whole importance of the crucial time and understand there is a fire everywhere behind you and the only way to escape it is to strive further firmly holding in hand the entrusted banner!

Elena Roerich

       Given below is the address for those who are ready to donate a small sum of money to the holy cause of rehabilitation of the Himalayan Research Institute "Urusvati" or to any other aim connected with the revival and continuation of the spiritual activities of the Roerich family as they wished:

State Bank of India (2416),

Manali, H.P., India

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