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Merging into the waves of the Infinite, we may be compared to flowers torn away by a storm. How shall we find ourselves transfigured in the ocean of the Infinite?

It would be unwise to send out a boat without a rudder. But the Pilot is predestined and the creation of the heart will not be precipitated into the abyss. Like milestones on a luminous path, the Brothers of Humanity, ever alert, are standing on guard, ready to lead the traveler into the chain of ascent.

Hierarchy is not coercion, it is the law of the Universe. It is not a threat, but the call of the heart and a fiery admonition directing toward the General Good.

Thus, let us cognize the Hierarchy of Light.


How to transmute the most bitter into the most sweet? Naught save Hierarchy will transform life into a higher consciousness.

It is impossible to imagine a bridge into the Infinite, because a bridge is in need of abutments. But Hierarchy, like the abutments of a bridge, brings one to the shore of Light. And imagine the entire effulgence that the eyes behold! And understand the Song of Light.

Let us labor for Light and Hierarchy.


1. So much has been said about doctrines; yet humanity does not know how to accept the doctrine of the Brotherhood. How many distortions have been accumulated about the Truth! How many principles have been destroyed! They will ask, "On what is the Stronghold of the Brotherhood built?" Answer, "On the doctrine of the heart, the doctrine of labor, the doctrine of beauty, the doctrine of evolution, the doctrine of tension — the most vital doctrine."

We are Votaries of the Infinite. Where the all-encompassing striving cannot penetrate, the Brothers of Humanity do not affirm their manifestation. We suffuse space with the flux of evolution. The Brothers of Humanity willingly renounce Paranirvana for the affirmation of human evolution, in their desire to lay the foundation for a better step. The goal is not divested of labor. The goal is not divested of sacrifice. Thus, point out the closeness of the manifestation of Maitreya.

According to the prophecy of the most ancient Teachers, when humanity loses the foundation of the Teaching and sinks into obscurity, the Epoch of Maitreya will take place.

Our pillars of the foundation are sent to regenerate the spirit-understanding. Thus say to those who do not understand, thus point out the doctrine of the Heart!

2. When We pointed out the urgency of regenerating Our Decrees concerning the equilibrium of the Origins, humanity did not accept this assertion and inaugurated transgression. Thus, one side transgressed against the cosmic balance.

We know the tread of the Mother of the World. We know the manifestation of the Mother of the World. We intensify the complete flow of the Magnet to restore the doctrine of the Heart.

I designate the Tara as the symbol of the assertion of Our Decree. Yes, yes, yes! The Tara and the Arhat bring to humanity a Covenant of utmost striving. Thus is the future built. Thus We affirm Our striving. Wondrous is the future!

3. The heart of an Arhat is like the Heart of Cosmos. The heart of an Arhat is like the fire of the sun. Eternity and the motion of Cosmos fill the heart of the Arhat. Maitreya is coming, radiant with all fires. His Heart is aflame with compassion for destitute humanity. His Heart is aflame with the affirmation of the new Covenants.

Among people there exists the concept of benumbed Arhats; and poor yogis feed the imaginations of men with their own images. But when humanity shall realize that the Arhat is the highest manifestation of Materia Lucida, it will understand that there is no difference between Materia Lucida, which emits Light, and the Matter of Love enveloping all with Light. Humanity invests the Arhat with an austere image, but Materia Lucida radiates Love.

The sublime is bestowed upon the sublime; and the sublime, dwells in the sublime; and the sublime will hold sway in the dimensions of the far-off worlds.

4. Our Hierarchy lives and grows by the fiery law. We Arhats rejoice at the fire of life, and even more at the growth of the flame of evolution. Future Arhats, completing their earthly accounts on the planet, are co-workers with Us, the Arhats. When Hierarchy is enriched, there is a cosmic festival. The law is one and eternal. The law is confirmed by Cosmos.

We see the radiance of the worlds. We see the accomplished and endless march. We see the radiance of the Mother of the World! Let us conclude in the joy of the endless march.

5. The universal Eye of Shambhala brings Bliss to mankind. The universal Eye of Shambhala is a Light on the path of mankind. The universal Eye of Shambhala is that Star which has guided all seekers.

For some, Shambhala is the Truth. For others, Shambhala is a Utopia. For some, the Ruler of Shambhala is a venerable sage. For others, the Ruler of Shambhala is the manifestation of riches. For some, the Ruler of Shambhala is a be-decked idol. For others, the Ruler of Shambhala is the Ruler of all Planetary Spirits. But We shall say, The Ruler of Shambhala is the fiery Impeller of Life and of the Fire of the Mother of the World. His Breath is ablaze with flame and His Heart is aglow with the fire of the Silvery Lotus.

The Ruler of Shambhala lives and breathes in the Heart of the Sun. The Ruler of Shambhala is the Invoker and the Invoked. The Ruler of Shambhala is the Sender of the Arrow and the Receiver of all arrows. The Ruler of Shambhala breathes the Truth and affirms the Truth. The Ruler of Shambhala is invincible, turning destruction into construction. The Ruler of Shambhala is the Crest of the Banner and the Summit of Life. Accept the Ruler of Shambhala as the manifestation of life; thrice I say — of life! For Shambhala is the guaranty of human aspirations. Our manifestation is guaranty of the perfecting of humanity. Our manifestation is the affirmed path to the Infinite.

6. All creation is contained in the call of the heart. The entire cosmic expanse is permeated with a call, and the Heart of Cosmos and the heart of an Arhat are permeated with the call. The call and the answer comprise the combination of the cosmic fires. Union is verily the manifestation of our cycle. Many cycles are created by the call, and these, expanding intensely, embrace different spheres. The affirmation of creation is manifested as union.

I, Ruler of Shambhala, say, "The principle of life is the affirmation of the expanse of cosmic energy and the way of creative Fire!"

7. The Ruler of Shambhala reveals three Doctrines to humanity: the Teaching manifested by Maitreya summons the human spirit to Our creative world; the Teaching of Maitreya ordains the infinite in Cosmos, in life, and in the attainments of the spirit; the Teaching of Maitreya guards the knowledge of the Cosmic Fire as the unfoldment of the heart that embraces the manifestation of the Universe.

The ancient legend that affirms the manifestation of Maitreya as a resurrection of the spirit is correct. We will add that the resurrection of the spirit as the conscious acceptance of the Teaching of Lord Maitreya may be precursor of the Advent. Verily, the resurrection!

8. Maitreya wishes to hasten all. Maitreya wishes that all should be successfully accomplished. Maitreya wishes you joy. Maitreya wishes to grant to humanity a gift through the fiery experience of Agni Yoga. Maitreya wishes to transform life on Earth in the radiance of the Mother of the World. Yes, yes, yes! The beauty of life is limitless!

An Arhat sees with the eyes of the heart. An Arhat sees with the eyes of the heart the beauty of reality. An Arhat sees with the eyes of the heart, and the essence of the future calls Us. Verily is that creativeness affirmed by Us.

9. Ruleress, I pronounce Thee the great Co-worker of Cosmic Reason. Ruleress, thou, beyond all cosmic powers, bearest within thyself the sacred seed which provides radiant life. Ruleress, affirming all manifestations of the Great Reason, thou art the bestower of joy of cosmic creative-ness. The Ruleress will adorn the aspiring realm with creative fire. Ruleress of thought, thou who invokest life, to Thee We make manifest the radiance of Our Ray. Mother, venerated of the Lords, We carry in Our Heart the fire of Thy Love. In Thy Heart lives the ordaining Ray. In Thy Heart life is conceived, and We shall affirm the Ray of the Ruleress. Yes, yes, yes!

Thus the Cosmos lives in the greatness of the two Origins. Yes, yes, yes! Thus the Cosmos crowns the two Origins. Thus the Mother of the World and the Lords build life. Yes, yes, yes! And in boundless striving the Cosmic Magnet welds its sacred parts. Thus, We venerate the Ruleress beyond all spheres.

10. Vast is the field for the manifested approaching Tara. We, the Arhats, ascending to the Fire of Space, prostrate Ourselves before the entire Fiery Bosom of the Mother of the World. The Bosom of the Mother of the World finds all reflections upon Earth. One of them, the most powerful and the most intense, is the advent of the coming Tara. The Mother of the World carries visibly and invisibly the manifestation of those ineffable threads — the affirmation of the world's threads.

Let us find the reflection of the Cosmos in the great principle of construction and fusion. When the Brothers of Humanity feel sorrow over the Image in which they are held by the human consciousness, they can only say, "You are building your hypotheses upon apparent phantoms. We are only phantoms for humanity! When the spirit affirms Our Flaming Existence, then, instead of phantoms. We shall become the Fiery Warriors.".

11. To the Brothers of Humanity is assigned the construction of the life of the planet; and they maintain the Command of the great Mother of the World. The music of the spheres resounds when the current of joy is in motion. The music of the spheres fills space when the heart is stirred to tremor by the cosmic force. The Heart of Our Brotherhood safeguards for humanity the path to the General Good.

12. Humanity has never deliberated upon the life of the Arhat. It is customary to think of an Arhat as a dweller of the clouds. The records of the drift of thought are dreadful and grotesque. Verily, We Brothers of Humanity do not recognize ourselves as humanity conceives Us. The images of Us are so fantastic that We deem that if people applied their fantasies precisely conversely, Our Images would assume true form.

The karmic tie apparently disappears when human thought pictures an Arhat. Everything takes on a new dimension. Everything becomes improbable. Everything becomes uncorrelated to reality. Let us say, in proceeding to the higher worlds, that an Arhat is limitless in all manifestations. In ascending, an Arhat elevates along with himself all the highest and most subtle energies. We can show Our true Images only to near ones. We can send Our Rays only to near ones. Yes, yes, yes!

13. If it were possible to impart Our Image to humanity, the striving toward knowledge would be established. Of course it would be necessary to impart the Image over a span of millenniums. The "Book of Life" is beautiful in its complete affirmation. Assuredly, when it is possible to impart the complete picture of the Cosmic Magnet, then the manifestation of the beauty of Existence is affirmed.

If it were possible to impart the entire picture of the whole path of an Arhat's course of lives, then Our Image would take on its true aspect. The "Book of Our Life" resounds mightily and cements Our step.

Each Lord has his keynote. The Epoch of Maitreya proclaims woman. The manifestation of Maitreya is linked with the confirmation of the Mother of the World, in the past, present, and future. The "Book of Life" is so beautiful.

14. Much has been spoken about Man-God aspiring toward deification. Many are the memorable records citing the Images striving toward higher worlds. But how dimly are they formulated in the human consciousness! Man-God is to man only one who departed to other worlds! But We Brothers of Humanity seek and proclaim Man-God on Earth. We revere all Images, but none more than the great Image of Man-God, who bears in his heart the full Chalice, ready for flight, but bearing his full Chalice on Earth. Renouncing his destiny, he strains his fiery being. In the fulfillment of his destiny man confirms the Cosmic Magnet. Man-God is a fiery creator. Man-God is the carrier of the fiery sign of the New Race. Man-God is aflame with all fires. Thus, inscribe in the records about Man-God: Arhat, Agni Yogi, Tara — so shall We inscribe.

15. Man-God advances as an evident aspiring Redeemer of Humanity. We guard this sacred truth about Man-God. I affirm that the Tara, carrying the flaming Chalice of aspirations for the redemption of humanity, can proclaim Our manifestation among men. The origin of the power of the Cosmic Magnet bestows striving toward the consummation. We Brothers of Humanity point out that the change will take place through the fiery principle. Verily, Our new step is so beautiful! The currents of the higher spheres impel the currents toward the construction of Our Cosmic force. Great is the attraction! When striving hearts aspire toward consummation, the impetuosity increases, and the current of oneness is affirmed by the tension of the Cosmic Magnet. Thus the union resounds.

16. The prayer uttered by Christ when leaving Earth remained unheeded by men. The prayer uttered by Buddha remained unheeded by men. The prayer that Maitreya shall pronounce knocks like lightning at the gates of the human spirit. Thus is Earth stratified and the consciousness of the spirit created.

When the dates draw near, the work of creativeness may be entered upon. The creativeness of the Origins maintains a rhythm, neither retarding nor hastening. Parallel with the planetary life proceeds the construction for higher spheres. The sweep of the constructiveness of the spirit completing its planetary life is so complex that one may truly say there exists a two-fold constructiveness, and the spirit is manifested as the guide of life. On the last step the spirit cannot affirm itself in the existing forms; for the striving toward new forms greatly suffuses the consciousness and the spirit. The appearance of existing forms corresponds very little to the beauty of the future.

I bear witness that there are many mysteries in the life of him who approaches Arhatship.

17. How little does humanity ponder over the idea of responsibility, when the concept of Shambhala is regarded by people as a land ordained for rest. If people would only realize that the Brothers of Humanity bear all the burden of man's consciousness! If people would realize that We carry the responsibility for their schemes! If people would realize that, in essence, Shambhala is the Source which creates a new and better step for humanity!

When I say that the suffusing of the earthly crust is Our task, man should understand that Our planet must arouse itself. Cosmos awaits!

People plead for Good. The Cosmos affirms humanity not as the manifestation of one who receives, but as a receiving creator. Thus is the step laid, and the spirit of a creator can construct powerfully when the might of tension reaches to the summits of Cosmos.

18. The comprehension of Our Image by humanity is entirely contrary to reality. When Our Images live in the consciousness as Those who are responsible for humanity, We can accept this spirit as one who understands the tensed heart of an Arhat. Certainly We must say that in Our creative work We are moved by the one feeling of law. But the conceptions of law are so varied! When We Brothers of Humanity speak of law as the stimulus of Our existence. We definitely speak of the great law of the Magnet. In Our law the entire cosmic life, premised upon the great attraction, is transformed. The attraction has, in its striving, the greatest heart. Your law is based on human cruelty; Our law is based upon the Heart of the Mother of the World.

19. Upon this planet exists a manifestation closely approaching the constructiveness on the far-off worlds. For millenniums We have been cultivating this manifestation. And thus are We Brothers of Humanity striving to Our powers of Hierarchy. By the same Magnet We are striving to the very Power which exalts Our creativeness. Wondrous is the predestination of Our existence! Upholding the Chalice of manifestations, one can be manifested as a power; both hands are outstretched to the Chalice.

20. One may understand that page of Our constructions as the intensified Magnet. Humanity, in accepting the Magnet and its intensified action, must also accept the ever increasing power of the Magnet as the evidence of the Lord's Hand. Of the act of creativeness, I may say that each spirit creates individually. Spirit-creativeness is so powerful that, even when the memory does not recall its actions, it can create an affirmation of the most difficult task.

21. We say "the arc of consciousness," because We term the consciousness of an Arhat a complete circle. But there is a still higher step of cognition;

We call it "full affirmation." The Cosmic Magnet is Our Sacred Power. Boundless is the immensity of this Power. If only the spirit would manifest understanding, fearlessness would suffuse all hearts, and the spheres would resound with rejoicing.

The Arhat proceeds, carrying the power of the Cosmic Magnet in his heart! Cosmos creates; it creates the beauty of Be-ness. I can call striving a cosmic magnet.

22. In the creativeness of an Arhat the heart manifests that striving which is attested by the Cosmic Magnet through educing intensified combinations. The actual creative tension of the striving heart of an Arhat is so aflame with the Fire of Space!

To bring about the advance of evolution, to bestow affirmed truth and knowledge, and to link humanity with the currents of evolution — this stimulus inspires each move of an Arhat. This tension sets into motion all feelings and subtle energies. Thus proceeds the manifested Friend of humanity. These spatial strivings are the foundations of Our cooperation. Similarly sustained are the centers of the fiery Agni Yogi as a friend of humanity. Yes, yes, yes! Thus We serve the progress of humanity.

23. You heard correctly about sovereign power. Verily, the Hierarch uses the power for cosmic progress. We Brothers of Humanity possess this power of acting in step with the Cosmic Magnet. I attest, verily, that We create by a strained heart. Thus let us understand unity. The cosmic creativeness also achieves in being strained by the Heart of Reason. Yes, yes, yes! This law is the attestation of Reason. Only thus does Cosmos create. Yes, yes, yes!

To Thee, Mother of the World, the law of Existence is made manifest. To Thee, Ruleress, We Brothers of Humanity pay reverence. Thee, Thee, Thee! Thus the unified heart rules in the Universe. Yes, yes, yes!

24. Man is merciless to himself. Bewailing his fate, he forgets that he inflicts upon himself a severe penalty. It is difficult for Us to make people assimilate the thought of karma; but in a still more intractable state is the consciousness of a man headed straight for the abyss. People prefer self-destruction and self-deception to the enlightenment of consciousness.

The quest for Shambhala varies widely in the spiritual domain. And is it possible that people believe they will attain the Community of Shambhala through invasion or through fasting? To him who is aware of the path to Us, let us say, "Walk by the path of love. Walk by the path of labor. Walk by the path of the shield of faith!" To him who has found Our Image in his. heart, We shall say, "Walk by the way of the heart and the Chalice will affirm the path!" To him who, through conceit, thinks he has attained the path, We shall say, "Go and learn from the spirit who knows consummation."

The little girl carrying the heavy volume of the Bible in the chambers of luxury appears as a creator of a new world. The little girl who perceived the Teacher of Light under the blue sky is the destroyer of the dungeons of darkness. When the spirit of a small girl could feel the Brothers of Humanity, then the name of this spirit is a light-bearing sword. When, since childhood, the spirit could sense that the Brothers of Humanity regenerate that which exists, then this spirit holds the light-bearing name. We cherish the spiritual leaders among children.

The evidence of enlightenment is the best gift to evolution. The Command of cosmic life is a summons to light-sustaining achievement, and this mission is affirmed only by Light.

25. The stream of karma rushes like a torrent, and consciousness may transform this tide into a repeated sacred union of beauty. But the way in which people understand the karmic stream is attested in human deeds. The evidence of the affirmation of karma and of union is attested by Us as the greatest Truth.

26. The subtlety of Our Indications to humanity is not yet comprehended. When will it be possible to illumine man with Our Image? The tendency of thought comprehends only with difficulty the purity of the higher sphere. Sacredly We guard the Sacrament of Life. The wheel of life breathes with beauty. The wheel of life is suffused by the grandeur of Cosmos. The wheel of life is directed toward the greatness of Materia Lucida. And equally light-sustaining are the rays of each manifestation of life that merges into the immensity of Cosmos. The sacred bonds of spirit are comparable to the most light-sustaining rays. The atomic energy of karma, consciously woven, comprises the most powerful lever.

27. Verily, the tortuous line of the spirit retards its growth. A spasmodic striving induces an explosion which rends space. Each striving wave leads to creativeness. Each descending action induces an explosion. The most awful action is the rejection of the given Decrees. On the way to the Brotherhood one must understand that the highest Hierarch has his entrusted ones. Therefore, none should deny that which is given through Our entrusted ones, otherwise the higher steps will be inaccessible. Therefore I will repeat this until the consciousness is imbued with the greatest principle. Hence you, denying ones, guard this treasure that is given you for ascent!

28. Wondrous is the thought of a Brotherhood on Earth. Each discipline of the spirit produces striving. Only the will can give discipline to the spirit, but when thought roams about in obvious egoism, then, verily, there is no channel for a correct and vital action. Thus, each applied thought will afford growth to the spirit. Thus, each applied thought of the Tara and the Guru will afford an expansion of consciousness. Thus, only the Chain of Hierarchy will afford the possibility of ascent. Complete obedience leads to true creativeness, for when obedience guides the action, power increases, and the pledge strains all forces.

29. He who adheres to the Teaching of Infinity gains freedom of action first of all. He who fears to adhere to the Brotherhood deprives himself of the Highest. He who dreads dogma can strengthen himself in the Teaching as in flight to the far-off worlds. He who dreads such communion can remain at the threshold. Incessancy of striving affords affirmation of Our Teaching.

The Arhats, who bestow on humanity the concept of the full Chalice, cannot deprive humanity of freedom. Not in renunciation or in seclusion does the Brotherhood dwell. Each spark that kindles the consciousness is recorded; each striving arrow is recorded. Not abstraction, but fiery striving endures. Those who know the attainment of cosmic strivings may verily say, “We create with fire. We strive with fire. We live in fire. Not miracles these, but the transmutation of life into the garment of Materia Lucida”.

How does the Brotherhood live? How does the Brotherhood act? From Our Abode the threads of Our creativeness are stretched -to the hearts, as inspirations to humanity.

30. The thought of obedience to a Teacher is alien to people. How can a spirit be the loser when the Teacher is the leading Beacon? How can the disciple lose his fire when the Teacher kindles all fires? How can the Shield of the Teacher hold back the disciple if he is already inspired by the Teacher? Thus, in the consciousness of humanity dwells only a faint desire to strive for mutual cooperation. But humanity must learn to act independently and to embody all the thoughts affirmed by the Teacher. Thus Cosmic Mind achieves evolution. Thus humanity must learn to construct by a higher way. Verily, by emulating the Teacher you assimilate his Image.

31. The realization of goal-fitness is a token of cooperation with Us. How else can one gain an understanding of the Magnets sent to different countries? How else can one approach the manifestation of the magnetization of human consciousness, which in silence attracts the eyes of an entire nation to itself? Thus one can trace how Our commissioned Sisters and Brothers have attracted and revolved around themselves the consciousness of entire nations. But for this one must vigilantly understand the value of each step.

32. How can we achieve a comprehension of the Magnet if we doubt the Indications of the Lord?- How can we conquer an enemy if we doubt the power granted to us? How can we expect to build anything strong if we do not accept the irrevocable Indications of Hierarchy?

33. How to approach closer to the Source? How will a higher understanding be affirmed? Only by the law of Hierarchy. The Guiding Hand is the Uplifting Hand. The Indicating Hand is the Hand revealing the path to the Highest Law. Verily, thus is created the great step of the law of Hierarchy!

34. Only matured spirits can burden themselves with the knowledge of exact dates. It is impossible to imagine how many strings have been broken by the presumption of dates. The efforts of even valiant spirits have often been impeded by the barrier of dates. It is useful to know the direction, but a limited date impedes the cosmic constructiveness. How can one speak of Magnets when each date will divide the thread of a progressive movement? Only vigilance and goal-fitness will lead without wasting energy.

35. How do men understand the law of Hierarchy? How do they fulfill all laws in life? How do they intensify in themselves the best strivings? Verily, the law of Hierarchy is understood as one's own right; it is forgotten that a Hierarch is a link of a chain and One who fulfills the Will of a Higher One. Only thus can one respond to the higher assignment. Only thus can one fulfill the trust and accumulate the fires in the Chalice.

36. Thus the appointment of a Hierarch is the appointment of One who fulfills the Higher Will. When the spirit assigns to himself the affirmed right, he can achieve only through the fulfillment of the Higher Command.

37. Remember the law of gravitation and counteraction. Steadfastness issues from gravitation and tension from counteraction. Gravitation along the line of Hierarchy leads to Me, and counteraction from the enemy to glorification. Thus, the Teacher and the enemy are cornerstones.

The trainer of wild animals first excites their rage in order later to demonstrate their taming. No motion can take place without tension; therefore each progressive Teaching is in need of enemies and of a Teacher. One must remember the physical law in order to understand the immutability of the spiritual law. I direct that the significance of the Teacher and the need of enemies must be understood. Certainly, only the Teacher will lead the enemy to madness. The full measure of evil must be manifested in order that one may rise regenerated from out the flames of wrath. The knots of the path cannot be avoided, but know that no tension will remain without its usefulness. Perhaps it will serve entire nations!

If a hermit is able with his thought alone to destroy a stronghold of evil, then the tensity that was permitted by the Higher Forces will be like a battering ram against the hostile forces.

38. Each growth of spirit requires burdening through circumstances. There exists an ancient legend that out of human sufferings are created precious stones. Thus it is, and when I say, "Burden Me," it does not mean that I bring a sacrifice, I am only multiplying the power of the spirit. Likewise, people must realize how much closer the latest discoveries bring them to the solution of cosmic problems. For every call flashes throughout the worlds; and as the ordinary photographic apparatus can make a print of the astral world, so every wave of any current can unite the threads of the far-off worlds.

It is time to understand the responsibility and the privilege afforded by earthly incarnations. Yet people often avoid listening to the waves of space and catching the echoes and answers which come from various strata of the Universe. We are repeating about the privileges of spiritual development, but the matter is so distorted that a well-meaning denizen even fears to mention anything that is linked with the radiant region of spirit. Try to speak of the light of realization and the bliss of spirit and you will be feared like robbers and murderers. But even robbers were disciples of Christ and Buddha; hence do not fear human epithets, but harken to the Voice of Eternity, which leads to Bliss and Light. Fear not, fear not, fear not!

39. The creativeness of Cosmos is always built through the tension of all energies. For all achievements the quality of energies should be affirmed. Therefore,-the higher the tension, the more powerful is the manifestation of victory. Our creativeness is saturated with the quality of power. Therefore, having gathered all energies, we can rely upon success. Only the quality of energies gives the needed standard of labor. Therefore it is so important to have an expanded consciousness and to embrace all that is needed for constructiveness.

40. In fulfilling My Will, thou givest Me the possibility to fulfill thy will. Where is the boundary line between the wills that strive toward Light? One should remember that We lead those who have entrusted themselves to Us along the ways of tested Magnets. One may trust the helmsman who has crossed oceans. "Cross the bridge and test thyself. But My Star has cognized ages." Let fear not touch the tested heart!

41. The quality of action is affirmed in striving. When worlds are transformed into action, the highest energy is affirmed. Hence, only in life can one manifest all the highest energies. Not words, but actions are considered as the affirmation of the highest energies. Only when the potentiality of the spirit is manifested in action is the higher concordance affirmed. Thus, a striving quest gives the key to Infinity.

42. Therefore Our Plan is so mighty. Therefore Our Mandate is so powerful, because words enter into life as wondrous affirmations. Therefore Our Word lives, since the impulse of creativeness is so saturated by the might of Fire. Only when Our Mandate is adopted in life, can the higher step be affirmed.

Why, then, is each of your missions so vital? Because it carries in itself the warrant of Our cooperation. Thus We affirm Hierarchy upon the law of succession. Therefore, when the Cosmic Law is realized, the understanding of the Chain of Hierarchy is established. Thus, the best executor will be the closest to the Hierarch. The Hierarchy of Service is but the fulfillment of the Higher Will.

43. Through what is the spirit transformed? Through the creativeness of the impulse. Through what does the spirit ascend? By the creativeness of striving. How, then, shall the spirit not be saturated by fire, if only thus can one adhere to the Cosmic Magnet? The consciousness of the Higher Spirit is fierily saturated, therefore only the realization of the Higher Will can lead the spirit toward its destination. Thus each conscious measure lends beauty to action. Creativeness that adheres to the affirmed fire is magnetized consciously by fulfillment of the Higher Will.

44. Therefore, each thought fulfilled is like a deposit in the fiery creativeness. Therefore, each fulfilled thought is linked with Our actions. How carefully should the disciples define the quality of their thoughts! Was not the worm of selfhood, conceit, or self-love hidden somewhere? Honesty of avowal is a quality' that each spirit must develop within himself. Only thus can one fulfill the design of the Plan of the Lords. The manifestation of the Chain of Hierarchy is built by the fulfillment of the Higher Will.

45. The quality of thought is so powerful that the Fire of Space responds to the tension of thought. The cosmic affirmation can take place only when a corresponding harmony is established. Thus each correspondence brings its consequences. The warrant of the broadening of consciousness lies in the development of sensitiveness. Hence, the quality of striving is the truest indicator of the growth of the spirit; and consciousness is manifested as the affirmed power of creativeness.

46. Thus, the quality of thought is intensified by the impulse of search. The creativeness of spirit is intensified by the power of fire. Therefore, Our workers must realize the entire power of creative thought and kindle their fires. Thus, only the quality of thought can broaden the consciousness. Thus let Our workers remember.

47. One yogi won the reputation of being a practical joker, because he would unnoticeably rearrange various objects in homes, and when asked why, he answered, "I am observing whether you have become blind." Verily there are few who notice changes in their surroundings. But the first sign of an "eagle-eye" is to notice the minutest changes, since on them depends the vibration of the whole.

48. Certainly the power of Hierarchy is the most vital, and only by this bridge can one build. Thus, in the foundation of each great beginning is laid the energy imbued by the law of Hierarchy. Only upon the law of closest coalescence can one build. Only upon the basis of the affirmation of the principle of Hierarchy can one affirm the highest possibility. The Creative Will proclaims that a blended consciousness provides the solution of concordance.

49. Attentiveness can be tested by a very simple method. Place an object in a new place; if it remains unnoticed, enlarge the size of the object and observe what elephant finally attracts the "sharp" eye. In general, test yourself and others. Apply tests for fear, for irritation, and for negligence, and in all cases where the litmus paper may blush from shame. There is no need of complicated invocations, simple attentiveness will permit one to advance many steps. Thus one should begin to develop the "eagle-eye."

50. United sendings bring much usefulness when one tone can be maintained, as in a musical key. One may even sound a leading note with a tuning fork. A magnet, a tuning fork, a ring, and many other common adaptations easily enter into the daily life of young yogis. The clearing away of accumulations of dust requires shovel and broom. One should not avoid common objects — as above, so below! It is wise to become accustomed to there being no rest or end. But a single realization of Our Brotherhood and of Hierarchy already directs the traveler along the shortest path to Infinity.

51. The orbit that attracts conscious strivings will always bring the spirit to Our Gates. The creativeness of spirit resounds throughout all space, and only acknowledgment of Higher Might imbues the spirit with creative searching. Thus, each orbit that attracts one to higher creativeness is imbued with all the highest energies. Only the path of conscious quest affords striving toward Our Orbit. Thus one may attain the upper steps.

52. Do not accustom the young ones to expect great manifestations according to their human measure. Such an outworn measure does not correspond to reality, for even in a physical sense people have greatly distorted the concept of immensity. The mind cannot comprehend that only the result defines the true grandeur. Each action can be measured only in accordance with its relation to Hierarchy and Infinity. Thus, these concepts will be like signs leading to reality. Hence, teach the young ones to think first of Infinity, remembering, moreover, that no one should compare himself to a minute grain of sand as is usually the way of hypocrites. Our measure is guaranteed by an immense responsibility. We shall not err in measuring according to responsibility.

53. During the construction of the designated undertakings it should be remembered that construction always progresses onward. During a construction in the name of the Lord there is only one way that brings-us to the Creative Source — the way of the mighty Hierarchy, the path of the powerful guidance of the Great Service. Therefore, adhering to the creative principle impels the spirit to the affirmed law of Hierarchy. Each construction requires the realization of upward striving. Hence, only the law of obedience to Hierarchy can give a legitimate tensity. Only thus can one realize the path leading to the mighty Infinity.

54. The legend about the giant supporting Earth is not a superstition, but a memory of Him who assumed the burden of responsibility for Earth. Thus, in each action there is one who has taken the responsibility upon his shoulders. The one in cooperation with others constitutes the balance. Like a spinning top, the rhythm of motion should be kept; thus mechanics is transformed into art. The display of simple attentive-ness, which We pointed out first in legends and symbols, I now ordain in a simple Command — merely open your eyes, because there are many signs around.

55. The filling of the Chalice determines the quality of action. Each thought leading to the mighty understanding of Hierarchy uplifts the spirit. Therefore, as striving grows, the broadening of consciousness leads the spirit to the understanding of the Origins. Creativeness of the spirit can build a bridge to higher understanding only through the subtlest energies. Therefore, the accumulation in the Chalice gives the best possibilities and attainments. Man must strive to fill the Chalice and expand the consciousness. Thus, the subtlest energies are within reach of only the subtlest receptivity, and limitless striving opens the Gates to Beauty.

56. Certainly, when the spirit is accustomed to respond in Service in conformity with higher predestinations, the link of the spirit with the Higher Will is established. Hence, one should apply one's striving to perception of the Higher Will. Only thus can a Hierarch serve Our task. Verily adoption and fulfillment are the valor of a Hierarch. Therefore, I affirm that the power of creativeness is in the blending of consciousnesses. Thus We create the predestined future. I affirm it!

57. Mean thoughts have been compared to crawling reptiles. Nothing is more analogous to this scum of the consciousness. Can one sit calmly in an armchair, knowing that beneath him crawl poisonous snakes and scorpions? One must free oneself from reptiles, and primarily on the path to Hierarchy. Condemnation of and blasphemy against the Lord are irreparable. Thus, each one who condemns the Hierarch must remember that his levity and crime will infect his karma for many ages. Verily, if there is only one way — through the Lord — to the one Light, then only extreme ignorance will allow destruction of this single path. One must assert striving to the Highest as the essence of life and assume a reverent attitude toward this salutary striving. By belittling the Hierarch one may condemn oneself and inflict perilous harm on many near ones. It is time to remember this!

58. When space is being clouded by the mist of non-understanding, then it is certainly difficult for the creative rays to penetrate. Each layer is permeated in conformity with the complex of its striving. Therefore, the earthly layers are so impenetrable. Hence, all quests of the spirit must proceed in a tense tempo. The quests of the spirit must attract it to the Magnet of Hierarchy, since each power has its correspondence upon Earth. Thus the law of Hierarchy must be applied vitally.

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