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342. Individuality and egoism are like birth and death. The building of individuality manifests the conception of a New World, whereas egoism can mirror itself in the dead volcanoes of the moon. Not only does egoism deaden itself, it strikes the surroundings with sterility, whereas individuality kindles fires in all adjacent camps. Cooperation is the crown of individuality, but the scourge of egoism is like the sting of a scorpion. Can one rely upon egoism? No more than upon a viper! But true individuality contains in itself the foundation of universal justice. We must gather individualities; for a new diamond is in need of cutting, but egoism must pass through many incarnations. Indeed, this law may also be changed by the fire of the heart. Therefore, we can advise those adhering to egoism to be kindled by the proximity of a fiery heart.

343. Not without purpose do We kindle the beacons of the fiery heart as a refuge for travelers. It is not easy for the flaming heart, yet it sacrifices itself for its neighbors, which reveals the justice of the Commandment of Bliss. But joy is a special wisdom.

344. At the time of world reconstruction one can hold fast only through affirmation of the New World. The ascertainment of the manifested decision can enter life only through great understanding of world regeneration by way of the great law of Hierarchy. Therefore, those who seek the New World must strive to the confirmation of the Decree of Hierarchy, which directs through the appointed Hierarchy. Only thus can balance be established in the world. Only a flamingly guiding Heart will manifest salvation. Thus, the world is in need of the affirmation of the law of Hierarchy!

Thus Hierarchy is lawfully affirmed during the shifting of countries and the substitution of fire for all that departs. Therefore it is so urgent to adopt the law of Hierarchy, for without the chain the great ladder of ascent cannot be constructed. Thus, the affirmation of the greatness of the law of Hierarchy must be adopted fierily.

345. Do not be perturbed by the necessity for seeming repetitions. In the first place, nothing is repeated. Even the same words appear completely different at different times. Secondly, one should reiterate day and night about Hierarchy. You are right that the hierarchy of thralldom is ended, but the emergence of a realized Hierarchy is followed by human sufferings. There is too much slavery in the world, and each flame of consciousness is too oppressed. Slavery and a consciously realized Hierarchy are like day and night. Hence do not be dissuaded from repeating — a consciousness of Hierarchy, Hierarchy of freedom. Hierarchy of knowledge. Hierarchy of Light. Let those scoff who are ignorant of the inception of the New World, for each concept of a New World frightens them. Is not Infinity terrifying to them? Is not Hierarchy burdensome for them? Being ignorant despots themselves, they do not understand the constructiveness of Hierarchy. Being cowards themselves, they are horrified in the face of an achievement. Thus, let us place upon the scales the most urgent concepts of the great approaching Age — Infinity and Hierarchy.

346. When a step of evolution is being built the dark ones intensify all their cunning, because Light is unbearable to them, and, sensing their doom, the dark ones cling to the measures most stifling for them. During each new great Epoch the same pressure of forces is repeated. But a more teeming period has not been known to history, for the Epoch of Fire comprises all cosmic actions. Thus, the vigil must be fiery.

347. Many pillars of salt are spread upon the face of Earth. Not only did Lot's wife turn back to the past but numberless are those who have looked back. What did they expect to see in the burning city? Perhaps they wished to bid farewell to the old temple? Perhaps they looked for their cozy hearth? Perhaps they looked in anticipation of seeing the house of their hated neighbor collapse? Certainly, the past chained them for a long time. Thus, one must strive onward for enlightenment and health and for the strength of the future. Thus it should be always; but there may be cosmic knots when an impetuous onward motion is urgent. One should not be disconcerted and mourn over the past. Even mistakes are obvious, yet the caravan does not wait, and the very events press onward. We hurry, and We summon to hasten. The future is crowded, but there is no darkness ahead!

348. Leave all the past to Us and think only of the future. Let us not take anything useless from the past; let us not burden our consciousness by anything. I, Myself, will put away and will remember all that is valuable! Events propel one into the future. Therefore Hierarchy must be understood as a life belt; so, also, the sign of the Mother of the World may be understood. Do not be disturbed, for I will turn all to usefulness. We shall shout into the ears of the faint-hearted — Hierarchy!!! The Teaching is given at the imperative hour, and one must have the ears of an ass not to hear the thunder. It is useful to rejoice before the victory. Let us rejoice, and thus unite ourselves with the joy of the Lord.

349. Life-activity is sustained by the subtle energies of the organism. People get accustomed with difficulty to the realization of the subtle energies and to the activity of all the imperceptible forces. Hence a great disunion with Cosmos occurs, and the physical body is greatly limited by the basic properties of matter instead of developing the subtlety of receptivity. People sense so little the vibrations of cosmic forces, and they display little discrimination as to where is contained subtle cognizance! A spirit striving to the highest spheres knows that a magnetic bond exists between the subtle energies and manifests concordance with all spatial pressures. Thus, the new generation must be brought up on the understanding of the subtle energies, for the vibrations of space are nearing Earth, and the affirmation of the New Epoch will bring the shifting of many manifestations. Thus the subtle bodies will assimilate all the energies that are sent.

350. Thus, the epochs of the manifestation of Fire have always been followed by perturbations, because the spiritual consciousness was shifted, together with the cosmic changes. Hence, during the Epoch of Fire the most important thing is subtle receptivity. During the Epoch of Fire, the Hierarchy is followed by an impetuous torrent of growth of the spirit of people, and because the law of Hierarchy has not been adopted by nations, such shiftings of peoples occur. Thus, the Epoch of Fire is the Epoch of Hierarchy!

351. Hierarchy must be adopted as an evolutionary system. To those spirits who have not yet outlived slavery it should be repeated that Hierarchy differs completely from despotism.

Even a chimney-sweep must climb to the roof in order to clean the flues. This cannot be done from below. One cannot compose a symphony without one key for all instruments. Many analogies may be quoted, beginning with a jest and finishing with the touching examples of bees, ants, and swans. But the best example for contemporary humanity is the comparison with impersonal chemistry. It is easy to understand that a reaction can take place only under precise conditions. Hierarchy likewise corresponds completely to the astrochemical principles, which even a neophyte of science will not deny. We justly agreed already upon the importance of the discovery of psychic energy; for the coordination of its realization Hierarchy is as indispensable as a helpful chemical process.

352. Which path is the most affirmative one on the way to Us? The most unfailing way is the path of self-sacrificing achievement. The most wondrous fire is the flame of the heart saturated with love for Hierarchy. The achievement of such a subtle heart is affirmed by Service to the Highest Hierarchy. Hence, so wondrous is the self-sacrifice of the subtle heart. The spirit-creativeness and independent action of a sensitive server fierily imbue space. Thus the subtle heart responds to all cosmic occurrences. Thus, verily, the visible reverberates with the invisible, the present with the future, and the predestined takes place. Thus the self-sacrifice of the subtle heart imbues the world with flame.

353. Verily, the sacred concept of an Arhat has been distorted. It is violated, being bereft of beauty. How dimly the understanding of the Teacher of General Good burns in the consciousness of the world! But Truth lives, and in the name of Truth We create. Therefore, for the transformation of life one should accept Hierarchy as the beauty of Truth. Thus the subtle heart creates for cosmic evolution. Thus, one should realize the significance of the focus within the heart; thus, the great process of the subtle heart must be understood through the heart.

354. Some people cannot tolerate Our frequent reminders about battle. For them let it be not a battle, but the opening of the Gates. The process of opening also requires energy; but for you, without need of hypocritical palliation, it may be said that the battle of Light against darkness proceeds incessantly. Many warriors help in this battle, otherwise we again would be engulfed in Chaos. Often the participants in the battle ask why, in their physical shells, they do not remember the achievements of their subtle bodies. But it would be criminal on Our part to permit such consciousness. The heart could not bear the realization of so gigantic a battle. Only an especially flaming heart retains the black missiles in its consciousness. The heart is stopped, either because of realization or through sclerosis. But the cosmic battle can strike at the strongest heart.

Thus, let us remind about the battle, when the clash again assumes such colossal scope. The subterranean fire is equilibrated with difficulty, and the layers of magnetic currents are intercrossed. But let us not deny that this perturbation brings renewed possibilities.

355. The life-activity is intensified by different vibrations of the subtle energies. Thus the essence of life-activity and that upon which the life of each spirit is based are so inadequately realized. People think that the life process is contained only in the tissues, forgetting that the creativeness of Cosmos is intensified by the subtle energies and by that invisible process which permits perpetual interchange and contact with the Spatial Fire. The maintenance of psychic energy is based upon the spiritual process. Verily, humanity must realize where is the source of life-activity and in what is contained the interchange for the growth of the forces. The moment humanity severed itself from the Source of Power, the shifting of the forces occurred; thus it is in the entire cosmic constructiveness.

Thus, in the entire structure the force is in need of saturation by the Source. Hence Hierarchy is so greatly stressed by Us, for this Source is the Source of Bliss, and in the epoch of the transformation of the world there is verily only one anchor of salvation. Therefore, consciousness should be affirmed upon the center of all that is given.

356. As the words imply, the evolutionary spiral expands and the involutionary spiral contracts. The very same may be observed not only in personal aspects but also in ideas. It is very instructive to discern how ideas are generated and how they complete their circle. Often they seem to disappear completely, but if they are of an evolutionary nature they appear again in an expanded form. For evolutionary thinking, one should study the spiral of the root of an idea. The task of the gradual containment of an idea can afford a progression toward a higher understanding. One may take for instance the idea of religions and examine it spirally; precisely, not comparatively, but evolutionaly, spirally. Thus one can see the one root. Likewise one can study how the ideas of religions expanded through evolution. Thus, the prognosis of the future will not be diminished. Positive signs must be gathered.

357. Many concessions have been made by humanity in order to erase the vital foundation of the Teachings of Life. For the sake of comparative concessions one may deprive the lamp of its wick and be astonished at the conflagration from the spilled oil.

The lamp of the world is overturned, and the sacred miracle of life can be safeguarded upon the mountains. The conflagration can be arrested by two fountainheads — Hierarchy and psychic energy.

358. Humanity must build its strongholds as a wondrous indivisible circle. Each creative inception must be built upon integrity and indivisibility, affirming itself in an orbit around the center. Only thus, by a radius, can one reach all points and establish the right scope. It should be understood that each stronghold must be nurtured from the center. The more superficial the receptivity, the more perilous it is in all directions. Therefore one should harken to the inner manifestation of the center. The indivisibility of the stronghold is its might. Integrity is its beauty. The center is the Hierarchy of Bliss. Thus the highest step is built. Each spirit must realize that all lives through the light of integrity. Each Ashram is nurtured by integrity and lives by the Light of Hierarchy. Each atom lives by integrity. In this is beauty; thus is the world constructed.

359. Our constructiveness lies in vitality. The pledge of happiness for humanity lies in beauty. Hence, We assert art to be the highest stimulus for the regeneration of the spirit. We consider art to be immortal and boundless. We make a demarcation between knowledge and science, because knowledge is art, science is method. Therefore, the element of Fire intensifies art and spirit-creativeness. Therefore, the wondrous pearls of art can actually uplift and transmute the spirit instantaneously. Everything is attainable through the growth of the spirit, for only the inner fires can give the needed strength of receptivity. Thus an Agni Yogi can sense all cosmic beauty without narrow scientific methodology. Verily, the pearls of art bring exaltation to humanity, and the fires of spirit-creativeness give a new understanding of beauty to humanity. Thus, We value integrity around the center and appreciate the Service to Hierarchy through the heart.

360. How pervertedly people interpret the foundations of the world! What formulas they invent for the interpretation of vital principles! Without understanding the great foundations of the unity of all cosmic principles, they saturate space with all the disrupting principles. Thus, there results imbalance of the origins, disunion of all the highest principles, and striving to many authorities. Thus, dividing the great Origin of Hierarchy through human frailty brings its effects, and humanity strains all efforts to depreciate the great Principle. Thus occurs the substitution of the small for the Great.

361. Verily, the cosmic Origins are wondrous in their might, and the creative law of Hierarchy imbues all with fire. Therefore, at the base of the entire Cosmos lies the law of the great unification of the highest fires. Hence all great designations should not be dissociated. And the foundation of the future, the radiant Hierarchy of Bliss, is indeed intensified in the assertion of great laws. Verily, it must be remembered that one can build only through Hierarchy. One may be in the orbit affirmed by Hierarchy only when the consciousness understands that a blow upon the Shield of the Name of the Hierarch is a blow at Us, and each one permitting a blow pays dearly. Thus, in unity lies the success of all works. The admittance of depreciation is an evidence of faint-heartedness and defection. Unity is a wondrous fire!

362. People are often more perturbed by thunder than by lightning. Likewise with events — people are more troubled by the reverberation than by the essence. One could say that there is no need to be terrified by thunder if the lightning has not struck! Only a novice fears the thunder of cannons and does not hear the flight of a bullet. Psychic energy reacts to the lightning. It can be seen how the natural capacities of the organism protect one from perilous conflagration. Thus psychic energy sometimes induces artificial swellings in order to divert a dangerous conflagration from an adjacent center. It is a very rare manifestation when, under one's eyes, the Yogi's extremities swell and the tissues as quickly contract to their former size. You witnessed such a manifestation when the center of the larynx was threatened by conflagration. In spite of the danger the psychic energy speedily mastered the fire.

Ejections likewise ward off inflammation; it is entirely analogous to volcanoes. A multitude of analogies are revealed to a searching eye. Only, one should not seek the artifice of a ritual, or forcing. The natural blending with the Highest is achieved only through a naturally kindled fire of the heart. Certainly the boiling of the Chalice that is filled to the brim is unavoidable, but this is the burden of the Mother of the World. Remember the ancient image of an infant lying in a chalice. A multitude of scientific signs are transformed into misty symbols, but it is time to study them.

363. During cosmic perturbations purifying fires are accumulated, which intensify the atmosphere and propel the fires for the construction of the New World. Thus, upon the ruins of the old world there rises a new evolution and the Epoch of Fire which terminates Kali Yuga and saturates space with the fire of the New World. Thus, the all-encompassing Banner of the Lords summons to pure creativeness. Thus the avowal of Hierarchy enters life. Thus, We welcome everything that is directed to Good. Thus, We welcome everything imbued with a pure striving to walk the higher path.

364. It is generally known that before the beginning of Satya Yuga the scroll of karma rolls up with especial rapidity. It may be asked why, then, many crimes and blasphemies remain seemingly unpunished? There are many reasons. The first, people prefer to judge by thunder rather than by lightning. The second, one may not notice how gradually the circle of events revolves. The third reason lies in the motive and in old karmic bonds. Thus, only a subtle consciousness can feel how, behind some undesirable action, there is concealed not a bad motive. But the reverse also happens when an action which is not apparently bad is the result of an inadmissible thought. When I speak of spatial justice, I have in mind the law of equilibrium. The Chalice will reflect each wavering of the spirit.

365. Observe how each deed reflects upon the fluctuation of karma. It can be perceived how treason in all its aspects calls forth a speedy formation of karma. One can learn much from such observations. How painful it is to see people harming themselves! It can be observed how thought, like a viper, strikes the inner being during these self-defeats. Nothing can avert the consequences, because cause and effect are too close. Thus, only by the fire of the heart can one defend oneself and purify the channel that carries infection.

366. How greatly people distort the concept of psychic powers, forgetting that a physical manifestation can always be explained by a psychic factor, but a psychic manifestation cannot be confirmed by physical means. When all psychic factors were eliminated from science then, certainly, a sharp demarcation between organic and inorganic occurred. Thus, one may point out to scholars that books bereft of spirit, psychic energy, and Cosmic Fire cannot produce the science that should be given to humanity. The separation of that which has existed for millenniums from that which was created through centuries has disclosed those errors which have precipitated so greatly the Karma of our planet.

Therefore, humanity must ponder on how to bring the psychic manifestations closer to the physical world. Otherwise, established science and pedantry may meet at an empty board. Therefore, the vitality of art, which guards the divine fire, gives to humanity the saturation by that fire which kindles the spirit and imbues all worlds. Hence, the wondrous torches of the beauty of creativeness are so precious for humanity. We have seen how the creations of art have transformed men — something all the book-learning in the world cannot do. Thus the Banner of Beauty and Peace unites the world. Thus spirit-creativeness saturates space.

367. Who is the giver? The one who possesses. But lest one become exhausted one should receive from the inexhaustible Source. Let us turn toward Hierarchy.

368. You have heard of the fragrance emanating from the saints. We shall point out how the aura of saints, bringing them back to the bloodless kingdom, gives them the fragrance of the flowers through which they passed during their round of early incarnations. Thus, one can also heal by applying corresponding flowers to the body.

369. When spiritual guests involve millenniums how can one deny their achievements? What errors occur on the ground of denial of fiery achievements! Thus it can be affirmed that invisible processes reveal the power of action to humanity. Thus, one should understand that spiritual energy is the element of Cosmic Fire, which moves life and imbues all vital manifestations. The power of knowledge of the highest energies is the key to Be-ness. The signs of psychic energy are spatially diffused in the entire Universe; therefore one should harken to the Spatial Fire.

370. One of the most harmful actions is the condemnation of Hierarchy for the consequences of our own mistakes. Except treason, nothing so definitely severs the link with the Hierarchy as does such ignorant condemnation. The protecting veil of Hierarchy minimizes in everything the consequences of harmful mistakes, but to reject Hierarchy means to bring upon oneself the entire torrent of consequences. One experienced sailor advised, "Never change ships during a storm." One may remember how people, having committed an error, often have tried to explain its consequences as a sacrifice to Hierarchy, not realizing that by this they have already condemned Hierarchy.

371. The adherence to Fire affords saturation of the centers by the cosmic rhythm. Hence, the resonance is affirmed by a continuous adherence to the spatial current. The sensitiveness of the centers must be protected and affirmed as a bond between the visible and invisible worlds. During the resonance of the centers, quiet should be observed.

372. The affirmation of the Teacher should be repeated each hour, for Our structure is in need of a conscious adoption of Hierarchy. Various events may be expected, but participation in them can only be through the Hierarchy proclaimed by Us. Thus I say. Not only Our decision but the karma of millenniums makes the structure of the future immutable. Details may be changed, but the foundation must not be violated. Thus, Our Will should not be forgotten, even in the details of life. You realize correctly the creative fairy tale, but only upon the ladder of Hierarchy will it be transformed into the salvation of the world. Thus I speak.

373. "Labor, create good, reverence the Hierarchy of Light" — this, Our Commandment, can be inscribed even upon the palm of a newly born child. Thus simple is the Commandment leading to Light. In order to adopt it one must only be pure in heart.

374. When the planet loses its equilibrium owing to the loss of spiritual understanding, the consequences to the planet are inevitable; for there is no karmic effect without cause and no cause without effect. The manifestation called forth by the loss of spiritual strivings will certainly induce those impulses which will bring regeneration to the planet. The appearance of physical changes will give to the planet the understanding of Agni Yoga. The financial crash will effect a revaluation of values. The distortion of religions will result in a search for a new spiritual achievement.

Therefore, verily, the crumbling of the old world is a new affirmation, for through the coming of new values We bring to the world the salvation of spirit.

375. Thus, upon the principle of Fire the world is regenerated. The fire of the centers, the fire of the spirit, the fire of the heart, the fire of achievement, the fire of attainment, the fire of Hierarchy, the fire of Service — these constitute the principles of the New World. The blended arcs of consciousnesses thus create the Highest Will. Verily, the great Banner of Peace will cover the entire world. Verily, a great time, the time of great fulfillments. Thus the time of great action approaches.

376. I shall say of treason to the fanatics and bigots, They assume that treason is only a matter of thirty pieces of silver, but they forget that it is contained in each blasphemy and slander. One should not think that a malicious word is not also treason. It is precisely malice that is often inseparable from treason and slander. One and the same black tree nurtures these loathsome branches, and their fruits are as black as the roots of shame. One must speedily liberate oneself from the horror of malicious words.

377. The transformation of the world is indeed affirmed in the highest tension. All perturbations, all shiftings, all diseases accompany this transformation. The most powerfully propelled energies bring fires into motion. Thus, in the Epoch of Fire darkness becomes dense, and everything is intensified in a fiery striving. Evil is created by the densified darkness. Light transforms the world. Thus, at the great time, the manifestation of the universal transmutation saturates space.

Thus, during the Epoch of Fire, when Light battles with darkness, the manifestation of the Banner of Peace is that fundamental sign which will give a new step to humanity. Thus Beauty, Knowledge, Art, and all nations will unite under this sign. Thus, only the highest measures can be applied to the Banner. Verily!

378. Resistance to evil is one of the fundamental qualities of those who are in search of Hierarchy. Physical qualities will not give tenacity against evil, but the spirit and the fire of the heart will create an armor against the cunning of evil. But how to understand evil? Certainly, first of all, it is destruction. But replacing an old house with a new and better one will not be destruction. By destruction is meant dissolution leading to an amorphous state. One must know how to oppose such destruction. One should find the strength of spirit to overcome the cowardice inherent in non-resistance. Thus let there be readiness to oppose evil.

379. How greatly must consciousness be expanded in order to comprise all broad affirmations and to understand the entire task. Correspondence, co-measurement, and tension should be realized, for without this understanding one can diminish a world task by measuring it in small dimensions. Thus, when creating an urgent world step, first of all, a world scale must be applied. Thus, when the great Banner, the sign of the New Epoch, is unfurled, conscious measures should be applied. Therefore, the great proclamation must be understood as a step toward the regeneration of the world.

380. Are there not enough earthquakes? Are there not enough wrecks, storms, excesses of cold and heat? Has not the fiery cross risen? Has not a star shone by day? Has not a fiery rainbow flared? Have not the signs sufficiently multiplied? But humanity amidst chaos does not wish to be aware of the apparent signs! And so We shall not insist upon a visible sign when doubt has blinded the people. But amidst these blind and deaf the children of fire are found. To them We send signs, that they shall know of the approach of Light.

381. The consciousness that encompasses only the present, without any thought of the future, cannot adhere to evolution, because the chain of centuries disappears for such a consciousness. Hence, when the consciousness expands it encompasses the great leading chain of causes and effects. Thus, while evolution is being established, the manifestation of causes is so important. At present, when the planet is completing its Karma, certainly the retribution for engenderments is greatly reflected upon humanity. Yet that which is engendered by human spiritual striving enwraps the planet. Hence each bright tension and striving will give to the planet the affirmation of the New World. Therefore, the lofty Banner of Peace carries its projectiles of Light and fierily imbues the currents around Earth as a panacea against evil. The consciousnesses blended for millenniums create. Thus Light conquers darkness. Thus a wondrous step is being fulfilled. Thus the preordained approaches.

382. Cosmic justice resolves all karmic ties. And how little humanity ponders upon the affirmations that bear us through space! Would they but ponder upon the affirmations that carry us into the higher spheres, they would invariably arrive at Hierarchy. Thus humanity would garb itself in the realization of Truth. Thus, upon the blending of the arcs of consciousnesses We create the future.

383. If even radio waves react so powerfully upon man, how powerfully can objects saturated with psychic energy act! The magnet that is consciously saturated transmits its magnetic currents; thus Our emanations surround each transmitted gift. Therefore the affirmed action of Our sendings can always intensify the strength of the one to whom they are sent. Space is raging. Perturbations are accumulating, but above all events a new current is directed for the step of regeneration.

384. Can anyone assert that Our Guidance has belittled him? Can anyone say that We have destroyed his best structures? Can anyone find in Our Guidance destruction and disparagement? No! The heart of each one will say that even mistakes have been erased, if one's own apostasy did not impede. You could testify how the apostates harmed themselves, but of these consequences they themselves were guilty. It is glorious to lead the pure soul, unstained by apostasy, along the summits of Be-ness. The affinity is evidenced as the consequence of cooperation. We call to such cooperation, which binds forever.

385. Cosmic magnetism imbues every vital process. Our task is to establish the physical correlation of vibrations, for thus it will be possible to determine the correlations of all manifestations. Each manifestation is linked with the centers of subtle energies. Each flash, each vibration, is correlated with a certain manifestation in Cosmos. Studying these waves, one may come to the conclusion that the bond between all manifestations is so powerful that by it one may determine where lies the link with magnetism; thus, different thoughts, standards, and aspirations are impeded by magnetism of different tensions.

386. Only the unexpected terrifies and frightens. Everything anticipated already enters into life. This means that the unexpected should be transformed into the expected. In other words one should strive to knowledge. Furthermore, this knowledge should be understood, not formally, but in its entire multiformity. When the might of life itself shall imbue us with its endless variety, the vanguard under the three spheres will be invincible. But cognizance of the three spheres should be achieved, or else we shall move only along the surface. You must hasten to accustom yourself to the necessity of movement, within your inner cognizance. The Teaching will not guide one if it is not applied.

387. In the development of the works hostility will certainly be encountered, but one must firmly remember two conditions: the first — hostile people should be avoided, because they are not predestined; the second — perhaps just this hostility will serve as a worthy springboard. But delay is not caused by enemies — look closer!

388. When a victory was announced to the emperor known to you, he accepted this message in complete calm. The courtiers whispered, "Is it indifference?" But the sovereign said, "Not indifference, but knowledge. For me this victory is already passed, and at present I am thinking of a great difficulty."

When We say guard your health, or do not give your writings into alien hands, or do not leave your home. We have foreseen many circumstances already transpired, which should have been avoided. Who else, then, can define the consequences so solicitously as We, as the Teacher? When We speak of gratitude it is certainly not because We are in need of it, but by this We try to strengthen the bond once more. Each disunity is as perilous as a hook with bait in the hands of the fisherman.

389. The dark forces attempt to battle with Light. They try to affirm their dark deeds, strengthening themselves by treason, but the Forces of Light are greatly strained and bestow so many manifestations necessary for creation! The shifting of forces is strained by the dark counteraction. Thus, Hierarchy faces all tension in the name of the great creation. Hierarchy bears the plan for the shifting. Thus, evolution advances powerfully.

390. How stupid are all who deny hope! How blind are those who affirm the advantage of wars! How few are the consciousnesses that can perceive the regeneration of the planet by way of culture! Certainly, those who do not comprehend creativeness by means of higher measures will perish in the same old upheavals. Those who do not comprehend the new ways are greatly in need of understanding the Epoch of Maitreya. The Banner of Peace and of the Lords will open all ways!

391. Again they will come to you in doubt about the law of karma. "Is it possible that the unfit ones can revel in comfort, whereas worthy ones suffer?" Answer, “Heavy is the karma of those who cannot forego earthly comfort”, for it is said, “Comfort is the cemetery of the spirit.” Besides, as you have observed, earthly comfort shuts out spiritual hearing. But many, under the mask of well-being, hide the greatest misfortunes. Therefore none of those who know will apply the standards of earthly comfort. One should judge according to the summits, not thinking of subterranean torrents.

392. The Teacher is glad to see how you become accustomed to understanding the possibility of difficulties. One should become accustomed to this blessed realization. It is one of the first conditions of adherence to the Hierarchy.

Sometimes I advise you to be silent; also, one must realize the significance of tension of space caused by a conscious silence. Moreover, one must remind about the rhythm of repetitions. It is unwise to overlook the help of technique and of various conditions. Take, for instance, the condition of a headache. What could be better than silence? Or during palpitations of the heart, the cosmic rhythm, which changes the pulse?

393. Service is often taken as an affirmation quite opposed to Truth. Service is regarded as something not conforming to reality. Service is regarded as a ritual, as a rhythm, which entered life incidentally. But it must be realized that Service is a chain which connects the Higher with the lower, and is affirmed in life and preordained by the manifested essence; thus the entire chain of Service enters into the Hierarchy of Bliss. Thus all actions form a unifying chain; hence the law of Hierarchy can bring us to the Highest Bliss.

394. The intensification of energy between the disciple and Teacher is analogous to a steam engine — a continuous projection and restitution. Therefore We point out so persistently the necessity of concordance, for benevolence, striving, and gratitude. Only by those means can one develop the dynamics of concordance. A steam engine is provided with fuel, but We have an inexhaustible reservoir of psychic energy. One should not think that the enumerated qualities are needed by Us; on the contrary they are needed by you. Otherwise how will you strengthen the bond with Us? The powerful rhythm of the dynamo of spirit can be affirmed, not by doubt, egoism or self-pity, but only by an indivisible, vigorous striving toward Us. These strivings must be introduced into life. It should be remembered that each physical law must remind of the stability of the laws of the spirit. With such a consciousness one can verily become a co-worker for the transformation of life.

395. Humanity has sunk in the mire of outworn survivals, in old thoughts, beyond the realization of affirmed Existence. Thus the spirit of the shifted nations smolders under the departing energies of bigotry and superstition. The basis of this. Smoldering — the church that sows terror — is intolerable. A state that acts by means of treason cannot live. Thus, the regeneration of the spirit must eliminate these horrors which engulf the planet. Hence, only the Chain of Hierarchy can restore the human image. Thus, a new affirmation is being built by means of eternal Hierarchy.

396. When the world is convulsed and humanity heaves in turmoil, there remains only one path to salvation. How is it possible not to realize the highest, and the creative, path of the ascent of the spirit! Just now when all the old ways are destroyed, when all the old energies are out-lived, when the planet itself shifts its crust, how is it possible not to adopt with one's entire spirit the new affirmations and the regenerating energies emanating from the might of the Chain of Hierarchy! Only thus can humanity be attracted to the higher energies. Following the foundations of the Cosmic Magnet, the highest manifestation will attract the spirit to the Highest. Thus, the highest law of Hierarchy creates through beneficence, affirming a better future.

397. During a trance, even the most average man becomes adroit, daring, indefatigable, begins to learn much of what is as yet inaccessible to him, and the evidence 'of the invisible world becomes apparent to him, merely because for a time he has parted from the lower physical world. But on returning to it the man forgets his higher substance as though it were a dream. A bridge must be found to prevent the loss of consciousness and to become enriched by the Higher World. Agni Yoga is given to bring people to the Higher World.

They will say. Why the pains of a Yogi? Certainly this is the burden of this world. Pains are unnecessary where the cosmic rhythm is not violated. Therefore it is beneficial for a Yogi to have a better attuned circle around him in order to give a certain form to the approaching cosmic waves. Therefore, when I speak of harmony, I do not have in mind only sensitiveness; I point out a useful construction. Hierarchy stands upon exact laws. We, who have realized them, take upon Ourselves the responsibility of protecting this ladder of Light. One must repeat this untiringly in order that the structure of Hierarchy may be impressed as a design upon the brain.

398. The accumulations of cosmic energies correspond to the affirmations of human disturbances of spirit. During such cosmic correspondence the disturbances can be resolved only by such a powerful lever as Hierarchy. When the chain of events destroys the old foundations, saturating space with tossing energies, then certainly a force is needed that can propel all energies to new constructiveness. Hierarchy is the link that transforms the departing energies into a radiant future. To the world. Hierarchy is the affirmation of a cosmic dimension. In Cosmos everything is bound by the affirmed dimensions of a powerful Hierarchy. Thus, all energies are mutually bound. Thus, the thread of the heart is linked with Hierarchy. Thus, this great bond establishes the cosmic Substance.

399. When a new race is assembled, the Assembler is a Hierarch. When a new step for humanity is built, the Builder is a Hierarch. When the step preordained by the Cosmic Magnet is constructed upon the vital rhythm, a Hierarch stands I at its head. There is no manifestation of life which does not contain in its seed its Hierarch. The more powerful the step, the more powerful the Hierarch.

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