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59. Some people pour a daily gruel over the Image of the Teacher and imagine themselves to be in the Great Service. The Teaching and Service presuppose first of all the expansion of consciousness on the basis of adherence to the Teaching and reverence for the Teacher. In studying Infinity one should first of all realize the limitlessness of love and devotion. It is not wise to say that love has overflowed and devotion has withered, because the consequence will be the disintegration of one's self. One should understand the limitlessness of love and devotion as the first steps toward Service and Yoga. One should set oneself this task, at least as a means of one's own progress. One should advance only in the direction of the Teacher. Then, only, does relief come, But making a daily onion gruel out of the Teacher will not lead to success. Sacredly, limitlessly, let us sustain our love and reverence for the Teacher, as a healing means of regeneration.

60. The prayer of the heart is the expression of love and devotion. Let us fill our vessel of experiences, because inevitably we must come to it. Let us not waste precious time in demeaning and in dissolution. Each dissolution evokes unbridled elements, in other words, it opposes the manifested Cosmos. The growth of consciousness is verily Our festival.

61. When thought comprises striving toward the fulfillment of the Higher Will, a direct connection with the Shield of the Higher Will is established. Can one reach an understanding of Cosmos without striving to penetrate into the Higher Spheres? Only succession gives foundation to all strivings. All that exists proceeds by the law of succession. Hence, each isolation results only in the loss of the predestined. Thus, thought is generated as the carrier of the law of succession. Thus the law of the Higher Will creates limitlessly.

62. In all religions the one departing from Earth has been accorded an accompanying Intercessor in the aspect of a saint, angel, or departed relative. Thus was affirmed the existence of a world beyond the grave and the need of a Guide. One should become accustomed to this thought of the need of a Guide. Thus in all religions the Guide and the Teacher were affirmed. Hence when We speak of the Teacher, We remind of that which is inevitable. The Teaching can live, or turn into the embrace of death. But it is easy to enhance life by turning to Light.

63. The assertion of a correct decision is the property of psychic energy. Then how greatly must men develop this property in themselves! Without this property one cannot assimilate the Fire of Space. Without this property one cannot receive the preordained treasure. Only contact with the Higher can give the direction; therefore it is necessary to strive to an understanding of the Higher Principle. Only thus shall we approach the law of Hierarchy.

64. Only the reflex of the reflexes of psychic energy can be perceived through physical sensations. The same may be said of subtle energies and the remote bodies of Cosmos. But that should not discourage researches, because by the shadow and the source of light one can define the height of an object. All Western methods of ascertainment can also be applied, for I do not see any difference between the West and the East when we are at the summits of research. It is necessary by every means to dissolve all the conventional divisions of ignorance. Let us not be afraid to investigate by all methods only learn to know!

65. The qualities of actions testify to the decisiveness of striving. Each action is imbued with its own essence. The impulse of motion compels one to ascertain the impetus of an achievement. The quality of the action determines the quality of the affirmation. Then how must the spirit strive to the refinement of the essence and quality of action! The entire pledge of creativeness and the direction of action are contained in the trend of thought. Therefore the approach to the Chain of Hierarchy directs the spirit toward the truth of creativeness. Thus one should seek to fulfill the Higher Will.

66. Humanity's alienation from the understanding of fulfillment of the Higher Will has placed humanity in a position that has segregated it. Therefore Our disciples have to apply their whole strength for the fulfillment, in order not to isolate themselves. Hence it is so important to understand the law of Hierarchy.

67. You can perform one of the most useful psychic experiments. If you accept all Our Counsels and it seems to you that something indicated was not fulfilled or was not transmitted in accordance with your expectations, then immediately study the Counsel itself, applying the words in accordance with the customary human understanding; then recall all the circumstances that have taken place and consider all your own thoughts, worries, irritation, and all accompanying hazards and blunders. It is very significant to observe the events that have influence over the cosmic waves. One may see that however ponderous is our human burden, it cannot be compared to the minutest thought. In this way you can observe to what degree the psychic sphere has its own laws, beyond our three dimensions.

Beginning with such observations, one can arrive at valuable conclusions which, when accumulated, will bring great benefits to humanity. Because the time has now arrived for especially keen application of the psychic laws. It is time to gather into the chalice of patience all the designs and to remember that each fluctuation of climate and atmospheric pressures also exerts its deep influence upon the psychic laws. Let us apply the most precise scale for weighing our thoughts, and let us remember that each oxidization of metals exerts influence upon the character and quality of thoughts. Smoke, and also the odor of burning refuse or meat, is always harmful. Let us not forget that dust, like particles of decay, penetrates the pores of the body. Let us calmly discriminate in all the details of life, not for self-vindication, but for the investigation of our nature and acceptance of the measures of perfection.

68. One more significant experiment: Accustom yourselves to see without looking and to hear without listening. That is, you must be able to aim your vision into the spiritual realms to a degree that, in spite of open eyes, you will not see that which is before you, and in spite of open ears, you will not hear evident noise. Through such physical tests one can greatly progress, in psychic vision and hearing. For this, it is useful to hold constantly in imagination before oneself the Image of the Teacher as that which is the most precious to bind you with the Supreme.

Now, imagine for a moment that you have succeeded, with the help of chemical reactions, in creating a complete microcosm; for this microcosm you are the creator! Then why is it so difficult for people to imagine an endless chain of Creators from the lowest to the Highest, up to the Inaccessible?

Therefore, in speaking of the Infinite, we will not imagine it as something void or measureless, but as something integral in its incessant ascent. And is not the entire Infinite expressed in your consciousness, for where are the measure and boundaries of your consciousness? Thus, from the smallest to the Greatest, proceed by steps, each link being visible and tangible. There the indicated experiment will serve you in seeing through the physical, impenetrable forms which stand before you. From the evident proceed to the reality that will enrich your path.

69. Another useful exercise: Try to write different things with both hands at the same time. Or try to dictate two letters or conduct two conversations at the same time. Try to drive a motor car and carry on a conversation about complicated problems at the same time. Try to refrain from quarrels when the changeable mood of your companion invites your irritation. Try numerous examples of dividing your consciousness. Try to pour your energy in several directions without losing its value or weakening its flow.

A one-sided effort is related to Kali Yuga. But the streams of all energies, like a salutary current, will enrich the discoveries of Satya Yuga. In past centuries we have had examples of the successful division of consciousness. But now we should especially affirm the action of all channels of Brahmavidya.

Pay attention to the flow of thoughts and affirm the right waves of rhythm. People should not become like animals, who can think only in one direction at a time. The Sons of Light and Flame should sparkle in full freedom and kindle the fires of space. Verily the time comes for the kindling of the fires of space, in other words, for their manifestation even in the nearest physical sphere. It is a difficult time when fires can flash out and, if undisciplined, can burn and annihilate.

Accept these reminders as the lesson of the day. Do not consider that in heaven there are different laws and that we are still preserved through ignorance of lower matter. Indeed not. You know, and you will begin to apply all counsels.

70. Aerolites are not sufficiently studied, and still less attention is accorded to the cosmic dust upon the eternal snows and glaciers. However, the Cosmic Ocean designs its rhythm on the summits. If we begin to think of Infinity, we should pay attention primarily to all that comes from beyond and links us materially with the far-off worlds. How, then, can one venture upon a distant voyage without paying attention to the guests from afar? Also, symptoms of life upon the eternal snows should be compared with those Upon the plains. Perhaps the excessive growth of certain glands is caused by the use of water from the snows, which causes a disorder resulting from the action of the particles of cosmic dust. So many useful observations are diffused around us, one must only stretch out one's hand!

You have also correctly remarked that the majority of tubercular cases are nothing else but the kindling of the centers of the lungs. Certainly, the fires that have been stored up by karma, but not realized or applied, may become destructive.

71. One may prosecute ignorance, but one should especially chastise superstition and hypocrisy. Like a leprous film, superstition covers weak brains. We are not against laboratories and Western methods, but We ask that honesty, efficiency, and the courage of impartiality be added to them. How can one think of cooperation when birdlike brains impede each experiment? One can produce the most stupendous manifestation if the horns of the devil do not impede in the test tube. People believe more in devils than in saints!

72. Each striving is saturated with the fire of spirit. The creativeness of the spirit takes part in the fiery constructiveness of the Cosmos. How can one be isolated from the entire cosmic creativeness when man is the creative fulfiller of the Cosmic Will! One should therefore develop in oneself consonance with the Higher Forces, for without striving to consonance there is no creativeness. Thus, humanity must be affirmed in the understanding of the Higher Forces and adhere to the Higher Will.

73. Certainly one can attain only through adherence to Hierarchy. Only the understanding of the great law will open the eyes of humanity. How, then, not to penetrate into the might of constructiveness? Therefore, Our disciples must be imbued with an understanding of the affirmation of Hierarchy. Therefore, one can build only when Our Carriers of Fire carry Our Will and the disciples accept that which is sent. Each builder knows the law of Hierarchy.

74. Upon investigation, the quality of thought belongs to the category of subtlest energies. It is impossible to measure the fluctuation of thought, therefore We have established the probation of disciples by the refinement of thought. Every three years We give the disciple the possibility of expressing himself in regard to the same event. Only according to these dates can one see the fluctuation of selfhood, cooperation, patience, and devotion. Similar experiments can be applied to other manifestations of energies; the more so since people have completely forgotten about probations. One can also test oneself, directing one's attention to old objects and observing the reaction of the influence of remembrance. Likewise one can test oneself upon flowers, music, upon a book read long ago. One can scientifically observe the influence of surroundings upon an object long since familiar. How many steps could be counted forward or backward! Besides, one can ponder why a step crossed for the second time is always much more difficult.

75. Certainly, an experiment upon oneself is always useful because it reminds one of probation. Probation is the sign of creativeness. One must get accustomed to the thought that men create unceasingly. With each glance, with each breath, with each motion they change the course of the cosmic waves. Since there is no vacuum, how, then, are the worlds linked? The cells of life grow like the leaves of a tree. But we forget that the mold of each of our motions remains. How beautiful it must be in order to be worthy of the Great Builder!

76. Cosmic creativeness is based upon conformity. Without the law of conformity it is impossible to affirm creativeness and the development of fiery receptivity. Hence it is so important to apply this essential law to life. Verily, without the power of conformity and fiery receptivity it is impossible to bring about the predestined.

77. Each step requires new circumstances. Each new step brings its affirmed power. Therefore in the midst of the difficult time a mighty step in conformity with the difficulties is being laid. Hence the creative activity of Our co-workers will bring the manifestation of success when thoughts shall be affirmed upon the might of the future. Thus We build a wondrous step! Thus We build amidst the dissolution of the countries! Thus Our Power enters into life! The manifestation of a new step is so close, but the world decides its fate.

78. Nothing is neglected in the world. Sometimes we measure by great scales, but often experiments with small units should be performed. The trend of thought should likewise be observed. The giants of thought are as instructive as the small leeches. One may see someone who has overcome a tremendous obstacle stumbling over an insignificant puddle. Rancor, offense, thought of self destroy the possibilities just as do treason and fear. One must discriminate the circumstances; where is the new touchstone? Thus, with sharp-sightedness we reach the realization of joy for .each probation. We shall say, "Lord, send Thy Will give or take. Together with Thee, we shall .examine my pitfalls. Together we shall deliberate my decisions of yesterday. Today I am satisfied and Thou, better than I, knowest the quantity of nurture needed for the morrow. I shall not transgress Thy Will, because only from Thy Hand can I receive." Thus, one must watch oneself in the Teat and in the small.

79. Already you know how tense is the time; and to those who are seized with fear, say that when the Lord lives within the heart, no hair will fall from one's head, and to each one a palace for body and spirit is allotted. But preserve your heart in purity, in order that I may enter there and surround you with armor. Remember that if you give in spirit to the Lord what has been taken from you. He will reward you a hundredfold. Thus, direct your thought to the Lord and let the Lord enter your heart. Without the Lord it will be narrow in the empty heart, and, like peas in a dried sheepskin, wrath will jar within the empty heart. Fill your heart with the Lord so fully that no enemy can force his way through. Peace unto you.

80. The attraction of corresponding forces is saturated with striving which unites the forces. The affirmation of all shiftings is intensified by energies which function according to the law of correspondence. Therefore each creative force is subject to this law. Cosmic creativeness depends on these correspondences. Hence We intensify all forces and affirm the highest correspondence. Thus the Chain of Hierarchy builds lawfully the steps of correspondence, and each striving is saturated with a subtle response. Only concordance can affirm a limitless creativeness.

81. It will be asked, How must we direct our prayers to the Highest One if the Image of the Lord is constantly before us? Say, Precisely through Him address yourself to the Highest One. Besides, if you have reached the state of keeping a constant Image of the Lord before you, this question cannot disquiet you at all. When we reach a conscious communion with the subtlest energies, much of that which did not find its place yesterday becomes fully comprehensible today. Thus we learn to rejoice and to be calm, where yesterday we sorrowed. It is useful to observe how our consciousness is purified through everyday labor. Now especially the tempering of these swords is timely, because the air is filled with fire. Only the Image of the Lord can rotate all centers and serve as a Shield. Let us not be afraid to repeat about swords and shields, because We desire peace and the reign of spirit. As victors cease to remember their enemies, so We do not count them; and a forest will not suffice to liken them to trees.

82. The Sons of Reason We proclaim them as Hierarchs upon Earth. The Daughters of Reason thus, also. We proclaim them upon Earth. Those who strive to the evolution of the spirit must follow in the steps of Hierarchy in order to progress. Who, then, will nurture the spirit of striving disciples? Who, then, will affirm the path of ascent? Only the Daughters and Sons of Reason. In whom' are contained the fires of attainment? In the Daughters and Sons of Reason. Thus We proclaim Our Carriers of Fire. Each realization of Our Will proceeds, revealing the fiery law of Hierarchy. Only the conscious adoption in life of the law of Hierarchy affirms the right path. Verily, space resounds with the affirmation of Hierarchy. Thus the wondrous life is being built. Thus the predestined enters into life. The Sons of Reason, the Daughters of Light can make manifest the power of the higher laws only by obedience to the Hierarchy. Thus Our Hierarchs manifest Our power of Reason and Heart thus unto Infinity!

83. Thus the Higher Reason creates upon Earth through the power of Hierarchy. Our creativeness requires the affirmation of Hierarchy in its entire scope, in its entire understanding, in its entire beauty. The understanding of Hierarchy reveals all possibilities. It is correct to view the law of Hierarchy as the 'summit of cosmic creativeness. Light pours from it, thoughts strive to it; thus one should direct the best strivings to the Summit of Hierarchy. Only when the highest affirmation enters consciously into life, can the highest be given. The fiery manifestation approaches!

84. How to affirm oneself in the Teaching? How to approach the higher law of Hierarchy? Only through refinement of thoughts and expansion of consciousness. How can one assimilate the Command from Above if there is no affirmation of correspondence? One should display receptivity to each energy. One should be able to adopt the vastness of the Teaching. Only correspondence can permit the saturation of the vessel. Therefore, the manifestation of breadth is worthy of a broad consciousness. On the way to Us one may attain only through Hierarchy.

85. All religions have introduced special movements and positions of the body that aid the accumulation of the energy and impel one to the Highest. When following Us, achievement may be arrived at through the saturation of one's heart, without fatiguing movements. He who succeeds through this means has an advantage, because the source of the heart is inexhaustible. The Image of the Lord, impressed upon the heart, will not grow dim and at any hour will be ready to help. This way of the heart is the most ancient, but it requires a considerable expansion of consciousness. One should not speak of the heart from the very first conversation, for then one may overburden it aimlessly. It is likewise aimless to speak of love if the heart does not yet contain the Image of the Lord. But the hour strikes when one must indicate the power of the heart. I advise addressing oneself to the heart, not only because the Image of the Lord is already close but for cosmic reasons. It is easier to cross an abyss if the link with the Lord is strong.

86. Thus, it is not easy to be without the Lord. Repeat the Name of the Lord not only with the lips but rotate it in your heart, and He will not leave it like a stone pressed into a crevice by the mountain waters. We say Cor Reale when the Lord of the Heart enters into the predestined chamber. One should shield oneself by the Lord.

87. The omnipresent Fire imbues each vital manifestation. The omnipresent Fire intensifies each action. The omnipresent Fire impels each striving, each undertaking. Therefore, how is it possible not to be imbued with the omnipresent Fire? The cosmic might, which underlies each impulse of man and each creative force, is directed to a conscious constructiveness. How carefully one should gather these identical energies for the construction of a better future! Only a conscious approach toward mastery of the power of co-measurement can manifest creativeness worthy of a better step. Therefore, each one on the way to Us must strive to creativeness, consciously directing his perceptions.

88. How greatly, then, must the disciple realize the power of perception and the comprehension that there exists only one law which governs the entire Cosmos the Higher Will; along this line the evolution of the spirit is created. This law unites all related and manifested magnitudes. Striving toward fulfillment of the Higher Will leads to sensitiveness of perception. Only this path affords a decision in correspondence with realization and fulfillment of the Higher Will. Thus, We also offer Our creative striving to the Higher Will, and thus the arcs of consciousnesses blend in the One Flaming Heart. Yes, yes, yes! Thus the great cosmic step is created!

89. When your consciousness prompts you to the necessity of possessing the constant Image of the Lord, retire to a quiet place and direct your sight upon the chosen Image. But remember, one must decide irrevocably, because in case of treason the constant Image will be a constant reproach. After gazing intensely upon the Image, ''dose your eyes and transmit it to the third eye. Exercising thus you will attain a vivid Image, and you will feel a special intensified tremor of the heart. Soon the Image of the Lord will remain inseparably with you. You can test yourself before tie sun, and you will still see the Lord before you, sometimes without color, but afterward vividly and even in action. Your prayer will lose the need of words and only the tremor of the heart will suffuse your understanding. Thus one may reach in life much that is useful, but the consciousness must be in conformity with it.

90. One more useful exercise: Become accustomed to not being astonished or surprised at anything. But this should not be understood as the stifling of the spirit. On the contrary, in the complete readiness that gives birth to foresight, stand vigilant in the entire tremor of realization. Many wondrous things are approaching. One can understand them in accordance with one's own desire and one's own consciousness. But it is still easier to receive them through the Image of the Teacher. If you can visualize the Image of the Teacher in your consciousness with the most complete clarity you can transfer your consciousness into His, and thus act, as it were, through His Power. But for this, one must visualize the Image of the Teacher with utmost precision, even to the minutest detail, so that the Image may not falter, or suffer distortion, or change its outline, as frequently happens. But if, following the exercise of concentration, one succeeds in invoking a constant Image of the Teacher, through this one may gain the greatest benefit for oneself, for one's nearest ones, and- for the work.

Such is Our warning when waves rise upon the ocean. I deem that the present time demands such concentration, because there is a vast success in the atmosphere; but success, like a magnet, also attracts unsuspected metallic fragments, and needles and nails may be poisonous. Understand this correctly. Do not be diverted from the conception of the Teacher. Do not be astonished or surprised, because it is good when one can disclose the next step of understanding.

91. If the clarity of the Image of the Teacher brings us into closest cooperation with him, then each clear and vivid conception of an object in our third eye makes it near and attainable. One of the conditions of ancient magic was to teach the vividness of objects evoked by our inner conception. If the object is called forth with all completeness of line and color, one can apply it for 'the most immediate reaction; one may, as it were, possess it. Without limitations of space, one can regulate and bring closer its possibilities; from the most customary objects to the far-off planets one can utilize this force. There is nothing of the supernatural in this; but the duplicate becomes seemingly the identical, and a vital unifying thread is drawn to it. One can gradually develop in oneself these abilities, upon habitual objects, noticing thereby that when a clear image is created, a peculiar tremulous vibration occurs, similar to a magnetic reaction. Thus, in studying the Infinite one can approach it by beginning with the most customary objects.

92. Likewise you will begin to notice that you see your own images as if in front of you. You must not wonder, because it is the increased development of the divisibility of the spirit. The projection of one's own image, and the sending of parts of one's spirit, impart to the developed third eye the image that is sent. One should know that simultaneously someone sees this image and receives help.

93. How important it is to guard the fiery impulse! Without this impelling force an undertaking cannot be saturated with the best possibilities. Forces applied to an undertaking are multiplied by the fire of impulse. Therefore striving is so necessary for increasing the forces given from the Primary Source. In all constructions harmony and co-measurement should be observed. Hence, for the saturation of Our undertakings one must co-measure what is given with the measures applied. The fire and the impulse sustain the life force in each inception. Without these the inception loses its vitality. Thus, let us strive to the confirmed fire bestowed by the Lord. Thus we can attain the fiery saturation.

94. As he embarked upon a ship, a purse of gold was stolen from a traveler. Everyone became excited, but the loser smiled and repeatedly said, "Who knows?" A storm occurred, and the ship was wrecked. And only our traveler was cast ashore. When the islanders called his salvation a miracle, he smiled again, saying, "It is simply that I paid more than the others for my passage."

We never know when the good seeds sprout and how long the harvest of poisoned thoughts ripens. They also require time to ripen, therefore beware of poisonous thoughts; none will disappear without a trace. But where is that country, when is that hour when the ear of poison will ripen? Even though small but thorny, there will be no piece of bread which will not tear one's throat.

95. Is it possible not to harvest one's own sowing? Let the seed be good, or else poison will generate poison. Much can be avoided, but the treasury of thought will be the strongest. Thought, as the highest energy, is indissoluble and can be precipitated. Experiments, with plants can prove the power of thought. Likewise, a scientist, if his thought is tensed, may take from the shelf just the needed book.

96. If We say, "Do not have desire," it does not mean to be insensate. On the contrary, replace desire with the irresistible command of a pure thought. In this command you invoke all the powers of Light, and you make their currents act in correlation with your pure striving.

Be, be, be joyous; not through desire, but through the striving of spirit. Be Joyous; not through ancestral desires, but through the command of the entire consciousness, in order to create that luminous thread which unites all worlds. Be joyous; not because of the success of works already decayed, but in knowledge of the predestined and of that already inscribed in the scrolls of the future. Be joyous; not in the desire for repose, but because of the agitation of the elements, since only the agitation of the elements will serve you; for one cannot command the dead to revivify the living. Thus, understand that joy is a special wisdom, and do not abandon the fires of light above the crumbs of the feast.

That which is felt by the earthly senses is not significant; but let us apply the co-service of all the particles of Light. You await Me. You await the manifestation of help. But you do not know when help is needed and when the final hour of battle rings out. Yet, fixing upon Us your entire consciousness, aware that We shall not delay, you are building an indestructible bridge, and you are gathering the treasures of Might.

Perhaps the help is greatly needed. Let Us judge, because the time is ripe, and beyond the sea the pillars of Light already arise!

97. The fiery impulse gives life to the entire Cosmos. Each creative spark gives the impulse of motion to the striving of the spirit. How, then, not to affirm in each manifestation the fiery impulse that nurtures all tension and imbues each action? Therefore, one should develop the wondrous impulse of fire that gives life to everything. Thus the saturated fire can attract all corresponding energies. In the culture of thought, the fiery impulse should be developed above all. As the creative impulse assembles concordances, so thought attracts correspondences. Thus, guard the impulse of fire.

98. How wondrous are the sparks of spirit that manifest fire and striving! The fiery Service" will bring to humanity so many signs of new evolution. Hence, Agni Yoga has so vitally entered life, and many signs regenerate and threaten our planet. One should accept all that is sent to humanity. Therefore the sensitive organism of the Mother of Agni Yoga responds to all Our sendings. Therefore the health should be guarded. Verily, fires are raging! Much is attested, much is propelled, much is ahead!

99. The chief error of men is that they consider themselves to be outside of all that exists. From this issues a lack of cooperation. It is impossible to explain to the one who stands outside that he is responsible for what happens inside without him. The father of egoism has sown doubt and self-deception in order to sever the current with the treasury of Light. Nobody wants to consider that Light is the effect of thought, but the multitudes that inhabit the interplanetary spaces will willingly acknowledge the power of mental cooperation. They realize cooperation and understand responsibility. One can enroot oneself in a universal thought and thus acquire wings in heaven and on Earth the foundation. Many valuable reminders about the link with far-off worlds are spread everywhere.

100. The spark of the spirit kindles the heart, hence Our Teaching is in need of spreading through the fire of the heart. How can one kindle the torches of spirit without the fire of the heart? Only fire uplifts creativeness and imbues each action. The energy that impels to the vital impulse must possess vital fire. Hence, in this law are contained creative powers. The tension of each energy calls to life the surrounding energies. Thus all materializations take place, gathering around them all energies. Therefore, the kernel of the spirit is a mighty accumulator.

101. How majestic is the law of Hierarchy! How constructive are all laws of Hierarchy! Verily, the ladder reaches Heaven. Thus, each one striving to Hierarchy can fulfill the Higher Will through a task given from Above. Thus, We build through Hierarchy; hence each Indication should be fulfilled as given by the Hierarch. Only thus can one fulfill the Higher Will. Therefore one should truly guard the wish of the Hierarch. As pearls of the spirit one should guard the entire affirmed Source.

102. The self-sacrificing heart of an Agni Yogi contains the pain of the world, but it is a rare manifestation. As is said in a most ancient psalm. "I shall encompass within my heart the sorrow of the world. I shall incandesce the heart as the womb of Earth. I shall saturate it with lightnings. The new heart is the shield of the world. I shall inscribe upon it the sign of the Earth-Mother. The Cross of the Mother will be the sign of My fire." Thus knew the ancients.

And again a loyal heart is in the Service of the world. Therefore I say health must be guarded. A vessel filled to the brim must be carried with |caution.

One may rejoice at the kindling of the fire of he heart. Let us not forget how unexpectedly new fires are kindled.

103. Controversies are the carpet of the father of lies. The one who treads on it cannot see a man without maligning. The controversies in science usually stand upon the same carpet. It is amazing to what an extent people fill themselves with interpretations in which they do not believe. The contemporary churches are the best example of why the highest manifestation does not alter life. Therefore, let us protect the all-embracing heart.

104. For the evolution of the spirit the fusion of consciousness and heart is needed. When the forces are disunited, the spirit cannot act. Therefore striving for fusion of the subtle energies is so needed. In the entire cosmic constructiveness forces are in correlation, and by dissociation one can only suspend the preordained development. Therefore, the blended consciousness is being affirmed. Each force is in need of manifestation of a strained action, the more saturated, the more powerful. Hence, the fusion of the levers of heart and consciousness should be intensified.

105. The word that issues from the heart saturates space. Hence, thoughts that flow in an impetuous torrent form a sphere which becomes a defense against the poisonous gases of the planet. Thoughts become a defensive net for humanity. Only these luminous emanations give the strength to withstand the darkness. Hence it is so important to stratify space with words of the heart, they contain light. Thus humanity is uplifted upon the wings of thought. Thus evolution is being built.

106. What is the treasure of the heart? Not only benevolence, not only compassion, not only devotion to the Hierarchy but consonance with the Cosmic Consciousness when the heart, besides its own rhythm, even partakes in the cosmic rhythm. Such a heart can be trusted; it possesses straight-knowledge, it feels and knows, and as a manifested link with the Higher World it expresses the indisputable. The manifestation of the treasure of the heart is also very important for the formation of the subtle body. Try to imagine how important is the experiment with the subtle body. The densifying of the subtle body can give that of which the Teaching of Shambhala so sacredly speaks. One may have an unconquerable host, one may have irreplaceable co-workers, true, only; temporary ones, but beyond the conditions of corporeal life.

107. The cosmic currents pass through the heart of an Agni Yogi. "The saturated heart tenses all perturbations," thus the Ancient Wisdom speaks of the heart filled with Ether. That trough which the Cosmic Space breathes, the sensitive heart breathes through also. That with which the Cosmic Heart breathes, the heart of an Agni Yogi breathes with also. Each vibration resounds upon the subtle strings of a sensitive heart, therefore one has to guard so greatly this cosmic treasure. The currents fill the heart and expand the sphere of its action; thus the cosmic correspondence is established.

108. Certainly, when wailing is borne through space, the saturated heart feels many reverberations. So great is the spatial battle and so tense are the waves of light! The Great Epoch approaches. How, then, not to overcome evil? Hence, the dark ones are so much on guard! When the great laws of Be-ness enter into life, how, then, shall the dark ones not be frightened? Thus I affirm Our Might!

Verily, it was rightly said about the significance of the fundamental principle of Our Work. Beauty has been proclaimed, therefore let us safeguard its foundation. Pearls must be guarded!

109. Why are the manifestations usually unexpected? There are two conditions firstly, expectation always creates counteraction; even a conscious expectation can provide an energy superfluous for the manifestation. Secondly, in the case of an announcement, the black lodge may incidentally be informed. The presence of even one outsider can serve as an intermediary. The entire world is divided into black and white ones. Some serve consciously, others according to their nature, and the third present a jelly-like mass unfit for anything. The black lodge is strong, because for the combat with Light a powerful potentiality is needed. It is unwise to underestimate the forces of the adversaries, especially when their beloved Kali Yuga comes to its end. Certainly it is a decisive battle and one should take care that temptation and seduction do not touch the weak ones. The location of the main seat of the lodge of the dark ones was indicated long ago.

110. In former days black masses have been celebrated and statues to Baphomet have been erected. Now the dark ones have become more dangerous, because in trying to imitate Us they have eliminated many rituals and turned to the power of thought. The struggle against Us is difficult for them, but if the disciple's trend of thought is severed they can do harm. When I indicated to unite closely around the Lord, I advised the very urgent. Altogether, one should take My Indications as most urgent advice. It is time to understand that I give the Teaching not as a soporific, but for the saturation of the entire life.

111. When all the cosmic forces are strained, there can be no retreat without destruction. When . the Forces of Light are grouped around the Light and the black ones around darkness, there is no retreat. Therefore, if the workers wish to conquer, they must gather- as a mighty force around the focus. Yes, yes, yes! If an ordinary physical form is kept together merely by the cohesion of its particles, how much more powerful is the force emanating from the Hierarch! Hence, those who wish to conquer must adhere closely to the protecting Shield, to Hierarchy only thus can one conquer. Only thus, during this threatening time of reorganization, can one live through the manifestation of turmoil. Thus, let us remember!

112. After having chosen the Lord and the Guru no retreat is possible. The path lies only onward, and sooner or later with ease or difficulties you will come to the Teacher. When the black ones surround you and close their circle, there will remain, only the path upward to the Lord. Then you will feel that the Lord is somewhere not far off and that the silver thread is above you. You have but to stretch out your hand! We can meet without the help of the black ones, but more often only he who is pressed from all sides reaches out to the silver thread, and only in distress does he learn the language of the heart. One should feel the Lord and the Guru in the heart.

113. They say, "We love and revere." But they remember it only like last winter's snow. Sleep is their lord! But the hour strikes, and the Lord will become their life and nurture. As lightning pierces the darkness, so bright will be the Image of the Lord. As a treasure they will guard each word from Above, for there will be no other way out for them. And few will be those who, having perceived Light, will be polluted by darkness. There is much of darkness around, and the path to the Lord is one. Remember about the Lord!

114. When the cosmic tension is so great, one should gather all strength for the defense of Light, because each uncertainty in Light gives access to darkness. Therefore, each foundation should be protected. When the forces are. collected around Light, how can one not adhere to the Leading One? Only in this lies strength and victory. When the Cosmic Magnet is being shifted, certainly the course of Light must be followed, because only upon this crest of the wave can one swim over the manifested torrent. Thus the thought of Light will be like the Image of the Lord.

115. If people would only remember that they are always walking upon the edge of the precipice! For so it is. At any moment they may be carried off by a successful or unsuccessful change of course. Therefore, is it not possible to have in mind this link with the cosmic course, in order to look into the precipice without a tremor while hourly remembering its existence?

116. Certainly the sensitive organism of an Agni Yogi contacts the cosmic current. Each wave is reflected upon the centers, and the receptivity of a sensitive Agni Yogi affirms the cosmic waves. That is why all cosmic and earthly waves contact the fiery centers in this way. Hence, the health must be so protected. Certainly it is difficult, but the cosmic consciousness is so wondrous.

Who will decide better and who knows better? Only the Hierarch. Therefore one has to guard every pearl. Thus, let them guard the treasures. Verily, I affirm that only thus can one conquer.

117. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, fogs, shoaling, changes of climate, sicknesses, poverty, wars, revolts, heresy, treason what other signs does humanity expect of the threatening time? Prophets are not needed, the most insignificant scribe may testify that never as yet have so many dreadful forerunners of Earth's disintegration been gathered. But deaf is the ear and obscured the vision. There has never been such an hour of disintegration as this planetary year! It is as if a path were being laid for the waves of fire, and the obsolete monsters of other days creep away unwilling to realize the price of that which takes place. Verily, the world is sustained by Magnets as imperceptible as the air and the flame of space, and just as indispensable as light. The Magnets sent by Us for Our manifestation are like the anchors of a ship tossed in the storm.

118. Thus one can see the end of Kali Yuga. It depends upon humanity where will be the beginning of Satya Yuga. We know that Satya Yuga is preordained, but its location and conditions may differ. My warriors, I can assemble you according to usefulness and devotion.

Man has fallen into a dark pit and closed the outlet with a black cover.

119. Thought controls the vital impulse. How, then, can one display so little of striving toward purification and development of thought? Consciousness attracts all vital expressions, and the creator of thought saturates space. Therefore it is so imperative to strive to broad thoughts and to the understanding of the foundations of Life. Each life is built upon its own orbit, and each life has a foundation upon which all actions must correspond to the Highest. Hence each thought must be directed to true achievement and must guard the highest striving. The quality of striving depends upon the impulse. Therefore one should develop all thoughts leading to the refinement of consciousness. Thus one can build a higher step.

120. Hence, when the highest striving toward the Lord is offered, the manifested orbit and focus should be guarded. Therefore, all Our Abutments should be protected, because clouds are all around. Victory is predestined, but all foundations should be protected, and the highest striving can bring all possibilities. The time is severe but wondrous. It is a time of consummation and construction. It is a time of highest tension and of earthly battle. It is a time which inscribes a great page and which is building a great future. Therefore the enemies rage, for the Highest Law enters into life.

121. Our Shield is one, therefore We value full realization. Partial glimpses are often extinguished. Hence one should be able to discern complete devotion. Only thus can one attain and broaden the consciousness. One should proceed by the higher path.

122. Chiefly, do not become dwarfs. For a dwarf even the threshold of a door is more difficult to overcome than a mountain. The thoughts of a dwarf will lead to shallow-mindedness and afterward to disintegration. It was correctly remarked that one should observe the influence of the basic aura. Those who have accepted it can cooperate, but its denial will be an actual sign of unfitness. One does not have to be persuaded about foundations; if they are not within the heart, nothing can explain them. Therefore, do not observe the motions of life as dwarfs. Likewise, the Teacher should not be adopted by the brain of subterranean dwarfs.

123. In Kurdistan there is a ruin called "the castle of errors." It is said that the castle was built by error, its location was chosen by error, the owner married by error, conducted wars by error, had councilors by error, gambled by error, fell ill by error, and perished by error. Only a certain amount of errors can be tolerated!

124. When various currents are gathering, measures should certainly be taken against them. Various currents are governed by counteractive measures. All hostile currents require bridling. Thus each arrow aimed at the Shield will be turned against the enemy. Thus the boomerang acts, and the currents of Our reactions will be powerful. Thus one must act, protecting all foundations and all the highest indications of the Hierarch. Verily, only thus can one attain.

125. Observe how people read the Teaching. Observe which passages they avoid and try not to notice. People especially often close their eyes to everything referring to betrayal and psychic murder. They do not even wish to consider that they can harm at a distance by their thoughts. Thus people avoid that in which they are most often guilty. One does not have to be a giant of thought in order to harm. Even a mediocre thought poisoned by the crystal of imperil will be very effective. To conceive treason means to accomplish an evident half of the whole, because an already poisoned shell will be receptive to the slightest impetus. Verily, poisoning by thoughts is even more harmful than narcotics. Likewise, one can remind about infection through thought-transmission. One may be weakened to such an extent that each infection can easily approach. Thought is like a key with which to open.

126. How can one avoid harm from the thoughts sent? Follow the one and same advice intensify the striving toward the Lord. Along this direction one can acquire immunity. Therefore, I advise realizing Hierarchy from the highest spiritual striving to even the smallest bodily requirements; the silver thread is needed everywhere. Obstinacy and the black lodge will seek in every way to divert the thoughts from Hierarchy. Although subservience is highly developed among them, they keep it for themselves, knowing the immutability of this law.

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