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400. Compared to the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom provides far more feasible experiments. If one understood Agni Yoga, one could feel to what an extent the influence of man exerts itself on animals. It can be seen to what an extent irritation or fear or assurance is transmitted to them. Certainly the law of Yogism extends from a "deadly eye" to resurrection. But through a multitude of intermediate steps one may observe various effects. Those who approach Agni Yoga should be warned of the possible consequences of thoughtless actions. How many unpleasantnesses might be avoided by simple self-discipline, to which one should accustom oneself. How many achievements accumulated through centuries are swept away by an unrestrained roaring. One must think of self-perfectment. One must arouse in oneself the superiority of the spirit, which will always be sustained by Hierarchy.

401. The superiority of the spirit will not come if we do not strive toward it. One must assimilate the thought about the transitoriness of the earthly hour and the immutability of the Infinite. Thus Agni Yoga is linked inseparably with Infinity and Hierarchy. Likewise, one can transport oneself to the microcosm of the heart, which contains the reflexes of the far-off worlds. How enticing it is to understand within oneself the rhythms that guide the planet! Certainly, at the time of disturbances it is difficult, but how wondrous it is to adhere to the Cosmic Magnet.

402. All cosmic disturbances are reflected upon and mutually intensified by vital manifestations. Each energy corresponds to a vital manifestation. Thus when the imbalance and destruction of all the old foundations are affirmed on the planet, the subterranean fire, whirlwinds, and physical destruction of the crust are powerfully intensified. When the fiery sign of Hierarchy is. being affirmed on the planet, conditions are indeed intensified by the vivifying fire. Thus, the great affirmation is asserted by the highest fire of the life of Hierarchy.

403. Can you indicate any disparagement in the Decrees of the Teacher? You cannot, for then the Teacher would not be worthy of this title. But can you vouch for your own actions, since disparaging is contrary to the Brotherhood? Disparagement is involution, whereas upliftment is evolution. We serve evolution. One can find Commands, warnings, and even indignation, but there is no disparagement in Our Works. Even Our adversaries are not belittled. Two types of people differ especially some will create something great, even out of a small hint; others will create a repulsive image, even out of a beautiful vision. Each one judges according to his consciousness. One is great in heart; the other has a heart like a dried mushroom, which one must soak in water before it is of use. Verily, one must redeem all mistakes. Remember this law.

404. It is said that the shirt on a traitor burns. One can notice how things are ruined in the proximity of a sick psychic energy.

405. When the centers are fierily intensified, it means that correspondence with the cosmic perturbations should be found. The signs are accurate and ascertained by close bonds between Cosmos and an Agni Yogi. Thus the bond reveals concordance with all currents of space. Thus a striving Agni Yogi displays a responsive vibration to all fiery manifestations. Therefore, health must be guarded. A very important time; space vibrates and the whirlwinds are powerful.

406. A traveler is in need of indications. Success is a very sensitive flower. The seeds can be planted only at a designated time. One must leave the house in time. But when the Teacher ordains the sowing, not a moment should be lost. Only children can think that if today has passed, tomorrow will be better. But a courageous mind understands that success that is missed will not be repeated. Even the sun does not shine uniformly. Refinement of understanding should be developed. The complexity of the time will increase. He who did not discriminate yesterday will not be resourceful tomorrow. The Teacher foresees an undeferrable, immediate sowing.

407. A hurricane may bring heaps of gold ashore; human turmoil can likewise yield treasures. One must remember that turmoil intensifies energies. The Teacher is on vigil. The Teacher observes the imperceptible functions. He knows who will discriminate and who will be able to receive the gifts.

408. The kings of spirit where are they? Often people place themselves on the level of a king of spirit, forgetting that the most essential quality of a king of spirit is his following of a Hierarch. Can one ascend to the level of a king of spirit by neglecting the Hierarch? Can one expect esteem for oneself through disparaging the Hierarch? Do not those who oppose the Hierarch carry ineradicable stains on themselves? Thus, let humanity remember and ponder upon how to become true kings of spirit! Thus, one may warn those who wish to become kings of spirit. Not by self-glorification do we reach the kingly step of spirit. Not by striving to an evident self-doom can one reach the affirmation of the step of a king of the spirit.

Therefore, We advise each one to follow a Hierarch.

409. Thus, We have a list of those following a Hierarch, those denying a Hierarch, and those who openly oppose the Most High. Certainly the life of each one who, if only a few times, opposes a Hierarch, becomes very complicated, because such is the law of life. Hence it must be realized how important it is to follow a Hierarch. Thus, the important time must be attested. Thus, one should have an understanding of the manifested time. Thus, We attest the New World. Indeed, the dark ones are infuriated and frightened, but We are more powerful than darkness. Thus, all dug-pas condemn themselves to annihilation.

410. Again the deniers of Hierarchy will come and term it leadership by coercion. Again you will tell them, "Hierarchy has nothing in common with coercion. It is the revealing law which discloses." We oppose any coercion. We do not direct the energy without the consent of the co-worker. We know the worthlessness of everything superficial and outwardly propelled. Like a builder, We summon co-workers. But We leave him, who is not in need of Our boat, to cross the ocean even if it be on a bamboo stick. Yet people often are so fearful of all cooperation that they are ready to plunge into mud rather than contact the Highest. Many times you will have to sunder yourself from people on account of Hierarchy. They would rather accept Infinity, because they do not feel their responsibility before it. Furthermore, the unavoidableness of the law of Hierarchy disturbs the limited, selfish mind. Learn not to insist where you see that the path is besmirched. One cannot go against karma. But a multitude of foolish ones have sinned against Hierarchy, hence the froth of their irritation.

411. When the world is plunged into the darkness of denial, then indeed, one must expect the destruction of old unfit foundations, for how else can the world be regenerated? How can humanity come to its senses if not by the shattering of all unfit foundations? Only when the new and affirmed great principles of Hierarchy are realized by humanity will it be possible to confirm humanity's salvation. Thus, We intensely impel the planet to the principles of the Hierarchy of Good. The loss of the highest concepts must be compensated for, because each lost principle brings cosmic upheavals. Thus, humanity must be regenerated upon the principle of Hierarchy.

412. Only by renewal of thinking can humanity attain the new planetary step. What a spatial tension surrounds the planet! Such ominous forebodings have taken place only before a stupendous cosmic conflict. Therefore, only when Our Hierarchy shall be affirmed can humanity be saved.

413. The contemporary dugpas do not find labor too difficult. One has only to say, "How beautiful you are," and the fruit will fall. But if one slackens, then the dugpa will tenderly advise, "Defer." Thus, he will find a moment when the man lays aside his strength and possibilities. Certainly, a third and most beloved expedient still remains precisely gold.

We protect only those upon the right path. When someone wavers in darkness, he falls out of the area of the Ray.

414. What thorns people weave into their wreaths of life! What strength people dissipate to counteract those principles upon which life itself is maintained! How many unnecessary thorns surround people, transforming their lives into regress! People will not understand the higher Wisdom if they do not first of all understand the law of Hierarchy that upon which the entire life is founded; that by which the world progresses; that upon which evolution is built; that upon which the best steps and pages of history have been constructed. Thus, humanity cannot evade the great law of Hierarchy. Self-destruction is the only direction along which those bereft of the understanding of Hierarchy proceed; thus, the thorns directed against Hierarchy turn into a dark path. Thus, the great law of Hierarchy must be safeguarded as a leading principle.

415. In the small and in the great, one must be imbued with the guiding law of Hierarchy. Thus only will one be able to build the great future.

Upon the blending of the arcs of consciousnesses is life built. Hierarchy and leadership are affirmed upon the cosmic law. Hence creativeness of spirit is so essentially imbued with the Cosmic Magnet. Thus, the leader is in contact with the Cosmic Magnet, and the entire saturation of the world can be intensified by this great law. Thus We create through the merging of consciousness and heart.

416. Hierarchy is goal-fitting cooperation thus this part of the Teaching could be termed. But let us not be concerned if you use the old Greek word Hierarchy. If someone interprets it according to the conventional understanding, he will only prove that his brain is not yet ready for cooperation.

417. Each spirit creates its own karma. Each nation builds its own Karma. Certainly nations are looking for a leader, because even an established prestige cannot sustain those people who think erroneously. Neither gold nor vulgar, glamorous names, nor piles of inapplicable counsels will save a nation. Verily, the fiery thought, the fiery spirit of the leader will provide new ways. Therefore, let the star of the Spiritual Leader shine brightly at the time of cosmic perturbations. Thus, let the great Realm of Light rise upon the ruins of the old world.

Thus, the attraction has been manifested as a great Might. Thus, the time of the great predestined New World has come. Therefore, woe to those who go against Hierarchy!

418. Diseases are divided as sacred, karmic, and those that are admitted. The first two concepts are easily understood, but precisely in the book Hierarchy one should mention the admitted ones. Who or what permits these diseases? Certainly ignorance and the horror of non-realization. It is not enough not to think about them. Children likewise do not think of them, yet become infected. One should protect oneself in consciousness and create an invulnerable armor of nerve emanations. Even severe epidemics cannot develop if people master their consciousnesses. An experiment with the substance of psychic energy would indicate what powerful antiseptics people carry within themselves. For this, two conditions are necessary: the first realization of psychic energy; the second realization of Hierarchy as the sole path for the increase of psychic energy. One should not look upon Hierarchy as something abstract. One should realize firmly that it is the most powerful life-giver. We call it the primary remedy. But even a pill must be swallowed and an ointment applied. There is no effect from a remedy that is in a trunk.

Likewise, the Benefaction of Hierarchy must be taken by striving. Thus, an irrevocable striving will afford a healing result.

419. You have witnessed many magic methods, and finally you have come to the understanding of the magnet of the heart and to the realization of psychic energy. Indeed, why is a substitute needed if one can receive the might of the Source itself? Many accumulations are accepted by humanity instead of striving to the Higher World. People presume that it is easier to reiterate the unrealized formulas than to cognize that which is the closest to the human essence. Striving upward is not natural to men when the spirit suffers. But is it not better to substitute higher striving for suffering?

420. Illumination of the spirit! How can one reach this step? How can one penetrate into the primary source, of Truth, if not by adhering to Hierarchy? The spirit can be illumined only through the source of Light. Where can one find a leading ray, if not in Hierarchy? Humanity has been drawing its power, not from within itself, but from the power of the great Hierarchy. Thus through centuries Our creativeness has guided humanity. Thus man can be directed only by tin Higher Power of Hierarchy. The illumination of the spirit is assuredly the path of adherence to the highest Hierarchy. Hence, those who search for Truth can find the significance of Be-ness only in the path of ascent toward Hierarchy, otherwise life remains a vicious circle, and for milleniums the spirit will not find its liberation. Thus, the law of Hierarchy is the leading principle.

421. The spirit cannot be affirmed and display its strength without drawing its power from Hierarchy. The spirit cannot manifest power without adopting the Higher Power; therefore each creator of life is a link in the great Hierarchy. Thus, also Our Guidance is the great Regency.

422. If you know that an exalted, self-denying thought physically changes one's aura and even induces rays from the shoulders, then you already know one of the great mysteries of the world. Each visibility is the reflex of a material reaction. Thus, if irritation generates imperil, then each exalted thought must create an opposite beneficial substance. And so it is. Certainly Bliss is a complete reality. It is generated in the cortical system and reacts upon the brain matter. The Tibetan ringse has a deep significance, being the sediment crystallized by the manifestation of Bliss. Certainly it is difficult to investigate the substance of Bliss while alive, for the heart and brain cannot be touched. The manifestation of imperil is much easier to approach, in the nerve channels of the extremities. But at the same time it would be unjust to disclose to humanity the negative substance and to presuppose only theoretically the existence of the most salutary substance. Of course, in the laboratory which is being created both substances will be demonstrated. We shall not assist the usual experiments, but where the steps of evolution are being built Our Hand will be on guard! First, We shall give attention to establishing the fact of imperil. Afterward, We shall define the ways of the manifestation of Bliss. If ancient science preserved fragmentary memories about the sediments of Bliss, then, certainly a biochemist can show more contemporary proofs of it. Later, these experiments upon the substance of the organism will be transferred to spatial energies. And again we shall understand why Bliss has the closest correlation to Hierarchy.

423. Indeed, it is not necessary to call forth irritation, because men are filled to the brim with it. It is only necessary to lock six bipeds in one room and within an hour the door will be shaking from imperil. It is more difficult with Bliss, but here, also, the knowledge of Agni Yoga and close cooperation with certain plants will provide a perceptible result. Certainly the densification of the astral body will provide irreplaceable possibilities.

A difficult time affords new approaches, and the tread of the New World is already audible.

424. Roses are beneficial for Bliss. All helpful means should be assembled. Not without reason was the rose the symbol of mystery in alchemy. But nowadays rose oil is very poorly prepared.

425. Verily inscrutable are Our ways! To the ignorant it seems that the invisible world does not exist; they show prejudice against everything not perceptible to their coarse senses. Truly, since man cannot accept the sacred ways, how will he understand the highest and limitless foundation of life? Man must realize and feel all the subtle sensations; without this, there can be no correspondence and affirmation evidenced by the understanding of Hierarchy.

426. Faith is the presentiment of knowledge. In the multiformity of the All-Existent, faith has an actual foundation. Like a motive force, faith intensifies the energy and through this increases the working capability of space. One can welcome the tensity of energy when it is connected with the manifestation of the substance of Bliss. Thus We can point out the most evident path of faith together with an uplifted and refined consciousness. Certainly, Hierarchy is that megaphone which will stir the heavens to thunder.

427. Despair is the death of faith. But faith is knowledge. Therefore despair is the death of knowledge, the death of all accumulations. Despair is always connected with a feeling of issuelessness. The usual method of the dark ones is to confine their victim in a circle without issue and then urge him to crime. Indeed, where can the victim turn if he is not aware of the path upward? For those who know the Bliss of Hierarchy there can be no such thing as issuelessness and despair. Thus, one can trace to what an extent the Teaching has in mind an essential, direct benefit, which can be given to everyone who knows how to look upward.

428. One must learn to address oneself to Hierarchy as the most immutable. What power the invocation of Hierarchy can give one, without waste and wavering! But these waverings, though swifter than a heartbeat, can sting the consciousness worse than a deadly viper. One must accustom oneself to constant communion with Hierarchy. Only thus is the nest of life built in the heart.

429. The earthly life span cannot be lived through without Hierarchy. But the difference lies in the kind of hierarchy that can be comprised by the consciousness. In disintegration one can turn to the hierarchy of gold and even to the hierarchy of gluttony.

430. How much significance people attribute to their ego! How people dread that their personality may be intruded upon by something incomprehensible to their consciousness! How people dread to adhere to the Highest and prefer to remain on the boundary of darkness! Each intention brings one closer to a better decision if the spirit strives toward the Hierarchy of Bliss. Man can ascend each step in evolution if he accepts the Leading Hand and each Command of Hierarchy. History is built by the Hierarchy of life. The best steps of humanity were built by Hierarchy. The best achievements were affirmed by Hierarchy. Thus one can attain only through Hierarchy.

Thus is the Great Time affirmed, and We saturate space with a lofty call.

431. A sensitive heart is close to the sensitive ear. A sensitive heart transforms the brain. The lack of heart annihilates all previous accumulations. What is the use of literacy if only superficial eyes measure the curves of a hieroglyph! Onerous is the Burden of the World! Filled to the brim is the Chalice of the Keepers of the Magnet! Flaming hearts can combat everywhere the annihilation of the essence of Bliss. One can comprehend why one should become accustomed to understanding the heart as the propellant of Be-ness. One can understand how the thread of the heart is linked with Hierarchy. If the heart is withered the brain will not be kindled to consciousness. Thus we realize chemically how an organism becomes part of the great Heart of the Universe. When I advise cautiousness it means that outer conditions set the over-filled Chalice atremor.

432. How, then, does humanity, hope to save its Karma and advance its evolution? Certainly not by denial of the great foundations, not through disparaging the highest principles, not by destruction of the affirmed and manifested Origins! Still, humanity continues to base its principles upon destruction, not realizing that breaking away from the great Hierarchy carries it to the abyss. Thus, self-destruction is the fate of all servitors of darkness. Thus, as long as humanity directs itself to the limitations established by darkness it will not find the path to the Highest Light and salvation.

433. What state flourishes without a great leader? What affirmed undertaking has existed without a leader? Verily one must understand that the concept of a leader is the synthesis of all the highest strivings. Thus, only the concept of Hierarchy, of an Illumined Leader, can direct the spirit. Thus, let all, all, all ponder upon and remember the Might of Hierarchy. Only through this realization can one advance. Only through this realization can one attain.. Let it be remembered that each stone thrown at Hierarchy will be transformed into a mountain against oneself. Thus let all remember! Thus We proclaim the Leader the Hierarch!

434. Help each other, harken! Help in the small and in the great. Help is a rap upon the future. You know not which is the drop that filled the cup to the brim. I shall remind you of a tale of ancient India: King Rishiputra could no longer sleep. He summoned a Sage to restore his sleep to him. The Sage said, "King, examine thy couch." The royal couch was examined, and a stone was found in the folds of the sheets. The King rejoiced, believing that this was the cause of his affliction. But sleep did not return and the Sage repeated his advice. Again the couch was examined, and a dead butterfly was found. Again the King was sure that the cause of his sleepless-ness was discovered. But his sleep did not return. The Sage said, "There is no effect without cause. Thou thyself, King, examine thy couch; for nothing can take the place of one's own eye." And the King found under his pillow a grain of gold, small as a mustard seed. "This minute grain could not have harmed me," thought the King. But sleep immediately closed his eyes. In the morning the Sage pointed out to the King, "The downfall of the spirit is not measured by fourths. The treasures of war cannot outweigh a seed taken from a widow. Help, King, wherever help can reach."

Help wherever the hand can reach, wherever a thought can fly. Thus shall we rap upon the future. Hence, let us remember that each hour taken from oneself will be recorded for the future. One must become accustomed to the fact that Our cooperation brings all that is needed if the hand that holds the current does not wither.

The heart aflame with help is Our heart. Thus we may face the time which is terrible for the ignorant, but bright for the knowing.

435. When will humanity learn to understand wherein consists the true dignity of a nation? When will humanity understand that the sacred spirit should be protected, and that the carriers of thought, as the sole source, can guide nations? Thus, through the annihilation of thought one may deprive a nation of its strength or of the predestined influence. Hence each nation should take care of its Pilot first of all, since the boat without a rudder cannot withstand the storm. Therefore, the great care of a nation and of each construction must be founded upon Hierarchy; for each structure must be saturated by the power from Above. Thus, as long as the understanding of Hierarchy is not affirmed, humanity will sink in the ignorance and darkness of destruction.

This is why the dark ones are on watch, for they sense how powerfully the world searches for and is in need of reconstruction thus the dark ones affirm their own ruin!

436. Let no one think that without the energies of the heart he can comprehend help, cooperation, and Hierarchy. Neither the mind nor intellectual erudition will enlighten where only the tensity of the heart can kindle the rainbow of complete comprehension. The shield of heart-comprehension is most lasting. The sword pierces suffering, but the heart is the stronghold of the hero. To you, the keepers of the Stone, only heroism is befitting. Only unwaveringness and courage befit you. The ecstasy of a hero comes again with the tension of the heart.

437. Truly, in the days of perturbations there exists only one salvation for humanity. Thought that leads to the understanding of Hierarchy is the only way by which humanity can be brought to the goal of realization of the highest affirmed Hierarchy. Thus, in the days of chaos one can say that only by following the Hierarchy can one reach the best step, for the leadership of the spirit is the all-comprising and all-encompassing might.

Thus it can be asserted when the Cosmic Magnet transmits its might to humanity through the leadership of the spirit. Therefore, one should adopt progress through Hierarchy as the salvation of the planet.

438. Even the imagination is created by a lengthy experience of accumulations through the centuries, and all qualities of the spirit pertain to the same law. The quality of heroism must also be created and tempered in life. We do not casually remind you of the days of past heroism, at the hour when the firmness of the spirit must again be evidenced. We remind of how soon the valiant and invincible heroism must be manifested. Thus the accumulations of the spirit are awakened. How, then, can the realization of the beauty of heroism be created if it has not be n justified by experience in life? How, then, can one affirm that heroism is beautiful, if the spirit remembers not the transport of the rays of achievement? What, then, can lift us above the chaos of mediocrity if not the wings of achievement? Thus, it is best when Hierarchy can evoke a spark of the very same feelings which formerly strengthened and uplifted the spirit.

439. One should gather the armor of the spirit when the earth is atremor. Can the mountains be in dread and trees be in terror? Certainly they can, if their spirit is in contact with the developed consciousness of man. But can the lake rejoice and the flowers be merry? Certainly they can, if flowers even wither under the glance of man. Such is the correlation between the lowest and highest links of Hierarchy. Only a very refined spirit will find within himself the courage to acknowledge a brother even in a rock.

440. Great firmness, great determination must be evidenced when the goal is communion with Us. But even a minor treason generates numerous calamities. I warn those who have ears.

441. In the mighty shifting of nations what can be the saving manifestation? What else can provide the direction to the Good if not the way toward Hierarchy? When the spirit of humanity sinks into the lower strata, what can bring it to the higher understanding if not adherence to Hierarchy? The Epoch of Fire approaches, which" will bring to humanity great attainments and equally great transmutations, because the Epoch of Fire can be assimilated by the spirit that adheres to Hierarchy.

Our co-workers must therefore understand that only through fiery striving can one attain. In the Epoch of Fire one can build only by fire. Each indifference, each delay, each display of egoism is the manifestation of ruin. But the disparagement of Hierarchy is most heinous of all.

442. If you want to ponder upon the Three Pearls of the World, can you feel your heart as a summit, bestowing power upon the three sacred rivers, which nurture many lands? Can you master the trinity of consciousness without diminishing one part? The spirit must be acustomed to divisibility. One can imagine amidst sloping hills a strong snowy summit, which takes upon itself all the burden of the whirlwinds. So rises an Arhat, who takes upon himself the entire burden of imperfection. As clouds hover around the summit, sometimes screening it from earthly eyes, so the wearisome burdens of the world pierce the Chalice of an Arhat. One must possess the stronghold of striving in order to nurture the rivers, gathering the whole invincible Service to Hierarchy. Why is the Service called great? Because it approaches the Infinite. This is the measure by which you can think of the Three Pearls of the World.

443. If I again say that the currents are difficult, the ignorant may ask, "But when will they be different?" I will say, "Within the defile of darkness the calm of death may exist, but upon the summits are the whirlwinds of the far-off worlds." Thus, guard your health.

444. The Spatial Fire rages especially when the evidence of human imperfection manifests itself on a powerful scale. The Fire, permeating all vital cosmic manifestations, rushes impetuously to the formation of new bodies. But when there are no corresponding manifestations in the vital actions of humanity, then, certainly, destruction asserts itself both in Cosmos and in the human affirmation. As Cosmos has its center of Cosmic Fire, so humanity must realize its fiery center in the Hierarchy, which guides humanity and imbues it with the powerful leading principle. Thus, one can strive to the realization of the Highest Hierarchy of the fiery Heart.

Thus, humanity must realize all the best strivings. Only thus can one progress in evolution. Verily, only by adhering to Hierarchy can one advance. Hence, in the great time of shifting, humanity can be saved only through Hierarchy. Therefore it is so imperative to realize the greatness of the Leader as the Saviour of nations. The time is austere, but great. Thus we shall construct the great future.

445. The approach is endless; so, too, are defeats. Few will discern where is victory and where defeat. One must know the relation of spiritual growth to the victory over darkness. Darkness can display the Maya of well-being, whereas Light can attest to violent commotions. Each one strives along the shortest path, but who is capable of imagining the best achievements? Only the link with Hierarchy can reveal the uniqueness of the best path. Our decision is to consider achievement as the shortest path. The dark ones consider fearlessness as a bad sign. We have determined not to avoid the steep path. For them, each ascent is an unnecessary dissipation of strength. With Us, the Ray of Light is a bridge of granulations, but they dream of a void. We understand each daring leap; for them, it is but recklessness. Thus, between the daring of wisdom and the recklessness of treason stands only the heart. It will safeguard and open the Gates of Hierarchy. He will err less who follows the silver thread stretched from his heart to the heart of the Teacher.

446. It is necessary to accept the one direction to that Heart where there is no refusal. The channel of the heart must be purified. Will it not be the protecting net of the planet, like the silver threads of destinies? One should not think of the heart as of a blob of lower matter. If so, how to contact the Highest World?

One must accustom oneself to the thought of victory. Otherwise, how many defeats are but the consequences of indifference. Indifference is already defeat; as in the present, so in the future.

447. During great constructions, certainly the battle is also great, because the dark ones are afraid of losing their weapons. Thus, each striving directed to the Good undoubtedly calls forth attacks. However, one should understand the invulnerability of the servitor of Light, for when the heart is flamingly imbued with the Hierarchy, all hostile attacks can be overcome. Indeed, it must be understood that each personal feeling undermines the roots of the great structure. Thus, so much of the wondrous is destroyed by humanity, because Leadership was rejected. Therefore no one will be successful who has not realized the greatness of Leadership. Thus, the closest and the most distant ones must sense the current of each affirmed law.

448. Hierarchy is cooperation. But with cooperation, the intensification of energies results in a continuous circuit of sparks, from above downward and from below upward. The dynamo producing this flaming torrent is the heart. It means that above all else. Hierarchy is the Teaching of the Heart. One should be accustomed to understanding the heart as the central motive power. One cannot understand the flame without understanding the significance of the heart. I spoke to you of many centers, but just now I especially stress the Chalice and the heart. The Chalice is the past, the heart is the future. Now, certainly, we comprehend that the ascent is accomplished only along the single silver thread! Therefore, let us be especially cautious with the predestined structure. The chemist values a rare reaction in a certain test tube, and nothing in the world will repeat this reaction if the test tube is broken. So it is with Our construction.

449. Likewise the heart should be understood as the unique natural link between the visible and invisible worlds. Many secretions bind the lowest strata of both worlds, but only the thread of the heart can lead into the Infinite. In this lies the difference between magic and the nature of the spirit. Thus, I advise, first of all, to pay attention to the heart as the source of the predestined unification of the worlds. It should not be thought that Hierarchy is only discipline; it is the advance into the Higher World.

450. The realization of the immutability of the plan directs each trend of thought to Truth. Creativeness of the spirit demands a saturated onward striving; therefore each wavering carries away a constructive approach. The fundamental quality of creativeness is the direct following of the Hierarchy. Only thus can it be affirmed that the path will lead to the highest attainments. How else can humanity contact the Spatial Fire if not through the approach to Hierarchy? Thus, the leading principle of Hierarchy fierily impels humanity to a new advance. Without this mighty progress darkness will engulf the planet.

451. If one were to expound the condition and aims of Yoga, the number of applicants would not be great. For them the renunciation of selfhood would be dreadful. When a Yogi feels the same during want or plenty; when he feels himself only a disposer of means; when he feels his destination in bringing service to the world and his holiday in communion with the Higher Forces such a way of life, with the assumption of all the burdens or surrounding imperfections, will not be pleasant to many. Many are altogether incapable of thinking about the future, lulling themselves with the misunderstood letters of the Scriptures. We must not think too much of the earthly, yet it is not said anywhere that we should not think of the future. The thought of the future is already like gates to the Infinite. Thus, think of the future, and you may be sure that this thought will be supported by Hierarchy.

452. One should think of Us precisely as of an Inexhaustible Spring; otherwise the earthly rivers may dry up. Much has already been said by Us about the Teaching being a source of life. It should be understood that the linking of the worlds would already be a salutary conquest.

453. How easy it is to ameliorate life only by striving to a manifest victory of the spirit! Is it possible that all the discoveries of science have not broadened human thinking?

454. When you understand the foundations of Hierarchy, We shall proceed to an explanation of the centering of the spirit in the heart. In order to link the chain of the worlds it will be necessary to give special attention to the heart. Only thus shall we keep within the boundaries of a natural growth of the spirit. The abode of the spirit is in the heart. Thoughts about Hierarchy are spiritualized by the heart. Thus we shall remain as before in the essence of a true accumulation.

455. The power of Guidance imbues humanity with all strivings. Each attainment directed to progress is affirmed by the Higher Will. The guaranty is manifested only by affirmation of the correlation between the Higher Will and assimilation. Thus is revealed to humanity a direct bond between the Hierarchy and the disciple. Thus, verily, the great Might underlies the silver thread that links all the best inceptions. Truly, it can be affirmed that victory underlies the bond with the Higher Will.

456. Everyone whose consciousness can already contain the significance of Hierarchy must first of all renounce blasphemy of the spirit.

Much unworthy blasphemy is uttered and thought amidst the usual work of day and night. The most dangerous poison is produced by these imperceptible treasons. Often their consequences are more dreadful than one misdeed through crass ignorance. It is not easy to break the habit of the abomination of blasphemy, for the boundary between the white and the black is complicated. We call this contamination a black ulcer similar to cancer. Besides, the meaning of cancer in general is not far distant from the consequences of a spiritual abomination. Like striving to the Guide, one should develop in oneself comprehension of the Highest Hierarchy. Ponder that in concluding our notes about Hierarchy We do not conclude anything, but only open the next Gates.

457. Spirit-creativeness is the most powerful attraction of forces. Around the seed are grouped various particles which are united by one and the same fiery attraction. Each inception can exist only through this fiery attraction. Therefore the Might of Hierarchy is that great Magnet which keeps everything in concatenation and broadens all possibilities. The principle of Hierarchy underlies all vital manifestations. The principle of Hierarchy leads the entire Cosmos. Thus, spirit-creativeness imbues with fire all manifestations of space. The symbol of Great Guidance is established in Cosmos.

458. Fear generates ugliness. Nothing that proceeds from fear can have a worthy importance. It is impossible to approach Hierarchy through fear. It is not possible to understand the application of the Highest Chain before realizing the harm of fear. There are many ways to Hierarchy. But the slippery unsteadiness of fear will not endure the ascent upon the rocks, and a trembling hand will not feel the handrails which have been carefully prepared. The condition of fearlessness must be understood equally with devotion. Broad is devotion, but you remember how multicolored is fear. A man who is not even bad may be frightened, and this infection can forever deprive him of ascent. Hence, one should cure oneself of fear.

Besides psychic energy, musk is useful, because it strengthens the nervous system and kindles the protective net. Thus the strengthening of the centers of the heart and Chalice gives a necessary strength to the protective net. Heart, fiery Chalice, illumine the path of the ascending ones!

459. The ways of the heart, the fiery ways that lead to the ascension of the spirit, are developed by being imbued with one and the same impulse of the attraction of the Cosmic Magnet. How many different branchings the sensitive fiery heart possesses! But its source is one, and its potentiality is imbued by the sole source. Hierarchy. The ways of the heart, the fiery ways, proceed from the great summit of Hierarchy and lead to that Pearl of the World. Thus, We affirm the flame of the heart and the wondrous silver thread that unites the worlds. Thus we conquer through creativeness manifested by the silver thread.

460. A valiant eye will not be dulled. A valiant eye will look into the sun of Hierarchy. Not cringing, not irritation, not profit, will be the gates to Hierarchy. But willing Service, a heartfelt veneration, and conscious ascent will bring one to the threshold of Light.

We finish Our writing on this Great Day, when one more step of Satya .Yuga has begun. The step of ascent was proclaimed through scriptures long ago, but the dust of the bazaar dulled people's eyes. So it is today. It will again be asked, "Where is the trumpet call, where are the wings of the angels, where is the sundering of mountains and seas?" The blind ones take the tempest for a call to the repast.

Thus, the cure is in the realization of the Hierarchy of the Heart. The Teaching will be revealed to those who have perceived the right path. The Messenger will knock at their door.

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