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201. When the world is convulsed, the sign of Maitreya is given as an antidote. When the foundation of Our Works was laid, the forces of the spirit were strengthened. Thus the sign of Maitreya has been affirmed. And in Our Day, when the manifestation is affirmed, one can repeat. How vitally the power of the spirit has entered into life and how greatly this new power has been affirmed in consciousness. Hence, the consciousness must be applied to a mighty understanding of Hierarchy, which holds the chain of all strivings. Thus, each manifestation of beauty placed by Us in the foundation of Our Works must be acknowledged as a vital action. Thus the power of the foundation consists in beauty, and striving to the fulfillment of the Higher Will, will lead to the predestined victory. Thus Our Towers should be built, verily, in beauty!

202. It is premised that around good deeds difficulties always arise. What does this prove? Does it prove the weakness of Light and the power of darkness? Let us remember, however, that with developed vision many things are perceived. Similarly, a refined spirit perceives much that is inaccessible to deadened senses. Besides, are we not in need of a counteracting force in order to become accustomed to withstanding the unmanifested elements? This benevolent force of resistance is apprehended only in action and is accumulated as an armor of the spirit. Can one complain about the development of resistance to evil? No, certainly not this armor of the spirit is not only a defense it is also a magnet which attracts allies. Therefore, bless everything that develops counteraction and resistance to evil.

203. You may meet people hastening with their attainments, and they may think that We are slow. But lead them under the night sky and point out the radiance of the countless worlds. Say, The Lord leads you toward this creativeness. Is it possible to be slow on this great path? We must prepare ourselves to be co-creators. It is necessary to preserve and multiply the seeds of consciousness, because the entire world is sustained by the power of consciousness. There is no power to withstand a Consciousness purified of egoism. One can prepare oneself to cross all bridges with a fiery consciousness which is atremor with the pulse of Cosmos, and which, in the seed of its spirit, responds to all tremors of Earth and knows the truth of the peoples. One can apply all sacred powers of the heart to becoming co-creators of the flaming Logos by conquering death. But so long as such, daring is not instilled in the heart, the consciousness cannot grow infinitely in this direction. We Call it Via Reale. Therefore, Fiat Rex is where the spirit, reverencing Hierarchy, dares!

204. Into the base of an affirmed orbit there is always set a single will, which binds all manifestations. Therefore, the focus is the radiating source that imbues all with fiery creativeness. Beautiful is the will that imbues with creativeness and impels each energy of the spirit into the higher spheres. Hence, the orbit that is built by the manifested will is expanded by the Spatial Fire through assimilation of the saturated fires and by its correlation with higher spheres. Thus, a great thought brings the spirit to great attraction, and the Will that radiates the highest fire attracts the spirit into the highest orbit. Thus, wondrous is it to be attuned with the Higher Will. Verily, only thus are revealed the orbits of the Infinite.

205. Therefore the powers of the Cosmos are so affirmed in space. Each center feels each vibration; therefore, during the changing currents the fiery centers are so sensitive. Therefore, the health must be guarded.

206. The experiment with the densified astral body, in substance, is not an attempt, but a plan-fitting inception of the Sixth Race. It should not be thought that a densified astral body will remain unstable for a long time. The preparation that can sufficiently density it has already been found. Thus, amidst the earthly turmoil We assemble a new race. Certainly, means have to be found which will purify the lowest strata of the earthly atmosphere. But already there are some possibilities. The emulsion given to you pertains to the remedies for purification, destroying poisons through the pure film of the skin.

207. Let us not think that the next race will fall from heaven on rosy wings. No, here also one cannot dispense with a laboratory. We welcome it if now thoughts about the transformation of the race are strengthened. For this, we shall not resort to the help of monkeys, but shall turn to the foundations of human nature and add the accumulations of the vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Thus the human spirit will receive a regenerated garment. Precisely, man can and must think of the future, not with prejudices, but starting from the facts of the existence of bodies of different degrees. If such degrees exist, then no one can maintain that intermediate stages based upon mutual advantage may not be found. It is difficult to understand Hierarchy if its continuity is not comprehended. Similarly, the various degrees of bodies exist when they are mutually nourished.

208. You can understand how the black lodges oppose humanity's perfectment, how they prefer the fate of Atlantis to the light of a new body. Let Us be on watch, let us be vigilant, let us follow the Lord!

209. The affirmation of the Teacher intensifies all creative forces. Without the Teacher there can be no link in the great chain of creativeness.

Hence all the forces of Cosmos which manifest the course of evolution can be affirmed on the principle of Hierarchy. How can one build without the focus of attraction? Each force has its own tensions, which call forth creative strivings from the source of cosmic fires that gathers Light and spreads Fire around itself. Verily, thus is the Cosmic Focus affirmed, and life must be built around a focus. Creativeness is limitless!

210. Therefore, only through broad realization of the focus can the best manifestation be attained. When we cognize the affirmation of Hierarchy, then each action has its focus. Hence the realization of the focus is so important. The hand that hesitates after realizing the focus is in need of strengthening. Thus, let the consciousness expand in the direction of the focus. Thus the Guru and the Tara have brought the entire creative fire.

211. Thought is the basis of creativeness. It can be visible and measured. One has to regard thought as the creation of independent action. From this understanding issues a correct attitude toward the consequences of thought. It is often asked why We do not cut off the consequences of a thought. But thought is a newborn entity of the spiritual plane. Notice, thought is not an abstraction, not a substance, but an entity with all the signs of a self-sufficient existence. As an entity of the spiritual plane, thought cannot be annihilated. It can be opposed by a similar entity of greater potentiality. In this lies the essence of Tactica Adversa, when a monster is permitted to attain its complete ugliness in order that afterward it may be destroyed by a ray of Light. Hierarchy will be the best pledge of the true might of Light.

212. Call Hierarchy your touchstone, upon which you can test the efficiency of quality; for if you do not admit the existence of the best and the most luminous, then there is no need to safeguard and perfect your own Monad. The existence of Hierarchy is the foundation of the entire life. Remember that Hierarchy acts through the legion of Service. Do not delay in assembling these legions, for there is no task more successful than Service to Hierarchy.

213. Power directed for the General Good is always multiplied in space, and there results a link with the higher spheres. But that force which emanates from evil becomes a boomerang. The formation of affirmed emanations gives power for the saturation of space. The manifestation of evil arrows tenses the lowest strata, which become densified to such an extent that a rebounding low is inevitable. Thus, each thought that is attracted to Light draws after it a bright radiation, but an infected arrow can pierce the crown of the sender's head. There are many such manifestations pointed out upon the spiritual plane. Hence, space must be guarded against infection, and the quality of thought must be kept high. Thus, one may manifest conscious cooperation.

214. Certainly, when the black lodge directs its arrows against the White Brotherhood, the consequences are self-destructive, and the manifestation of a rebounding blow is unavoidable. What you heard is a consequence of self-destruction, because the aimed arrow returned to the sender. Hence, let each one be affirmed in the understanding of Our Power. Nothing can touch the one who evidences a full faith in Our Might and in the Hierarchy. Our Rays are always on watch and Our Hand is indefatigable. Thus the full Might of Hierarchy must be understood.

215. Thought is a spatial entity. Much attention is given to thought-forms, but, except superficially, little acknowledgment is given to the effect of thought, whereas it is precisely the consequences of thought that most seriously strike the surroundings with their effect. Sound reacts upon the most unexpected objects. The reaction of thought is just as subtle. He who indulges in self-pity may lose money, or if he is wrathful, he may be subjected to serious incrimination. Thus, various are the effects of wandering thoughts. One should remember that no thought can remain without consequences. It may affect a person who is far away, but in this person the ball of fate will find its generator. Certainly there can be no accident in this, yet the design of the flight of thought is so complex! The consequences of thought should be observed as much as possible.

216. All physical tension should be eliminated, for one cannot play the violin with a broom. Also, laughter causes disturbance of the closest strata of the atmosphere. When the heart is aflame, it resounds like a bell upon the far-off distance. It is rare to hear a Yogi laugh boisterously, for his joy is not in loud laughter, but in the saturation of the heart. Precisely, "joy is a special wisdom" not only in its essence but also in its exterior.

217. One of the mighty qualities of spirit is steadfastness. How can one develop and expand one's consciousness when steadfastness is lacking? How else can one verify intentions and actions if there exists no such mighty impulse as steadfastness? For each one on the path there is but one immutable Might Hierarchy. Upon this sacred Principle one may construct; from this sacred Summit one may contemplate the world; upon this Stronghold the spirit becomes winged; upon this Summit can be built a mighty evolution.

Therefore, when the spirit tries to create an illusory world of selfhood, it is certainly difficult to advance. Thus, in limitless creativeness there is the beacon fire Hierarchy. Thus, by steadfast-ness in Service one can broaden one's consciousness and encompass the law of Fiery Hierarchy.

218. Hence, one must remember that disparagement of Hierarchy is treason; that indifference toward Hierarchy is treason; that a negligent attitude toward all that pertains to Hierarchy is treason. Thus, We affirm that responsibility must be realized for each spoken word, for each deed and each action.

How can one not be affirmed in a fiery transport to Hierarchy when the most sacred fire is Hierarchy! Therefore, let each one ponder on how better to serve Hierarchy, eliminating all evidences of selfhood, disparagement, levity, and the standardized formulas of the crowd. One should cooperate more fittingly, consciously accepting the Fiery Hierarchy.

219. The language of the subtle body is expressed through the saturation of the Brahmarandhra center; other than this, there is no need to strain oneself in pronouncing all letters. The sound of the first letter is sufficient, because the rest is understood by the heart. Likewise, the music of the spheres does not require melody, but is based upon rhythm, for the rest resounds in the heart. Precisely the heart is the link between the worlds, and only the heart can respond to the heart of the Lord and to the entire Hierarchy. One may be bereft of sight and hearing, but the heart will be the best substitute, and even a more subtle expresser of the essence.

220. During cosmic perturbations the spirit verily begins to ponder over the pages of Be-ness. When fear overcomes the spirit, every constructive will is paralyzed, and construction is stopped. The more powerfully must that spirit build which knows that a fiery striving leads it to mighty knowledge of the Cosmic Magnet. Therefore, those who follow Hierarchy must be rid of fear, for the heart that contains the greatness of the Plan is invincible; and under the fiery Shield of the powerful Hierarchy the great future is being built. Hence, amidst all cosmic perturbations and vital changes there is but one anchor Hierarchy. In it is verily salvation!

221. When We assert that Hierarchy is the Shield, it means that upon it is based the principle of the fundamentals of creativeness of the saturated fire. Therefore, We have revealed to the world the Carriers of Fires, and have given the manifestation of Beauty. Therefore, let the disciples spiritually uphold that principle which is life itself. The spiritualized Source which imbues all works must be affirmed in the heart and consciousness.

222. Unusualness is a happy quality of each decision. Let us take the instance of an illness. The physician may give his best diagnoses and all his medicines, but this usual way may not lead to improvement. But a Yogi gives advice, and this unusual decision creates a strengthening condition. The medicine of a Yogi is not from an apothecary and avoids narcotics, but it contains the secretions of glands which, like food, strengthen the substance of the nerves. The same property is possessed by the secretions of trees, the resins of which can carry through the pores of the skin the same fortification for the nearest nerves. Certainly, purified resin can be taken internally. The best purification will be through the solar ray, but this requires a long time, because the process of sedimentation is very slow. Each oil may be purified just as slowly, but this purification is not to be compared with any chemical process. Thus the unusualness of the Yogi's advice has an advantage over the usualness of that of physicians. Thus act.

223. All events collect around one focus. All signs point to the one focus. One manifested fire exists in everything, the seed of which attracts all corresponding energies. Thus all cosmic events are fulfilled. Hence, only a full realization of the one focus can direct the spiritual quests to the affirmed seed. The immutability of creativeness enters vitally when the focus is realized. For thus, verily, striving enters into the channel of action! Therefore, only in this way can we attain stead-fastness of spirit. Thus can one be imbued with a subtle realization of Infinity.

224. Hence, so beautiful are the strivings to the single focus of Hierarchy. Only thus can one assimilate all the Commands of the Highest Forces. Only thus can one approach Our Ordainments and adhere to fiery creativeness. The fiery focus, all-illuminating, all-containing, gives life to each creative inception. Therefore it is so important to comprehend Hierarchy. Yes, yes, yes!

225. Pay attention to a special characteristic of all animals and birds that exude secretions similar to musk. The furs and feathers contain an oily substance, as well as heat, as if a kind of resin or mountain oil had saturated them. The plumage of the birds takes on a metallic hue, as a result of their feeding upon roots and grains that contain much psychic energy of the vegetable kingdom, in other words, of resin. Minerals also give out psychic energy through the vegetable kingdom or through the air, where the Fire of Space has the same properties as thought manifested by the spirit. One can now understand the ancient comparison that termed thought a flame. What remarkable experiments could be performed by linking a chain of reactions of the psychic energy from minerals to the subtle body! One could observe how varied would be the reactions of the furs and feathers of certain birds and animals. Is it casual that in the ancient palaces and temples metallic peacocks were kept? One may ponder why musk animals and monal birds breed at almost equal altitudes. Are there not the same soils on the heights as in the plains? When we shall purify the atmosphere of the plains we shall have to pay attention to the depths of Earth, invoking their psychic energy.

226. The foci of life should be gathered. Thus is accumulated that quality which is called culture. Culture cannot be created instantaneously. Nor can the foci of life make their appearance like cannon balls. Thus, the manifestations of life demand tuning like the instruments of an orchestra. It would seem that I speak of various subjects, yet they are all nothing but Fire, Energy, Hierarchy!

227. The vitality of all origins is affirmed by the fiery principle of Hierarchy. Only the principle of the Highest Hierarchy affords balance and striving to each affirmation. Therefore, in establishing cosmic principles the main impulse is the Chain of Hierarchy. The creativeness of humanity depends upon these affirmations, and only adherence to the Highest Chain affords the necessary force. Thus, each chain is a link of a greater chain, and the might of this Chain reigns in Cosmos. Hence evolution intensifies each smaller chain, linking it to the great, limitless Chain of Hierarchy. Thus the Might of the fiery Hierarchy soars high. Yes, yes, yes!

228. How, then, can one be affirmed in the Chain of Hierarchy? Only through the heart and endless striving toward Service, only by complete assimilation of the Plan of the Lords and through creativeness of the spirit. Thus, verily, each one on the path must accept the Service of the heart. Thus the immutability of the Chain of Hierarchy is verily affirmed.

229. Origen reasoned, "Does Bliss emanate or is it sent?" Being aware that Bliss is an absolutely real substance of the highest psychic energy, one can understand that this reasoning had a sound basis. Thus, heat emanates from light, but a burning glass is needed to produce fire. Psychic energy certainly emanates from each organism that possesses it, but in order to receive a direct result one must gather and focus it consciously.

This consciousness is like a burning glass. It is necessary to discriminate between an unconscious flow of psychic energy and a sharpened arrow of precise consciousness. If even the highest energy does not reach the goal when sent unconsciously, then how greatly in need of a focus is human energy! Destroy the focus and the fire will not be manifested. Without fire, darkness and cold await us. Let us remember how the vivifying heat and Light can reach us.

230. One should learn to value the warmth and light of the focus, and remember that the rays of the One Light emanate from one direction. Let us compare our position to a physical law and we shall see the sole foundation for success which is unshaken. What is success if not the effect of the correct application of a law? Thus one must learn to sense the channel of Hierarchy.

Thus, often will he be held responsible who did not know how to rule, because weakness is not a justification. Where there is a burning glass there is also fire, for it is not difficult to wait for the ray of the sun. We have been waiting for centuries; it is less difficult to wait for days. Remember often that Bliss is above you and not beneath your sole!

231. When space is saturated with fires, each cluster scintillates in the centers; therefore, a sensitive organism feels all approaches, and each change of cosmic currents is reflected upon the centers. The affirmation of consonance acts upon the centers, and each vibration reflects on a particular center. Likewise, each planetary event is reflected; and during revolutions and shiftings a sensitive organism resounds to each affirmation. Science will take up the question of consonance, and it will be possible to determine exactly the action of intuition in accordance with the sensations of the centers. Only by such investigation of consonances will it be possible to determine the cause and cooperation. Hence, the study of consonances is the science of the future.

Thus, when the centers vibrate it means that the Spatial Fire is raging. The energies propelled to the subterranean fire rush forward powerfully. The cosmic consonance intensifies all resounding centers; therefore, it is so important to carefully guard the health and the resounding centers.

232. Even the best friends test each other with some ingenious move at chess or through a dangerous hunt. Even in a besieged fortress the army carries on maneuvers in order that the hands of its members may not grow stiff. And those defeated are not offended, nor do the conquerers boast, since it is only an exercise in resourcefulness.

I remember how once "The Light of the Eyes," Jehangir, came running and complaining that his playmate, Jeladin, had pushed him severely. We asked, "How did it happen?" "Jehangir was a hunter and Jeladin the tiger." I said, "It would be amazing if a tiger were to be transformed into a dove. Thank thy comrade, who gave thee the imitation of the fury of a beast. Tomorrow we shall go to hunt real tigers; be resourceful with them. But remember that a ruler never complains." Thus it happened during the time of Akbar, the unifier of India.

We must firmly remember to what the understanding of Hierarchy obligates us. One can see how useful are tests, otherwise the light that is kindled only in battle will grow dim. The light of battle and daring is the most precious.

233. It is necessary to become as accustomed to battle as to daily labor. One should understand a battle not only as a test of excelling in strength but also as a source for the accumulation of energy. We cannot think of mastering the elements without a battle. And how ready must we be at a call, for otherwise we may waste the action of the Higher Forces. Hierarchy does not mean the steadfastness of repose, but steadfastness in the midst of battle. Can something else be substituted for battle, when Our Magnet is tense and each victory is the joy of the entire Hierarchy? If it is difficult for some to accept Hierarchy through love, let them accept it as a fundamental necessity.

234. All nations knew about Guardian Angels and have preserved these traditions for millenniums. All Teachings knew about the Mighty Protectors of humanity who guided nations. Why, then, has our time denied the Highest Leaders? When has the world existed without Protectors? And how can humanity be affirmed by the concept of the absence of a Leader? The basic principles of Be-ness are intensified by the laws manifested by the Leaders; and the cosmic laws do not change, but grow with cosmic affirmation. Therefore, the Protectors of humanity and the almighty Goddess Fortuna create humanity's destiny. The realization of this great law can impel humanity toward the Chain of Hierarchy.

235. Hence, each spirit must understand the Hierarchy as Protectors of humanity. Thus evolution is built, and creativeness is fierily affirmed. Thus the law is affirmed; only thus is life suffused by the great might of unity. Thus is life created.

236. It is correct to investigate the importance of vitamins, but one should also experiment with the reaction of psychic energy. One can see that a conscious consumption of vitamins, manifoldly increases their usefulness. Likewise, it can be observed that the absorption of vitamins while one is irritated may increase imperil, since an unconscious energy is strengthened at a point where consciousness is gathered. One can understand why the partaking of food was considered sacred by the ancients. It is easy to understand to what an extent realization- multiplies all energies. So many simple experiments can be performed with a minimum of observation. In order to increase respect for consciousness one may call energy Atma, or psyche, or life, or consider it sacred, but it is necessary to study its significance. By this channel we approach Fohat, or atomic energy. It is essential to observe the microcosm and transfer the formula to the Infinite.

237. It is necessary to find a few Western scientists who could Free themselves from prejudices and begin to investigate the conditions of psychic energy. Certainly, the heights of the Himalayas will provide the best possibilities for scientific research.

238. How powerfully is cosmic energy reflected in the human organism! Each cosmic fire meets consonance in the human organism. How much can be learned through a spiritual approach to the investigation of all manifestations of the centers! If one were to consider the human organism as the reflection of the manifestations of Cosmos, many consonances could be perceived; and the centers would become a fiery manifestation, for science. Only a spiritual approach will reveal the significance of all cosmic correspondences and their human reflections. The centers may be regarded as accumulators of cosmic energies. It is correct to think about direct nourishment for the highest centers. The solar plexus absorbs each energy that is sent and consciously feeds the centers. Thus, comprehension of the fiery centers is the most essential task. Medical science will be able to diagnose a disease only when it knows its correspondence with cosmic energies.

239. Only through a spiritual approach can one come closer to Hierarchy. Consonance of the heart and understanding of the power of Service must underlie the foundation of all beginnings. Each deviation from the focus will become a target for a hostile arrow. Therefore one can become a co-worker only by defending the great Focus. Verily, only thus can one attain!

240. When people shall investigate not only fires and rays but also human secretions, then one may think of a change of the body. It is strange that people understand the powerful chemical processes that take place in their organisms and at the same time consider the products of these processes only as refuse. One can see how powerful is the blood or saliva. One can see what unusual strength the blood of the vegetable kingdom, valerian, transmits to a plant. Equally powerful are saliva and the other secretions of the glands. But one must observe the causes of increase and decrease of the reaction of the energy of these products. The saliva of wrath is poisonous, and the saliva of benevolence is beneficial. Is it not important to investigate such generally known manifestations, for which mechanical equipment cannot be substituted? Thus we shall again approach the lost knowledge regarding the substance of psychic energy, that mysterious Atma, which in ancient medical science was found in using the products of the glands. One must be able to oppose the fiery element by Atma, which is incombustible.

241. Atma must be understood as the energy of space purified by unceasing rotation, like a great churning. One must understand how the spirit and Atma cooperate like electron and proton. It is not Our custom to deliver a course on chemistry and biochemistry, but Our task is to provide the impetus and to direct attention to the greatest need and danger. Just now is perhaps the most dangerous time! One can withstand it not only by the strength of the spirit but also by means of one's organism.

242. Certainly the dark force fears most of all the affirmation of Light. All servitors of darkness intensify their forces when the servitor of Light imbues space with the Decree of the Lords. Humanity knows great examples of such battle and victory of Light. Certainly each one receives a Teacher in accordance with his own consciousness. It is the same with the chain of the dark ones, who are filled with the consciousness of evil, setting up their decision against Light. Thus, the forces are strained in Cosmos by diverse affirmations. Therefore one may affirm that Light conquers darkness. Thus the life of Infinity is built.

243. The legend about St. Christopher corresponds to the legend about the Burden of the World. People must feel a certain burden near those boundaries where the spirit realizes the manifestation of Infinity. The other kingdoms of nature do not know this anguish, because they have not reached the stage of a perceptive consciousness. Indeed, the consciousnesses of many people are also asleep. But the Burden of the World is unavoidable for those who have already pondered about the far-off worlds.

244. The same people will understand that silence is not inaction. When I advise silence, it does not mean to merge into sleep, but on the contrary, to resound to the Might of Hierarchy. One must train all seven-year-olds to remember the Hierarchy, because after the seventh year the consciousness already acquires traces indelible for the entire lifetime.

245. There are many shiftings in space, and it is not astonishing that the currents are transmitted by new rhythms. These rhythms are quite difficult because they arise from incidental vibrations during collisions with the currents of space; the wave is ten strokes too long and on account of this is fatiguing. Moreover, it is impossible to foresee the generation of new nebulae, because they are created by the shifting of the currents. One can perceive the newly formed nebulae only at the kindling of the last fires.

246. In cosmic creativeness the Spatial Fire approaches the earthly firmament when all corresponding energies are tensed. Creativeness can enter life only when all levers are impelled toward shifting. Therefore each shifting of a nation is manifested conformingly, and the old is replaced by a new course. Therefore the karma of each shifting is ordained by an entire sequence of corresponding affirmations. The earthly crust carries many traces of karma, and they must be shifted for renovation. Therefore humanity must strive conformably for renovation. The greatest and true path is Hierarchy.

247. Thus, during cosmic shiftings a new keynote must definitely resound. Each step has its own manifested karma. For the new Manvantara one must saturate space with the call to Hierarchy. Only thus can the best foundations of Existence enter into life. Hence, Our Teaching is so vital; hence. Our Hierarchy is so mighty; hence, the great Focus is given, for everything is grouped around the seed, and each step has its own saturation.

248. Each ploughman will say that he wants the plough that makes the largest and deepest furrow. Indeed, why cross the field twice, and why not reach the fertile strata? Let the depth of the furrow be reverence to Hierarchy and the width of the furrow be steadfastness of motion. Let us watch where there is a lack of reverence for Hierarchy and where non-fulfillment of Commands. Let us notice where there is readiness to retreat. Each harm must be eradicated. Rising in spirit one should watch where are the unprotected spots.

249. Certainly, the evolution of the spirit requires refinement, without which it is impossible to build. Each one who considers himself a server of culture must accept the affirmation of the revealed synthesis, for how are the steps of culture to be built without a cautious attitude? Therefore, each foundation must be guarded for affirmation to the world. Culture is built, not with an attitude of coarseness toward the subtle energies and thought, but by a creative attitude of caution and responsibility. Hence, while constructing, one should remember about refinement and about striving to the higher spheres. Thus the evolution of the spirit is achieved.

250. Forgetfulness, distraction, duplicity, curiosity, belong to the imperfections which must be eradicated. Any of these qualities may be regarded as treason, for out of them issues the lowest. One should understand how unavoidable for oneself are their consequences. A small consciousness is engulfed in mistakes and, trying to justify itself in other words to lie to itself, actually sinks to the bottom. It can be observed through many lives how the garden of effects blossoms. Sooner or later one must be convinced of the harm of mistakes. The main touchstone will be the question, "Is there no treason?" One must in the end realize how manifold is treason. Besides the classical kiss, there may be found many subtle aspects of treason.

251. Each stage of development requires its own tension. So many manifestations affirmed through development are lost because of nonconformity. Therefore, for the assimilation of great plans great measures should be applied. How can one instill in a small consciousness the concept of Hierarchy! Each dwarf considers his labor the most important, but in the Service of Giants the measures must be affirmed by the spirit. Verily, one must co-measure between mighty measures and the kingdom of dwarfs. Hence, on the path it is inadmissible to apply measures corresponding to the kingdom of dwarfs. Great ways require great understanding.

252. Therefore, when striving saturates the spirit, the understanding of the need for higher measures is established correspondingly. Thus, to advance one should understand with what care Hierarchy must be regarded. Therefore, one must affirm one's consciousness upon the great concept of Hierarchy. Thus, without the manifested focus there can be "no attainment or construction. Creativeness can be developed only by affirmation of the focus. Thus I ordain.

253. Many legends express the danger of having several Gurus. Let us cite one of them. "One pious woman had three sons. Each of them had chosen a venerable Rishi as his Guru. But one of them conceived the idea of increasing his powers by asking two more Rishis to be his guides, though his mother had warned him of the danger of such a thoughtless action. The time came when the Rishis began to teach the three youths to fly. The third youth asked the two other Rishis to strengthen his flights, so that he might be ahead. of his brothers. But the whirlwinds sent from three places crossed and the light-minded fellow was torn to pieces in the air; whereas his brothers flew safely in the direction of the-Rishi chosen by them," Thus people remember the law of Hierarchy. One might adopt this law. From every standpoint of knowledge science confirms other laws of life; however, one should not look with an oblique eye.

254. Each shattering of the foundations spoils the entire web. Striving loyalty is needed like oil for levers. For Us it makes no difference why, despite loyalty, something is not done, but We often see how an already ripe chemical reaction is dissolved. Thus, one should sharpen the blade of the glaive, because success is not farther away than the length of a spear. Guard the concept of Hierarchy.

255. Construction is in need of firm foundations, and only the unwaveringness of the spirit can affirm the needed direction. Therefore, when the builders of life strain their forces for constructivity, it is always with cosmic assertion. Thus the builders of life carry the Higher Will, and the might of the fire directs the spirit toward the Cosmic Magnet. Thus, the builders of life verily know the Higher Will. Creativeness is transmitted through the affirmation of Hierarchy, and only when the spirit can strive toward realization of the main foundations can creative correspondence be established. Verily, Hierarchy affords a creative chain and constructivity in life. That is why We so often repeat about Hierarchy. That is why We direct thoughts to the foundations of Hierarchy. That is why We intensify all forces for a full adoption of the focus. Verily, only thus can one conquer and attain the predestined.

256. It is said, "Where thy foot treads, lilies will blossom. Where thy head rests, all the sapphires of the world will gather." Thus is the benevolent Messenger spoken of. When We send a Messenger, We do not lose time in repeating the entire Teaching. But the Command will be contained in a few words, because the chosen Messenger knows the Teaching and reverences Hierarchy. To such a Messenger the sapphires and the lilies belong. One should not reiterate at the last moment, for the steed beats with its hoof, not knowing the length of the journey.

257. Certainly, the secretions serve for the most sacred acts, and not only the substance itself but its emanations participate in the creativeness of the world. What you remembered about Paracelsus and his homunculi is very characteristic, because this microcosm can be easily magnified to Macrocosm. And the Teaching about the great spiritual secretions has a great foundation. Certainly one can imagine how greatly interested We are in those organisms that have already transcended the degree of the "Lion of the Desert."

258. In cosmic constructiveness all shiftings are tensed, and each nation predetermines its Karma and its place in evolution. According to each instance one can judge what step in our evolution was occupied by the departed nation and what step will be occupied by the nation that is being shifted. Thus the historical steps of our time are discerned, and one can trace how differently the tensions of the shiftings of peoples proceed. What holds back a nation in its historical progress? How can a nation preserve its drive to ascend? Only through Hierarchy and an understanding of the Highest Will. These levers can propel humanity to the predestined affirmation. With this consciousness one can approach cooperation with higher spheres. Only thus can the national shifting be evidenced as an ascent.

259. Thus, each spirit brings to a nation its accumulations and actions. Thus, each spirit strains its conscious impulses. The Karma of a nation can come closer to ascent when each spirit understands its responsibility. Thus, one may affirm that personal, group, and national Karma depend upon the full realization of Hierarchy. The creativeness of Our Carriers of Fires, who are sent by us, is affirmed by Us for the betterment of life.

260. How often must the gardener water the garden entrusted to him? Certainly every day, except during a beneficent shower. When people close their shutters, the gardener weaves baskets for the ripening fruit. Verily, the shower frees the gardener from the labor of carrying water. Is it Hot the same with the Teaching? Certainly the foundations of the Teaching should be reiterated each day. Every hour, the Teaching should be protected from the leprosy of habit. But in the time of the whirlwind the Teaching is not in need of protection, because in it alone will the sole hope of men be found. Then they will turn their heads from Earth and perhaps for the first time perceive the far-off worlds and the heavenly Fire. The gardener calls the shower a blessing. Shall we not say the same of the whirlwind, which will force us to think of the Fire of Space and of future existence?

261. Let us not understand the cosmic whirl as do the animals, who sense something incomprehensible and try to hide in the darkness of their burrows. An enlightened consciousness does not conceal the battle from itself, and, being prepared by the Teaching, is able to break any hostile arrow against the shield of illumination. Even the crashing of the destroyed hostile blow is heard. We pity the one who receives a rebounding blow, which, according to the law, increases tenfold. Is it not wondrous to feel in life the application of the great laws of justice? One may speak of them at length, but their application in life is convincing.

262. Our constructiveness can proceed in any circumstances of life. Many times already you could have been convinced of the distressful condition of the planet. We repeat untiringly about the urgent renovation of life, but humanity is deaf. Cosmogony is served to people at their meals with soup or dessert, but not as a foundation of life. The hypotheses of many experimenters could be adopted, but the Hierarchy will not be realized. Many blows are being prepared; one must adhere to the Hierarchy with all strength! One must strain one's utter attentiveness to Our Counsels. I do not speak abstractly, but for application.

263. Each of Our Counsels was already given many times, but people's lives do not change. Yet space must be saturated, for there are many listeners. What does it matter in what body they are! All of you feel the great tension; each in his own way feels the predestined year. Therefore I say. Guard your health, preserve your courage, because without Us there is no advance. Harken with three ears.

264. It is pointed out that spilled blood especially attracts spatial entities. This is truly so. Still we must not forget that all secretions possess the same properties. In like manner each spatial entity of equal degree is attracted to blood and saliva. Thus even an irritated skin is accessible to these entities. The lymphatism of mediums has the same property. Thus in ancient times, the priests greatly avoided lymphatic servants and disciples. For the insulation of secretions, films out of A. have been used.

The given emulsion has the same insulative quality, and it not only protects, but increases the circulation of the psychic energy. One may observe how harmlessly the emulsion alkalizes the skin, protecting it from accumulations. Thus, the emulsion externally and a powder internally will be the best armor. The lymph acquires a form of covering and even becomes beneficial. Thus, by simple means one can considerably protect oneself from undesirable surroundings.

265. For the realization of Hierarchy the broadening of understanding is necessary. Without broadening there will be neither depth nor length. Only thus will Hierarchy enter the consciousness and be applied to life. Only thus will Hierarchy transform the concept of conventionality. The battle will be transformed into an increase of energy. Slander will become a megaphone. Fatigue will indicate the need of a change of labor. Love will become a torch of Light. A gift will become an increase of power. Tenacity will mean the shortening of the path. Thus each property and quality will be transformed.

266. The manifestation of Hierarchy guarantees the transformation of the usual into the valuable and of the small into the significant. It can easily be seen how the followers of the Hierarchy were enriched with true values. Thus, some day it will be possible to publish the biographies of the votaries of the Hierarchy. A convincing picture will be revealed; but for results a whole-hearted acceptance of the Hierarchy, without reserve, is actually needed.

267. When the chalice of world events is being filled, then the fiery Chalice of an Agni Yoga is aflame. The law of correspondences acts power-fully. In these consonances the unity of the worlds is contained. Therefore, when the fiery law shifts the old affirmations, the sensitive centers resound with the world's reverberations. Thus, the unity is intensified with the reverberation of the centers.

Therefore, the Mother of Agni Yoga feels intensely the brimming of the World Chalice. Hence, the fiery Treasure must be so greatly protected. When the time of the great fulfillment is close, then the world is in tremor; when the great shifting takes place, the subtle centers reverberate. Thus, the world will remember the great consonance, and Our annals will leave to the world the fiery signs. Thus the Covenants will be fulfilled. Yes, yes, yes!

268. People hear about the application of the inner fires for future evolution and overlook the significance of the fires for the present time. It will be asked, "What is the most striking significance of the fire concealed in us?" It is difficult to conceive, but it is certain that our fire is the chief regulator of earthquakes. The kindled centers, the conductors of the Fire of Space, quench the subterranean fire. One can trace how the Great Teachers sent their apostles to the places threatened by a disturbance of the fiery balance. In the future, many experiments could be carried out in this direction. Besides, the magnet of fire reacts also upon the human consciousness; in other words, fire has the greatest application. Fire is the most powerful conductor. Certainly the kindling of the fire is not easy, especially when the currents are so tense; but one may be sure that it is just this fire that is the talisman of the alchemists, so carefully concealed by them.

269. Contact with the Fire of Space strains all centers. Like a magnetic wave, the Fire attracts the inner fires. The current of space runs through all sensitive centers and nerves; therefore each cosmic wave is so powerfully reflected in the flaming centers. When the subterranean fire seeks an outlet, the waves of the Spatial Fire are intensified correspondingly. Few are those who can affirm themselves in the understanding of the great correspondences in Cosmos. Thus, the revealed law unites all cosmic manifestations. We must accept that might which leads us to the highest laws the Might of Hierarchy. Yes, yes, yes!

270. Simply and powerfully, life is imbued with the great law of Hierarchy. One need only accept the entire affirmed Might, then it will be possible to establish the entire scope. Thus, consciousness should strive to the great law of Hierarchy.

271. By filling our lungs with air and establishing the rhythm of breathing, we can sustain our bodies upon the surface of the water. It is not difficult to conceive that with one more component we can walk upon water. The fires of the lungs will add the required condition. It is similar to the experiments with fire in empty globes; as they fill with gases, so the inner fire acts. One may also conceive of levitation through the fires of the lungs. The Spatial Fire blends with the kindled centers, and, like a magnet, attracts the fiery body. The Teacher points out these possibilities as conditions for the densified astral body. Verily, the Teacher mentions the .fiery people at the time of experiments for the formation of a new body.

272. True, in irritation lies the chief harm to the fires. At the symptoms of irritation one is advised to inhale deeply ten times. The inhaling of prana has not only a psychic significance but also a chemical one, for prana is beneficial to the fires and also extinguishes irritation.

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