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273. Humanity comments in its own way on each ordained affirmation. It distorts in its own way each Ordainment from Above. It applies great principle to life in its own way. It asserts each manifested will in its own way. How can the great be contained in the small, and the cosmic in the personal? How can the great Servitor of Reason and of entire humanity be understood by a consciousness that recognizes only its own hearth? How can a self-denying Leader become affirmed in the understanding of a small daily routine? Only when a spark of devotion to Hierarchy burns in. the heart will one find the Gates open. Only gratitude to the Teacher can reveal the entrance to the Gates. Each one who has chosen his own path must realize the loneliness of his orbit, because only love and devotion for Hierarchy include the spirit in the Chain of Light. Thus, each one determines his own karma. Only through Light do we approach Light.

274. People are preoccupied with the definition of the boundary between good and evil. Many legends are dedicated to this definition. It is related that in order to define this boundary an Archangel placed his resplendent glaive between good and evil. Certainly, it is harmful to remain in the region of evil, but it is likewise painful to crowd too close to the fiery blade. Yet people strive to wound themselves on this glaive. Therefore, let us mark the people who perceive with the eye and understand with the conscious vision of the heart. They will strive far and, as it were, draw themselves to a far-off beacon. These anchors for far-off navigation are so valuable. In the tidal waves the fetid spots of evil are washed away. Especially nowadays should one cast these distant anchors. It can be seen that small distances lose their meaning. The great Plan of Unity comprises the expansion of material and spiritual dimensions.

275. Contact with the spatial current manifests a powerful resonance of the fiery centers. The contact with the Spatial Fire calls forth new tensions. Thus the greatness of consonance can be affirmed in Cosmos. How is it possible for humanity not to ponder over the great principles that guide life? To eliminate the Guiding Forces means to sever the silver thread and to exclude oneself from the Chain of Hierarchy. The planet is sick because it has lost the highest principles. Thus, one must manifest the most vital understanding of the great principles and of the silver thread which binds all worlds. Thus We affirm the principles of Hierarchy.

276. How many unnecessary manifestations people create for themselves! How many superfluous karmic impediments they create for themselves! And all this only because of unwillingness to admit the Hierarchy to their hearts. Thus, all affirmations can enter into life only when the consciousness can accept the Hierarchy. Each evilin the world is generated because of resistance to the great principle of Hierarchy. Each victory is gained only by the principle of Hierarchy. Therefore, one must be so strongly based upon the affirmed Hierarchy.

277. In reality, the inner fires are basically analogous to electric light. The greater the tension, the more intense the light. The purple star is the sign of utmost tension. You have felt the reaction of such a tension; it corresponds to Our constant tension. Take the manifestation of electricity as conforming to the Infinite. Often the profane think that the tension of the higher worlds is less than their own. "As in heaven, so on earth," and the great tension of the higher spheres is not to be compared with the earthly battle. One can easily conceive how problems are magnified in space.

278. It can be understood how much more complex are group, state, and national karmas. Their intermingling is not lessened but increased by the conventional boundaries of humanity. One can feel how aggravated is the interrelation between the powers of Light and darkness, which increases the non-conformity of the reaction of nature. You can see how greatly perturbed are the weak spirits, how greatly obsessions increase, and to what an extent these obsessions complicate karma. So, also, the earthly battle should not upset anyone, because one can understand how it is magnified in Infinity.

Is it easy, where the Chaos of the Unmanifest rages? Along the Chain of Hierarchy the strained heart can feel the reverberation of the tension of the cosmic battle.

279. During the construction of great steps one can observe how the central power gathers around itself all that is needed for evolution. Like a focal magnet, the leader of progress attracts everything to himself, sweeping away the old accumulations and creating new currents. Thus, throughout history, countries have been built by such leaders. It can be stated that by evidencing full adherence to Hierarchy any cosmic task can be fulfilled. Humanity has suffered most through its severance from the Higher Will. Only through affirmation of the great unification with the Higher Power can the fulfillment of Higher Laws be achieved. It is impossible for the acceptance of the powerful Hierarchy to be established without an understanding of the Higher Will.

Thus, each step is built by the realization of the affirmed Will, upon which all higher correspondences are intensified. Thus, so many evident possibilities can be attracted from the Treasury. The non-acceptance of the Higher Will complicates all structures. This should be remembered!

Each structure is held by its focus. Hence, one must act by striving consciously toward Hierarchy.

280. Let us turn back to the concept of love. In each book a considerable place must be allotted to that fundamental concept, especially because under the concept of love much of the opposite is understood. It is correctly pointed out that love is a guiding and creative principle. This means that love must be conscious, striving, and self-denying. Creativeness requires these conditions. And if love is marked by self-enfeeblement, disintegration, and service to self, it will not be the highest concept of humanity, which extols the concept of achievement. The heart filled to the brim with love will be active, valiant, and will expand to its capacity. Such a heart can pray without words and can bathe in bliss. How greatly in need is humanity of the realization of the fire of love! A purple star of the highest tension will correspond to this fire.

281. It is necessary to realize very exactly the fundamental concepts of Be-ness. The love of achievement is not austere for those aflame in heart, but it frightens those who love their weaknesses and who waver while embracing their own illusionary "I". Love that can move worlds does not resemble the love upon the marshes, where the bones of outworn remains are decaying. Above the marshes are the will-o'-the-wisps of decay, but the eternal creative fire of the heart does not wander, it impetuously ascends by the steps of Hierarchy to the Highest Light. Love' is the leading creative principle.

Unbearable is the Almighty Light, but Hierarchy is the link to that dazzling Summit. The Hierarchy leads an illumined spirit to that point where one might even be blinded. Love is the crown of Light.

282. The foundation upon which everything is built must be protected from disintegration. The foundation that upholds everything must be enhanced by all the best strivings; for upon the stones of the foundation stands the structure; for upon the foundation stands each affirmation. How, then, shall people treat the foundations, without realizing that the main thing is the cornerstone? So much has been destroyed by man, because of his failure to appreciate his treasures, and by his exposing the most essential to the hail storm! Thus, humanity must understand the great significance of the power of the foundation and must accept Hierarchy with its whole spirit.

283. During the hour of human injustice, recall spatial justice. Verily, there exist maps of the highest mountains, but none of the deepest abysses. Even those who are far from flights of the spirit prefer summits to abysses. If a caravan is maintained according to the weakest member, history is based upon the most powerful ones. Thus, let us remember about this wondrous substance which selects that which is most precious for evolution. If we are certain that we serve evolution, we can rely upon the justice of space. Yet the same justice prescribes necessary caution toward the black forces. Usually they do not approach directly; they choose not less than three intercessors. They know that their auras can be easily detected, and therefore they choose a consecutive chain of succession, establishing the gradation very subtly. Not casually do We speak of the varieties of treason.

284. When I speak of the black ones I advise paying attention to their subtle methods, and discerning how patiently they creep to the goal and how they choose shoulders behind which to screen themselves. You do not see the black ones, but the grey ones and almost white ones. However, this telegraph requires great attention.

285. Cancer can be treated by psychic energy, since lack of psychic energy in the blood generates the disease. Often psychic energy is exhausted as a result of spiritual outpouring, as was the case with Ramakrishna and other spiritual Teachers. Certainly, they possessed an enormous amount of it, but, dispatching it to far-off distances, they could remain for a while without its protection. Precisely closeness to Hierarchy is needed in such cases, because even great Spiritual Toilers, in their self-abnegation sometimes expend their forces beyond a legitimate extent. Thus, for evolution We reiterate about Hierarchy, in order to affirm a goal-fitting application of one's forces to the Chain of the Highest Ones. Therefore, I say. Guard your health, in order to adhere to the Hierarchy even by this means.

286. The Higher Will — who remembers it? Who will ponder upon what is affirmed by the Higher Will? Many reiterate that the manifestation of the wishes of the Higher Will is comprehensible to them. But humanity perceives only its own direction, not considering the course of evolution. Hence there are so many accumulations of opposite courses. And humanity has lost its defense, because it proceeds contrary to the Higher Will. Thus, the entire cosmic significance of the Higher Will should be understood.

287. Let us turn to devotion. This concept is also subject to many distortions. Devotion does not resemble a windmill, or a hired singer of praises. Rather, it resembles a firm tower upon a summit, which the enemies avoid in awe, but in whose chambers a shelter is ever prepared for a friend. Devotion is the opposite of doubt, which is nothing but ignorance. It means that devotion rests upon enlightenment. Thus, validity of learning is akin to devotion. It is not credulity, not levity, but firmness and steadfastness. Truly, the tower of devotion is not constructed by haphazard toil or by petty decisiveness; and devotion can be violated only by perfidy, which is the same as betrayal. But valuable are the towers of devotion! Such ashrams, like magnets, attract powerful hearts; they are nurseries of spirituality. Even material nature is transformed in the proximity of these towers.

288. The cosmic laws are little understood by humanity. In life all organizations clash with Cosmos. Thus, humanity accepts only a few of the visible effects, but refuses to accept the treasures of Cosmos. The causes of this are lack of faith and ignorance. Therefore disunion has taken place. How can one affirm the cosmic laws when such a wall of denial has risen before humanity? Thus, each great law corresponds to life and to the leading laws. Thus, one can build upon the Chain of Hierarchy, which leads to the summit of manifest Beauty.

289. The principles of the affirmation of cosmic laws are enrooted in the spirit. Striving toward Service always opens the revealed Gates. Thus, Our victory is always brought into life by the law of striving and invincibility of the spirit. Thus the predestined will be fulfilled. So I affirm! Thus, when the focus affirmed by Us shall be verily guarded, the Magnet will act.

290. A physician usually says to his patient, "When summer comes you will go to the country, into the sun. You will be regenerated by the mountain wind or the sea breeze." Even an earthly physician cures by projecting into the future. Karma is the sickness of the past. Its cure lies in the future. Precisely, he who wishes to be liberated from the past should strive into the future. Striving with one's entire being protects one from downfalls; take for example the moving heavenly bodies. Thus, remember that I have pointed out how to walk upon the water, but I have never said that one can stand upon it. Karma can be changed by an irresistible striving.

291. Motion into the future is similar to the movement of a flame. It is amazing how the fire, at times visibly and at times invisibly, lives, while vibrating and preserving the balance of the world. Thus let us strive into the future, because sustained by the fiery element we shall not fail. But the fire can be invoked only by an action of the spirit. Thus, let us apply the higher laws to the earthly plan. One may even change karma, which means that one can change all earthly conditions by striving into the future. Apply My Command to life. The particles of precious energies adhere only to him who strives.

292. The building of the great steps of evolution takes place through unusual ways. Each new step always brings to humanity an affirmation which impels thought to new and mighty possibilities. Thus, the Highest Will also intensifies each energy in accordance with the Cosmic Magnet. There is no affirmation that would not be fulfilled if sent by the Highest Will. There is no striving that would not be acknowledged if sent by the Highest Will. Therefore, humanity must strive only to Hierarchy. Verily, in this cosmic concept are contained all possibilities of constructiveness.

293. Humanity grows weak to such an extent, because it evidences disunion with the Highest Will. Therefore We so powerfully affirm the focus, for without the center the Highest Will cannot be accepted. Therefore We summon so powerfully to Hierarchy. Verily, we must sacredly guard the treasures. They underlie the foundations of Our Work. Each sacred creativeness is a contribution to evolution. Let us ponder upon the significance of a great thought; let us ponder upon the great might of the fires of the Tara; let us ponder upon the devotion of the heart; let us ponder upon the invincibility of those who walk in the name of the Lord.

294. Sometimes one can demonstrate the most complex laws by means of the simplest apparatus. The law of karma is complex, but take the Ruhmkorff coil or any other electric coil and you will get a graphic image of karma. The current runs along the spiral uninterruptedly, but the protective winding is subject to all external reactions; moreover each thread contacts the thread of the preceding round, carrying upon it the consequences of the past. Thus, each hour changes karma, for each hour evokes the corresponding past. Thus, one can contact the entire line of past experiences.

The same graphic example shows how the seed of the spirit is unharmed; and striving to the heights it sustains its shell without fearing the past. Verily, karma is frightening only to those who are plunged into inaction. But a striving thought is liberated from the burden of the past, and like a heavenly body is impelled forward without retracing its path. Thus, even with a difficult karma, one can achieve a useful liberation.

295. Let us see how people understand Service to the Lord and Hierarchy. He who thinks of ascending only by prayer is far from Service. He who in his labor hopes to bring the best efforts for the good of humanity must adopt the Lord with his heart. He who does not relinquish his own comfort does not know how to serve Hierarchy. He who does not accept the Indications of the Hierarchy does not understand Service. Only when the heart is ready to accept consciously the affirmation sent by the Highest Will can it be said that the realization of Service is adopted. Thus, We are no lovers of funereal rites and of empty invocations of the Lord. Thus, We venerate the striving of disciples to the Service of Hierarchy. Hence it is so easy to observe how the one who does not accept the Service in spirit venerates the Lord and Hierarchy only so long as the way is convenient to him.

Thus, We take into account each effort to remove the burden from the Hierarchy; as in the great, so in the small. Thus, in Our creativeness, We affirm reverence not in words but by deeds. Thus, We deplore it when We see reverence in words but not in actions.

296. Thus, humanity is an accumulator and transmuter of the high energy which We have agreed to call psychic energy. The significance of humanity consists in its transmutation of this energy through consciousness and propelling it by way of Hierarchy into the higher spheres. The loss of the understanding of one's own predestination has thrown people back from the understanding of responsibility. Therefore, We remind again of the foundation of Existence. One must prepare oneself for the next evolution. Once again, one must draw closer to the great current and realize the principles of the renewal of life. You notice how greatly' opposed We are to spiritism, but We often speak about the subtle bodies. We smile at contemporary hypnotism, but speak about rays and magnets. We advise re-examination of your pharmacopoeia, but offer a few fundamental medicines.

297. Where, then, is attention directed? It must be understood that the process toward perfection lies at the basis of evolution. It summons one to simplification and to direct communion with higher worlds. It can be seen how pranayama and other artificial methods of various yogas can be replaced by a simple, fiery heart. Certainly this simplicity is relative. The flaming fiery path leads to it. Yet it brings into life precisely that which was rejected as abstraction and fiction. I consider that each striving to knowledge should be speedily brought to fulfillment. People ask why We do not compel the striving toward evolution. But even a plain nurse tells a child, "Be like a grown-up, find by yourself!"

298. When humanity shall realize that space is saturated by the effects of human deeds, it will be possible to cure the planet. Like gases they poison Earth and density the atmosphere. Therefore one should ponder upon affirmation of the obvious results. Humanity has forgotten that redemption must proceed by the karmic way. Therefore each accumulated step can be transmuted by striving toward the highest law of Hierarchy. The great Chain of Hierarchy gives life to the entire world, and the acceptance of this law can open a new access to energies. Thus one can build a better step.

299. Each concept has its balance. Reverence of Hierarchy has its balance in the understanding of the pledge. If reverence of Hierarchy is directed upward, then the pledge is downward. There even exists a teraph of the pledge. You saw a pledge through a teraph. Thus, the pledge is indestructible when Hierarchy is realized. I testify that as the Teacher is immutable, so is the pledge firm. Therefore, do not pronounce the word Teacher in vain. But having pronounced it do not think of severing this silver thread. A superficial person can realize the consequences by a simple example: let him firmly attach to the wall a twisted rubber band, and let him, with closed eyes, pull it with all his strength — a bruise, not at all supernatural, will be the consequence. What, then, may result from the severing of the silver thread? Once again a timorous and mischievous consciousness will speak of threats, but any law, any machine, may be the cause of unpleasantness if improperly handled.

300. Precisely with love should one teach how to deal wisely with the sacred concept of the Teacher. There are no thirty shekels for which one may hire various teachers. As wisely must one select disciples. The same silver thread binds each Teacher with each disciple. Once the pledge is pronounced it becomes the foundation of karma. Through the events of life one can observe how immutable is that which has been said. No one can give ignorance of the laws as excuse. Therefore, it is better to repeat this upon each page than to permit a heinous error, which drags behind it a loathsome wake of consequences. Not severely but vitally should the law be understood. This advice must be accepted, not in words, but by the heart. Not without cause do the teeth lock the tongue.

301. Majestic is the time! Remember that while Moses on the mountain was preparing the Tablets, the people below were steeped in madness; yet the calf of iniquity was destroyed when faced with the Highest Covenant.

302. People's striving is always measured by their service either to Light or darkness. By this may be judged their destination in life. Thus, the worst of all is halfway thinking and halfway striving. The destroyers always build solely upon halfway striving. There is nothing worse than a halfway servitor, for he screens himself by halfwayness. Therefore a direct enemy of Light is preferred by Us. We do not admit into the great battles the small worms that crawl in the mist. Thus, halfwayness must be avoided. One should always and in all ways avoid any intercourse with halfway people. Halfwayness shown by the disciples throws them back a millenium, and therefore one should know when to affirm one's own consciousness. Thus, the servitor of Light will not admit halfwayness.

303. It is most pernicious when halfwayness insinuates itself into one who is affirming himself upon the path, because then there results duality of thought and action. Hence, halfwayness is the enemy of the Teaching, and when We see halfwayness in relation to Hierarchy, this destructive attitude must be eradicated; for without integrity there can be no construction. Hence, the disciples must understand how important it is to have complete striving. For this one should renounce personal comfort, conceit, self-pity, self-deception, and should always remember that Hierarchy must not be burdened. This should be remembered by those who misunderstand Service as reliance upon the Lord and the Hierarchy.

304. The word Mahatma is translated as Great Soul. Some imagine the Mahatmas as a completely distinct race. One should not conceive a Great Soul to be entirely distinct. Each Mahatma began his ascent from the very midst of the people, having only dared to choose the difficult path of the Great Soul. And, besides daring, he found in his heart indignation of spirit, for how else can the fires be kindled? Upon these fires the precious substance of the secretions is transmuted into a healing substance. One can see how the saliva of a fiery being can remove an inflammation and restore the vital energy to numb centers. Alongside the sacred property of secretions stands the healing power of the laying on of hands. It is instructive to compare the secretions of men having dormant centers with the ejection of the fiery substance. If I advise medicines made from plants for common organisms, then for the more knowing ones there is a powerful laboratory of sacred fiery secretions.

305. My latest book will be understood by few. Who will comprehend the sacred quality of the saliva of the Saviour or the laying on of the hands of Moses? People are not accustomed to appreciate a fiery heart. The book can help those who have already sensed the rise of the solar serpent. It winds its coils amidst the fiery ejections. It is impossible to imagine the affirmation of the subterranean fires without the eruption of the fires of the heart. You know about the usual ejections of the Yogi, which cannot be replaced by anything else, for this gas of the fire must be released and must blend with the Fire of Space. But the Yogis seldom attain this manifestation of confluence with the Cosmic Fire. We call this stage a holy one, for the light of the fire of the higher worlds is blended with the rays of planetary Yogis. This is the shortest path to the Mahatmas.

Do not fear tension, this is the same path. Do not be disturbed by anguish, it comes from fire. Do not be angry, for the heart dislikes this root.

306. When events pile up, the subterranean fire is impelled accordingly. Thus, when the shifting of forces takes place, one should pay attention to the cosmic fires. In one case there is regeneration, in the other, shifting. Everywhere the cosmic manifestations take place, and the Spatial Fire imbues each transitory process. People's power is nurtured by a corresponding spirit, and the same power of attraction unites the shillings of nations. Therefore, it can be said that the tension of Cosmos is transmitted to all countries. Thus, humanity cannot sever itself from the general affirmation. Hence, the highest law impels to the General Good; and the human spirit is in need of striving to the higher law.

307. Therefore, humanity must understand the beauty of the higher laws. What, then, will indicate the path to creativeness, if not true understanding and veneration of the Hierarchy? What, then, will attract the spirit to the Highest, if not adherence to the law of Hierarchy? What, then, will direct the spirit toward the manifestation of Truth, if not understanding of Hierarchy? Therefore, for a higher understanding one must accept Hierarchy with one's heart and strive irresistibly to the highest law of Hierarchy.

308. An experienced sailor frowns at a dead calm of the sea, foreseeing the gathering of a storm, and smiles at the blustering wind, perceiving a successful navigation. Of such a sailor it is said that he knows the sea. We say that he knows life if he knows how to understand the difference between the inner and outer manifestations. Some fools shout, "Rebellion!" when they hear the cry of a pottery vender, and exult at the quiet when they see a closed market. Our way is to teach and to observe how different is the thought of dissolute people. Classes for thinking and the observation of life processes should be established in schools. It may often be noticed that a child understands the hidden meaning of an occurrence better than an adult. Only according to inner feeling can we approach a just evaluation. We accept a calm surface before a storm, and we do not pay attention to the blowing curtains at the doors. Thus, the formation of events will be understood.

309. When the Forces of Light and darkness are fighting, the orbit of each camp is being established. That which nurtures the camp of Light will certainly be the center of tension, and the goal of Light will be the target for darkness. Therefore, when the Forces are in conflict, everything pertaining to the center should be guarded. The main Fire of Space will abide in the center, and the protecting net should be guarded. Thus, the orbit of Light engulfs darkness.

310. When the Forces of Light and darkness are strained, health must be guarded, because the Fire of Space is raging and darkness is tense. But in all Our manifestations one should perceive victory. When everything crumbles that is old and not applicable for evolution and for the Epoch of Fire, one anchor remains, which will save humanity — the anchor of Hierarchy, which will unite the entire chain and give the entire power. Thus, one should, become limitlessly affirmed in Hierarchy.

311. Let us observe how the black ones labor. It is necessary to observe their peculiar habits. They are not indignant about a nonentity. They consider that the first steps of service are particularly useful for them. A nonentity is negligible even in treason. Treason is precisely the main basis of undermining by the black ones. For treason, one must know something. This relative knowledge, not strengthened by devotion, may be found on the first steps. One must know that condemnation acts like fire upon a wavering devotion. It is sad to observe with what unnoticeable deviations the disciple begins to steep himself in indifference, finding eloquent justifications. Like the blade of a knife, the heart loses its protective net. Without its sheath, the blade injures the carrier himself; and such spurs do not lead to achievement, they lead only to irritation. If one day has passed successfully in demeaning the Teacher, why may not tomorrow also be blazing with blasphemy against the Highest? And if the silver thread is broken, the blade of ossification is already irrevocably sharpened.

312. It is necessary to observe the wavering ones, for the contagion from them is great. Often they themselves are about to be submerged in the black agglomeration, yet the blasphemy disseminated by them wounds many innocent ones. You arm yourself rightly against indifference; it corrodes all beginnings, and what fires are possible from the frigidity of indifference? Also, the affirmations of the Teacher are like the watering of flowers. The watered garden will not wither. We are concerned with advancing. We affirm new dimensions! Indifference to Our affirmations is impermissible!

313. When the spirit is filled with striving, there is no place for indifference. When the spirit is aflame, there is no place for indifference. This quality provides immunity to indifference. Only when the spirit tends to egoism can its death occur. Therefore, one should flamingly protect the spirit from indifference where the evil generated by neglected striving will nestle, whence this evil will inflict a blow that will bear fruit. It is difficult to detect the root of evil generated by indifference. Only in endless vigilant striving can one find protection for construction. Hence, while constructing great works, one must understand that egoism and indifference are inadmissible.

Therefore, We demand that the first thought be dedicated to the Teacher. Is it possible to succeed when the disciple puts himself in the first place? Are We not building all upon a great Name? Did We not put Beauty at the foundation? We have given the great foundations for the world. Therefore each thought must be valued as the foundation of a great structure. Verily, the future is great!

314. Amidst the concepts of courage, the most invincible is the courage of the flaming heart when, with full decisiveness, with full realization of achievement, the warrior knows only the path of advance. To this achievement of courage only the extreme degree of the courage of desperation is comparable. With the same speed with which the courage of the flaming heart overcomes the future, desperation flees from the past. Thus, where the courage of the flaming heart is lacking, let there be the courage of desperation. Only thus can the warrior gain victory when the offensive is great. All other aspects of courage are of no significance, because in them will be halfwayness. This quality, next to cowardice and treason, must be avoided.

315. The reorganization of the world intensifies all the forces of Cosmos. If humanity would understand that reorganization requires the striving of the spirit, it would be easy to establish equilibrium in the world. But the nations do not ponder about what to place upon the scales and where is the balance; hence the chaos of thinking is so destructive to humanity, and thus the dislocated nations sink to the depths without taking measures for spiritual transmutation. Therefore, it is time to ponder the establishing of spiritual quests. When the cosmic perturbations require a powerful tension, humanity must know where to look for the center of salvation.

Therefore, the quest for a spiritual center will lead unavoidably to Hierarchy. Humanity has lost the necessary formula for salvation. Hence, the anchor for salvation is the focus of Hierarchy. Only a conscious quest and the affirmation of Hierarchy will afford salvation. Yes, yes, yes! Therefore, We gave the basis for actions and works that are founded on Beauty.

316. Healing through the fragrance of flowers, resins, and seeds goes back to hoary antiquity. Thus, a rose not only possesses a similarity to musk but also prevents imperil. A garden of roses was considered by the ancients as a place of inspiration. Freesias are beneficial for the sympathetic nervous system, which vibrates so much in a Yogi. The seeds of barley are unsurpassed for the lungs. You know already about mint, about the resin of cedar and other resins. Perfumes are now bereft of meaning like all other desecrated values, yet the origin of fragrance underlies a useful but forgotten knowledge. Certainly the poisons of antiquity were very subtle. The newly invented narcotics are comparatively crude; chiefly, they destroy the intellect—in other words, precisely that which sustains the balance in all psychic experiments. A flaming heart without spiritual balance is an impossibility. Thus one must remember all details that bring one close to Hierarchy.

317. The disciples on the path of Service must apply all the best strivings of their spirit and consciousness. While creating, one should understand that only the application of the best actions affords corresponding results. Thus, let us not expect beautiful results where the spirit has not applied its best strivings. Often people wonder why their undertakings are unsuccessful. Let us say then, Did you apply all your best impulses? Did not lightmindedness, the dullness of inflexibility, negligence, and lack of ardor for the Hierarchy intrude themselves? Thus, one may expect correspondence based upon cause and effect. Thus, one must understand that each irresponsible action, each non-goalfitting deed, may bring many unnecessary and harmful consequences. Thus, the disciples on the path must display their best strivings and ardor to the Hierarchy.

318. Hence one must chiefly develop one's vigilance and watch untiringly the creativeness surrounding the Sacred Hierarchy. Only when disciples shall attain this quality may one hope that the predestined success will come. Therefore, one should manifest an extreme conscientiousness and vigilance toward all that occurs around the Focus. Each unnoticed mistake will yield its own blossom.

319. It is asked why We so often delay in destroying the enemies. There are many reasons. Let us name two: the first — karmic conditions. It is easy to harm the near ones by touching an enemy bound to them by karma. This may be likened to most delicate surgery when a surgeon does not amputate a sick limb because of the danger attendant upon severing an artery. With the karmic bonds the interacting relationship is unusually complex. We consider it more useful to insulate the dangerous fellow traveler than to obstruct the entire caravan. The second reason is that enemies are the source of tension of energy. Nothing can so greatly increase the energy as counterattack. Therefore, why invent artificial obstacles when the dark ones attempt with all their strength to increase our energy?

320. What undertakings enter into life without great tension? Each creative step is the affirmation of great battles. Each battle has its predestination, and each design its significance. Thus, those who walk along with the Powers of Light must know that without a tense battle there is no victory. Thus, when the step of great victory is being affirmed, the disciples of Light must feel entire invincibility of the spirit and entire steadfastness of actions. When the affirmation of great foundations was given to humanity, each tension was accepted as a further impulse for new structures. Thus, in evolution each banner has been affirmed by the greatness of the steadfastness manifested. Verily, only thus can one conquer!

321. One can compare the process of the inner fires with some parallels of physical fire. Let us take the flame under a blowpipe. Observe how, under pressure, the flame loses its yellow tone and through blue becomes silver and purple. Besides, let us notice how the flame inclines. Our fires are similarly strained under the pressure of the cosmic whirl. Those rare manifestations should be recorded, for they testify to participation in the cosmic battle. Few can pride themselves upon such participation. Not a chaotic tremor, but a vanguard of the hosts of Light is required for the piercing of darkness. And how blessed is the pressing whirl, which impels us into constructive battle! New thoughts may be realized in this battle, however, one should know the direction of the blow, and this We point out!

322. Hierarchy and the creation of a new consciousness are affirmed as the cornerstone of evolution. Each day one can observe the evidence of such progress. But people seldom synthesize these many-colored petals of the Fire Blossom. Courage is lacking to acknowledge oneself as living upon the ruins of the old world. Yet even a woodcutter knows in what direction the tree will fall, for he does not want to be crushed. On the contrary, he quietly calculates the amount of new building material and fuel. Thus, one must rejoice at the cosmic battle!

323. If people would understand upon what the earthly priority is built, verily, the highest principles could be given. But who has pondered upon the principle of creative impulses? When isolation takes place, and the law asserted by the right of the great Be-ness is infringed, then, indeed, the main foundation is destroyed. Even insects know the greatness of Hierarchy. The knowledge of the foundations of life can transform life, hence only the greatness of the law of Hierarchy will give to humanity the striving to the highest steps of evolution.

324. Hence, the knowledge of the spirit is such a powerful guide, for it will always lead to the foundations of Existence. Thus, one should adopt the concept of Hierarchy as the highest Service. Thus, the knowledge of the spirit directs the disciples on the path to Hierarchy. Thus, with the entire strength of one's spirit, one should unfurl the Banner of Peace, in which are contained all the abutments of culture.

325. A poorly developed mind always stumbles at a seeming contradiction, it cannot reconcile Hierarchy with resourceful independent activity. Certainly, without synthesis the most monogenic conceptions will fall apart like brickwork without cement. The realization of synthesis will be like a step toward the transformation of the race. The remark about the immortality of unicellular organisms is correct. But with what can one bring into unity our heterogeneous elements? One can eliminate a multitude of artificial means, bringing to life the dormant crystals of psychic energy. One may think of it as our origin. Only united understanding of conscious striving toward the affirmation of ascent generates the power of transmutation. Do not think this an abstraction; I advise accepting it as necessary for the ascent of the race.

326. Synthesis must be understood as the apparatus of the laboratory of life. Let us remember this definition. The mind that has achieved the stage of synthesis becomes productive, moral, unifying, non-irritable, capable of manifesting patient cooperation with Hierarchy. How can one explain the advantage of synthesis to one who does not ponder upon Eternity and stupidly shuts himself off from all calls? He will never understand that what is said also concerns him. Satisfied, he will garb himself in a suit approved by a tailor and be at ease, having acknowledged the tailor's hierarchy. But let us not offend the tailor because people have invented many disgusting hierarchies.

327. The vibration of objects may come from the pressure of psychic energy. The vibrations of light may also reflect upon the surroundings. Thus is so-called magnetism transmitted. Man is borne by vibrations to a like at-onement of receptivity and harmony.

328. How difficult it is for people to realize what determines their own welfare. They think that they create; they think that they labor; they think that nothing will take place without them. They think that in them lies the foundation. Woe to those who take credit for that which does not issue from themselves, for these servitors of darkness are verily the destroyers of luminous inceptions. Certainly the attempts of these dark ones only determine their own destruction, for Light is unconquerable. Thus self-destruction occurs where there is disobedience to the Hierarchy of Light. Thus, the attributing of creativeness to themselves by the dark ones has a reason, because verily the jinns have affirmed themselves as co-workers of Light. Each evil intention is the affirmation of victory.

329. Is it possible that the dark ones are blind, not wishing to show understanding of Hierarchy? Is it possible that the assertion of the Higher Law is not acknowledged as the only salvation? How important it is at such a decisive time to understand the law of Hierarchy! Thus, let traitors ponder. Thus, let the servitors of darkness, who are opposing Hierarchy, ponder. Whoever slanders Hierarchy is the greatest traitor.

330. If one combines the complete responsibility of the physician, judge, priest, teacher, architect, and lawmaker, one arrives at a part of the responsibility of a Hierarch. But just a part. For besides the earthly responsibility, He also belongs to the subtle and mental worlds. We never summon anyone to don the armor of a Hierarch, because only the spirit itself can choose such a responsibility. The seed of the Hierarch is generated according to a certain ray. Verily, the might of ascent has no fear of responsibility before the three worlds. This courage is like a link between the worlds, like the pillar of the Covenant, like the Light, all-penetrating! Thus, facing the throne of responsibility, the wings of achievement glow.

331. Without culture there can be no international agreement or mutual understanding. Without culture the people's understanding cannot embrace all needs of evolution. Therefore the Banner of Peace comprises all subtle concepts that will lead nations to the understanding of culture. Humanity does not understand how to manifest reverence for that which comprises immortality of spirit. The Banner of Peace will bring the understanding of this lofty significance. Humanity cannot flourish without the knowledge of the greatness of culture. The Banner of Peace will open the gates to a better future. When countries are on the way to destruction, then even those who are spiritually depleted must understand in what the ascent consists. Verily, salvation lies in culture. Thus, the Banner of Peace brings a better future.

332. Let people become accustomed to ejecting from their lives a multitude of petty lies and to learning to apply truth to life. Nothing is as destructive as a consciously injurious distortion of reality. It disturbs the rhythm of Cosmos. The subterranean fire dominates by the counter-current of its rhythm.

333. With the cooperation of all energies the preordained structure can be built. It is the same in human constructiveness. It should be remembered that positive forces create under the pressure of negative ones, and the creativeness of Light is saturated by the tension of the manifested pressures. Thus, creativeness in the Name of the Lords certainly calls forth tension. Hence, precisely Service to Light asserts such a tension of cosmic potencies. When such a mighty construction is being affirmed, how is it possible that the shifting forces should not be opposed?

334. Verily, the Banner of Peace will unite all cultural tasks and will give the world the achievement that is so needed. Therefore, those who carry a striving quest will respond to all affirmations. The nations will verily unite under this Banner.

335. Humanity must carry out a multitude of urgent experiments. Imperil must not only be recognized as the calamity of the departing race but the contagion of imperil should also be studied. It will be possible to ascertain that imperil acts at far distances and can affect the subtle body. Imperil clashes like a dissonance with the Fire of Space. People who depart from Earth with a store of imperil create for themselves a torturous existence; the Fire of Space rushes upon them, for harmony means adherence to the foundations. Each opposition to the foundations calls forth the counteraction of the Fire of Space. Thus, one should admit that personal irritation is an excrescence of the departing ones. But it must be noted that people often do not wish to heed their own irritation, though the dangerous poison does not diminish because of that.

336. Thus, one should investigate impeding elements with all means. One must understand in what consists harmony with the foundations of Existence. In what lies the progress of a spirit who is gradually becoming accustomed to existing above the world and to labor without end? Also, the sacred pains should be understood as signs of the flights of the spirit into the region which binds the worlds. Thus, it is easy to understand that involution has deprived humanity of some acknowledged qualities, and one should manifest much of the primary energy, in order to weave again the torn web of Assurgina. But praise to the courageous, daring, and striving ones!

337. The time when the Fire Blossom is manifest cannot be an easy one. The Banner of Peace is not presented at the bazaar. Thus, let us be united in one unconquerable striving.

338. How does humanity expect to approach the Highest without acknowledging the entrusted earthly representatives of Hierarchy? How can a link be established if humanity does not admit the greatness of the Chain of Hierarchy? Thinking is infected so extensively by the poison of conceit that the entire cosmic balance is disturbed. Thus, on the way to Us one should adopt all the affirmations concerning Hierarchy as an anchor of salvation. Verily, Hierarchy is like a wondrous Light for humanity! As a mighty Shield, Hierarchy stands on watch! Hierarchy is affirmed as the link between the worlds!

339. Therefore the most heinous is apostasy and demeaning of the Teacher. Thus, when We introduce into life a new affirmation, one should strive with the entire spirit on the path of fulfillment of the Highest Will. Hence, when We affirm the great significance of the Banner of Peace, it must be adopted in spirit. Verily, thus the salvation of the world will come. The time is great! The time is significant!

340. Wisely is ordained the bliss of him who sacrifices his soul for his neighbor. Often this commandment is applied to the sacrifice of one's life, yet it is not said of life or body, but of the spirit. Thus a most difficult and lengthy task is given. In order to give one's soul one should cultivate, expand, and refine it, then it can be given for the salvation of one's neighbor. Thus the wisdom of the Commandment should be understood and consciously applied. It is also said, "Follow Me." Thus will speak each Hierarch, affirming a progressive motion. He cannot turn back, otherwise the leading star will be hidden behind the rock.

It is not correct to think of the humility of a Hierarch — humility ahead and the Command behind. Likewise, the concept of Hierarchy is clearly expressed in the words of the Apostle about the Comforter. This advice should be similarly understood, because inaction in sorrow is not indicated, but consolation is prepared through achievement. Thus, even the best Teachings are obscured by not acknowledging that which is imperceptible to earthly sight.

341. How is responsibility understood by the many? How little do people ponder upon the great affirmation of responsibility! The one who accepts responsibility with obvious light-mindedness or with selfish desires is subject to a terrible karma. When the great Service for the good of humanity is given, responsibility should be carried accordingly. When Our vessel is in the hands of the Carrier, it means that dignity should be preserved, in order that the wondrous vessel may keep its wings. Verily, it is befitting that responsibility be carried by a tempered spirit and with the entire solicitude of the heart.

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