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127. The Spatial Fire dissolves all accumulations. But what a dam people build, and how they encumber space with non-understanding and a consciousness which so little comprehends the cosmic constructiveness! How can one create without acknowledging a Higher Leader? How can one build without sensing the thread that binds one with the Hierarch? How can one expect sendings when the spirit does not unfold to meet the Light? Only through adherence to Hierarchy and by fulfillment of the manifested Will can one be truly successful and attain everything that is affirmed. Yes, yes, yes!

128. Therefore each striving leading to the unification of the disciple with the Teacher leads to cognizance of the higher laws. The disciple in rejecting the Teacher acknowledges his own ignorance, because he arrests his development. Each force attracting the spirit upward is a force of development. How shall we broaden our consciousness and uplift the spirit if we do not accept the Hand of a Hierarch? Conceit very harmfully retards progress! Hence it is urgent to point out to all those who speak against extreme devotion to the Teacher that only by the force of devotion can refinement of consciousness be achieved. The culture of the spirit and thought are to be followed, thus manifesting an unconquerable devotion to Hierarchy. Only thus is the spirit uplifted; only thus can one be affirmed in the evolution of the spirit. Hence, the beauty of Service is contained in the blending of consciousnesses. When the arcs of consciousnesses are blended, Light reigns, and the highest ordainment is affirmed. Only thus is the highest Law attained. Thus We create!

129. Let us write down questions for a disciple: "Dost thou not serve darkness? Art thou not a servitor of doubt? Art thou not a traitor? Art thou not a liar? Art thou not ribald? Art thou not a sluggard? Art thou not irritable? Dost thou a tendency to inconstancy? Art thou not negligent? Dost thou understand devotion? Art thou ready to labor? Wilt thou not be afraid of Light?" Thus ask disciples when preparing them for probation.

130. During construction one should develop all strivings toward synonymous understanding. Each task carries equivalent strength. One should strive toward finding this key. One cannot demand that a great manifestation be gauged by small measures. A small thought cannot be embellished. Small thoughts cannot make a hero. Only a subtle identity affords correspondence. Therefore the highest to the highest. The higher, the more affirming; only thus can one grow and introduce the predestined into life. The Highest Plan requires application of the highest measures.

131. Therefore, when We proclaim Hierarchy We are aware of the spatial battle which summons to the realization of the highest law. Creativeness requires the affirmation of the consciously accepted principle of Hierarchy. Thus We build, thus We summon to the subtle understanding of Hierarchy. Verily, the revealed Law enters life! Thus is affirmed the highest step.

132. I call attention to the saturation of the heart and the prayer of the heart for two reasons: firstly, it leads to a blending with the Higher World; secondly, it does not require a special time and can be performed during any labor. One may easily become used to a special sensation within the heart without fearing any ill effect. The heart will not be overtired by the Lord, on the contrary, only surrounding thoughts can ill-affect the , heart. Thus, someday men shall finally realize the I significance of thoughts, at least for the sake of I their own hearts. Let them ponder upon the poison of sendings! It is time to pay attention to the amount of sicknesses generated by thoughts. During each sickness it is not bad to make a Suggestion against negative thoughts. Magnetic passes over the affected organ can also be made. Nothing special is needed beyond a prayer of the heart, which creates a magnetic link with the highest. During the laying on of hands one should not think of sickness, but should try to unite oneself with the Highest.

133. What benefit can be derived from small experiments and observations! Without wasting time, the disciple can pay attention to a multitude of small manifestations. Every day amidst your usual occupations pay attention to the various sensations of your organism. Each one in his own way reflects the cosmic manifestations, but one should fearlessly notice each sensation. Similarly one can even observe the life of the usual household objects under the influence of a definite hand. Repeat this to those who forget the impact of personality and contact.

134. The Cosmic Magnet attracts all energies that are shifted to a new center. Thus all outworn energies are shifted, yielding their place to the new ones. Therefore, at the change of forces all divided forces are lost in the cosmic process. Only Light and darkness are in opposition and are intensified in the cosmic conflict. Hence, striving should be saturated precisely with the fire of attraction, and one should seek Light against the black lodge with the entire impulse. It is necessary to shield oneself with devotion to, and realization of, Hierarchy and to dare against the darkness with all the levers of spirit and heart.

135. Thus each attempt of the dark ones will be a new possibility for Us and a boomerang for the adversaries. Only thus will the path be cleared, and each step of the enemy will turn into a trap for him. Thus We conquer. The time is great, the time is tense!

136. Only by the tension of all strength will you conquer. This must be remembered and applied. We have decided on complete success, it depends upon you to accept it. The entire garden of doubts, suspicions, fears, offenses, condemnations must be cast aside. If you desire to accept, victory, every treason must be avoided, because the consequences of doubts and lack of respect for Hierarchy will disrupt all threads. When the ship is holding by only one anchor during the tempest, it is stupid to begin to change the chain. Guard the foundation, and ascend only through its growth. I shall be tireless in repeating about Hierarchy until you realize it. It is not enough to nod your head, it is time to think and to apply. I have reasons for repeating this.

137. The purple star is the sign of the highest tension, for tension and the continuous transmission of energy is the manifestation of co-creation.

Let no one take lightly My warning; when victory is weighed and defined, there can be no excuses or haphazardness. Remember, there is one Anchor, there is one Light! And when the greatest battle takes place, it is unforgivable to disturb the formation. I shall be very severe, because the time is at hand, and already some successes have been postponed. The burden is caused only by you. Guard the foundation! Many fires are introduced into action. Remember, the purple star indicates the highest tension.

138. Let us become accustomed to that which can be a true preparation for significant actions. Already, decisive dates approach each day. Wings are growing for the ascent that was already foretold in small coincidences as well as in decisive events. Again, the words of the Command shall be pronounced. It means that the fruits are again ripe. Again the dreams, the visions, and the hopes shall be gathered into a knot which will mark the next immutable step. Out of coincidences, imperceptibly minute, again are woven the tangible facts, and that which seemed unrealizable or postponed is again molded into a bonfire of events. Recall much that was told and apply it for the present day.

"I do not fear, for the enemies are serving, and our adversaries are bringing precious values into the treasury of the spirit." Thus, think benevolently, and aspire to the new step, to the new attainment.

139. The thread binding the Teacher with his disciple is the most powerful current and provides an evident defense. How, then, can one manifest one's striving without the Teacher? Those faint-hearted ones who say they will go alone do not know the significance of the protecting net. Hence, the non-acceptance of the Chain of Hierarchy gives a result equivalent to destroying the principle of construction. Thus, only with a powerful Hierarchy can one be affirmed in construction.

140. The sparks of causality fly in space, and each spark brings its effect. Thus, the non-acceptance of a Teacher leaves the disciple without guidance, and each action of such wandering spirits has no constructive importance. Thus, each spiritual striving must lead to the search for a Guide. Causality produces its wonderful sprouts when the disciple understands the significance of Hierarchy.

141. Certainly you do not doubt that I shall reiterate about Hierarchy. We shall insist, until We establish a firm understanding of this panacea. But each time We shall stress a new feature, for We do not repeat.

Someone may say, "I address myself with all my strength to the Lord, but it does not reach the ; Lord." Ask, "Was it sincere?" This quality of invocation is as necessary as Light. Each one may cast his eye into his heart and inspect the small corners of a decrepit world. Without sincerity there will be no current. Therefore strain all your forces and elect pure striving of the heart.

142. You often hear about the battle waged by the powers of darkness. Now you are in its very midst. Truly the Hierarchs themselves participate in the combat. The more glorious will be the victory. But hold My Hand as an anchor. I would not speak of the terrible danger without reason. Therefore, let us not lose the moment to unite, and, rejecting the past, let us strive into the future and hold fast in battle. It should be remembered that great is the honor of confronting the giants of evil. I know your tension, but accept it as a sacred ascent. Drive away all that is evil and dark. Invoke Me often whenever the manifestations of Light are threatened. Remember Hierarchy!

143. When the intensified Magnet convokes all forces, each energy should be discriminated. Therefore, one should know which forces are admissible for construction and which can bring harm. Discrimination can be attained only through adherence to the Highest Consciousness, because only the scope of pure striving can reveal the affirmed Covenant of Service. Hence, one should learn to acknowledge all the higher laws, constructing life upon them.

144. Certainly, the cosmic manifestations reverberate against the feelings of a tensed Agni Yogi. Obviously the course of human deeds evokes subterranean storms and supermundane fires. Similarity is evidenced everywhere, and all that occurs has a like connection. Therefore, one should disclose a sacred feeling toward Hierarchy and the manifested heart. Hence, one should clearly comprehend the anchor of salvation and adhere to it with intense strength.

145. Unfortunately, the present time fully corresponds to the last period of Atlantis. The very same pseudoprophets and a pseudosavior; the same wars, the same treasons and spiritual barbarism. We take pride in the crumbs of civilization; the Atlanteans likewise knew how to fly across the planet in order to speedily cheat each other. The temples likewise became defiled, and science became a subject of speculation and dissension. The same occurred in construction, as if they did not dare to build solidly! Likewise, they rebelled against Hierarchy and were stifled with their own egoism. Likewise, they disturbed the equilibrium of the subterranean forces, and by mutual efforts a cataclysm was created.

146. When the link with the Lord is strong; mountains can be moved. Striving to Hierarchy creates that culture about which so much is spoken. Dead are those who presume that by means of earthly Maya they can create strongholds. It is as unwise as children dreaming to build a fortress out of mud! Only the world of spirit is truly strong, for it is indestructible and invincible. It may be pointed out that the first sign of culture is the absence of personal discords.

147. When the fate of the planet is being determined, the forces are distributed along the poles of Light and darkness; therefore, each spirit must guard itself from faint-heartedness. To side with Light means to walk with Us under the Banner of Hierarchy; to side with darkness means to walk under the yoke of the black banner. Thus, in time of battle one should fierily realize Our Might and build a lawful affirmation of life. Only thus can the challenge of the dark ones be accepted; for when the spirit is immune to faint-heartedness and treason, victory is manifested. Thus, let us be affirmed upon Hierarchy.

148. Certainly, when the battle proceeds, the creativeness of the forces is strained, and each loyal action adds a strong link to the chain of defense. Each heart manifesting devotion to Hierarchy serves as a smiting flame against the enemy. Therefore, only a pure striving to Hierarchy assures a right decision. Thus We conquer. True, when the battle is tense, there are many desiring to harm. Yet the plan is invulnerable, and only the evidence of complete striving to Hierarchy gives victory.

149. It was never said to rely upon the Lord. On the contrary, it was repeated, "Be imbued with the Lord!" There is a great difference between timid and inactive reliance and imbuing the entire being with the consciousness of the Lord. As an invincible sword, the consciousness identified with the Lord smites all obstacles! Doubt cannot find shelter where a flaming consciousness is kindled. There will be no fatigue where the inexhaustible Source of Forces is admitted. Fear cannot penetrate into the temple of invulnerable armor. Thus, I advise acceptance of My Shields, not through recourse to a saving protection, but by conquering through the blending of consciousness.

150. Attention should be paid to the kindling of the centers of the knees. Even spots upon the skin reveal the very same stigmata as does genuflexion, which means that the prayer within the heart may be evidencing the same signs. Thus one may gather significant signs, for instance: the rhythm of cosmic energies in the heart or a strong; swelling of the abdomen near these centers is attested, as are those of the larynx, the back of the neck, and the crown of the head.

I vouch for success if you are imbued with the Lord!

151. During a conflict of forces one should always observe the maximum of centralization. Therefore the power of the focus is so greatly needed, and each one in his turn must consider his position as bound with the center. Thus, the central power will emit all rays, and shadows will have to disappear. The radiation of the focus upon the spiritual plane is most invincible! Therefore immunity of the spirit can be attained through striving to the Spiritual Focus. Hierarchy is so wondrous in that it represents this mighty Focus. Therefore, one should strive limitlessly to the law of Hierarchy.

152. Thus the might of the Spiritual Focus is manifested by Us. Thus immutable are the laws of Hierarchy, and those who adhere to that affirmed might will find the right path. Hence it is so important to approach Us in the sole striving to fulfill the predestined. Thus victory is affirmed by Us. Therefore, one should gather all the best strivings to adhere to the Spiritual Focus.

The Focus radiates through the blending of consciousnesses. Our Focus is powerful through the blending of hearts. Our Focus is invincible, so I affirm! Thus, let the Spiritual Focus radiate in the heart of each co-worker. The creativeness of the spirit is inseverably linked with the corresponding striving. Hence, concordance is a lawful manifestation.

153. Dangerous is Maya when humanity thinks that it can create entirely identical objects. They forget that even the difference in the time of creation already effects a substantial difference. Thus, a standard can satisfy only an inferior consciousness. The mention of conventionalities of understanding corresponds to the understanding of Maya, but the foundations cannot be within the limits of Maya. Therefore, let us turn to the immutable, in other words, to the spirit's blending with Hierarchy. Having searched all corners of the planet we shall find the sole path upward. Thousands of hymns may be composed to this ascent, yet at its foundation will be the same identical striving of the spirit to the same spheres where its granulation takes place. One may study: the idioms of all peoples, but nowhere will a word dare to express the immutable and unutterable Foundation of Be-ness and the path to the Father of all Existence. However, the heart in the our of tension knows the Unutterable and feels the higher path.

154. In the dark the watchful voice of the watcher directs one to the Tower where the Lord holds his vigil. He who watches cannot carry out his service if he does not feel the Lord. And the world cataclysm is only the result of transgression against Hierarchy. Transgression against Hierarchy means the shattering of all causality, all lawful effects.

155. The consciousness not blended with the Lord cannot strive to the law of accumulation in the Chalice. Only the power of the Cosmic Magnet can bring the spirit close to the Teacher. Verily, the one who adheres to the Higher Consciousness receives the power of thought. Only when a spirit accepts all transmissions from Above can he broaden his consciousness, otherwise the power concealed within the Chalice cannot be awakened. Thus, the thread of the bond is the ladder of spirit upon which the power of the spirit ascends. Creativeness is affirmed by way of this wondrous thread. Thus the ascent of the spirit proceeds through its bond with the Lord.

156. This bond unites Us and creates the best results. Thus, the most wondrous thread is the silver one uniting the heart of the Hierarch with his disciple. The light of the spirit is nurtured by this might. Therefore, when We speak of a united aura. We have in mind the actuality of the bond! Thus, the Counsels should be guarded as the Source of Light. Thus one can attract the best opportunities. Hence the sacred union of the Hierarch with the disciple is evidenced when the disciple's consciousness is striving toward the consciousness of the Hierarch. Thus a wondrous step is built by a blended heart!

157. You understand what each apostate inflicts upon the Teacher. If a special ray is assigned to each disciple, the severing of this thread must have a reaction. It is not without reason that the Teacher insistently questions the knocking ones, "Art thou not a traitor?" The severing of the thread between the Teacher and the disciple can be achieved only by a slow process, but impetuous betrayal is usually very painful to the Teacher and to the traitor. Verily, the traitor's reason becomes obscured, and through the wound caused by the broken thread obsession occurs most easily. One should consider this process of betrayal as a physical danger, not to speak of the spiritual consequence. One should ponder how cautiously one must select disciples in order not to contribute to cosmic harm. Hence, each Teaching gives strong examples of betrayal. For betrayal there is no need to be precisely a Devadatta or a Judas. Even without these prototypes space is filled with fractured rays.

158. Without the bond with the Teacher one may give access to a dark dweller even by one pinprick of denial. Levity does not dwell far from betrayal. Thus one may imagine the consequences of the disciple's severing himself from the Teacher. It is time to pay attention to insane asylums and to verify the causes and conditions of such illnesses, especially now when this scourge is more dangerous than the plague.

Learn how to guard the thread with the Teacher and to fill the heart with the Lord. It must not be forgotten what is essential for an unswerving ascent. Neither works, nor circumstances, nor character, nor diverse reasons may erect barriers between the disciple and the Teacher. The manifestation of the Teacher signifies the initiation of the shortest path. To reject the Lord is to betray oneself.

159. One can see the unity of all manifestations when the spirit can reflect the best strivings. Space requires observations, and each manifestation is in need of conscious assimilation. Only when the foundations of creativeness are firm can one build for evolution.

Akbar used to say, "A cross-eyed person does not see the center." Thus, each vital action requires stability. Before looking at two parallel lines, one should know which to choose. Hence stability is so indispensable, and only the closest approach to Hierarchy provides the correct path and the higher solution.

160. Thus, each disciple must approach Hierarchy and must affirm himself with the entire spirit on the closest approach. Striving to the Lord will give a full understanding of Hierarchy and will reveal to the spirit the silver thread. The center is occupied by Hierarchy. From the center emanate all rays. To the center converge all rays. Therefore, the stability of the spirit can attract positive manifestations. Thus, the power of blending lies in the heart. Verily, in the heart! Thus We create. Thus the higher step is affirmed.

161. Not only the direct link with the Lord but even an unconscious striving toward Hierarchy gives a glimpse of the communion with cosmic forces. Where colored sparks appear, the door is open to the chain of Benefaction. True, people seldom pay attention to obvious signs, however in merging into the life of the spirit one can not only understand the significance of these fires but may even perceive their interrelations. One may notice entire battles between the black and the blue sparks, and be convinced that the blue ones will always conquer the progeny of darkness.

162. The science closest to spirit is higher mathematics, if correctly understood. Thus abstraction becomes reality. The mist of knowledge can be illumined through Infinity. Certainly we must strive to all that can lead our consciousness beyond the boundaries of our planet. Only thus can the true values be understood. He who can understand synthesis will understand Hierarchy. One may reiterate much about Hierarchy, and We shall emulate the woodpecker until the knots of the bark are broken through. I repeat, if you do not understand Hierarchy in spirit, understand it at least for the benefit of your health. Manifest reverence.

163. Conformity between an action and the factor that called forth the action is powerfully evidenced in the entire Cosmos. All subterranean fires are called to the surface of the planet by the actions of humanity, which serve as a link between the worlds. Thus, the stifling gases call forth corresponding forces. Each human thought creates its own correspondences, hence it is impermissible to create without the action of the centers and attraction to the law of Hierarchy.

164. In cosmic creativeness everything is built upon succession, since the roots of each structure are held by the law of Hierarchy. Each task and plan is built in goal-fitness, and they are affirmed by the great plan of evolution. Thus, all Our affirmations bring beneficent manifestations. Only attraction to the Chain of Hierarchy can reveal the path to Infinity. Thus, the power of blending verily rules the world.

165. The physician who has an opportunity to study the sacred pains and does not do it is guilty. In studying those pains and comparing them with the actions that cause them, he could prepare the steps for the coming evolution. In reality, during the spiritual development of the world, sacred pains should not exist, but the surrounding imperfections create these pains. Thus, in comparing the conditions and causes, one can foresee the direction of evolution. Certainly, much can be improved in the human consciousness if we know that even earthquakes are called forth by the spirit of humanity. One can gradually gather many manifestations of which man is the creator. Thus, the sacred pains are the indicators of the next race in the clutches of the underdeveloped; hence, I say, Guard your health. I say, Do not burden others by unnecessary sallies and irritation. The echo of errors resounds not only around you, but is carried along the entire Chain of Hierarchy. However, each caution is beneficial not only to you but it also strengthens space unto far-off spheres.

166. Verily, humanity is a link between the worlds. One, should be used to that thought and try to apply it in life. It is strange that physicians do not avail themselves of the opportunity of becoming carriers of health, applying the knowledge of nerve centers, because precisely these centers are the spiritual antennae and magnets. Even a physical magnet is placed in a special vicinity in order that it may not lose its strength. Do not the nerve centers deserve similar attention? And must not people especially protect the representatives of the next race? The bridge between the shores is especially protected. One may demand of man, "Friend, do not evoke earthquakes."

167. The center that lights all beginnings of Our Works is based upon the law of Hierarchy. The impetuosity of creativeness is founded upon the center of Hierarchy. How obviously humanity deviates from the higher path and higher striving! He who is afraid of the manifestation of the Teacher will remain an ignoramus. He who rejects the Leading Hand will forever remain in error. He who is afraid to lose his individuality does not possess it. Thus one should ponder upon the great laws of Hierarchy.

168. There exists a misconception that the dark ones, being the antithesis of Light, are therefore unavoidable this is erroneous. Darkness, the antithesis of Light, is nothing but unmanifested Chaos. The dark ones denigrate the manifestation of the combat of the creative Light against Chaos. It would be a sufficient task for humanity to make Chaos manifest and in that great battle to cooperate with the Great Spirits. But the dark ones have reduced the mastery of unbridled elements to the egoism of rebels and have begun to call forth Chaos instead of transmuting it into a working force. This crime is great, and the desire to extinguish Light cannot be considered an antithesis. The creative vanquishing of Chaos, or the "Dragon," is a constant achievement. But the battle with the dark ones is only a convulsion, impeding motion. The darkness of Chaos may be considered as a means for mental creativeness. However, the combat with the hierarchy of the dark ones is only a lost date, so needed for construction. Moreover, the dark ones constantly arouse mighty elements, not knowing, of course, how to master them.

169. It should be remembered that it is not the dark ones as such that are dangerous, but the forces evoked by them. Verily, one should compare great Light with great Darkness, but it is unfitting to consider as great those who build upon egoism. Thus, it is necessary to co-measure even in great manifestations. Certainly, let us not forget the harm sown by the dark ones who are like a brood of serpents! Even during battle with reptiles Hierarchy is needed, because everything disordered must be annihilated. Hence, let us remember where is great Darkness, and where the fierce enemy who seeks the annihilation of Light, having forgotten that without Light he cannot exist.

170. Construction requires intensified tension. Without this impulse it is impossible to build the steps of evolution. Each orbit is saturated with conscious striving, and each step requires its own affirming strength. Therefore, when creativeness assembles forces, identical energies are drawn to the focus. Therefore, the more conscious the attitude toward the focus, the greater will be the action of correspondence and the more powerful the attraction. Cause and effect are predetermined, and the creative impulse is saturated by the fire of conscious striving. Thus the entire Cosmos is built.

171. Hence, when understanding is not founded upon Hierarchy, the manifestations of the focus cannot be so vitally displayed, and each one who isolates himself cannot find his way to Us. Thus, there are so many roaming shadows who cannot turn the affirmed key. Thus so many strivings are lost in space. Therefore, upon the blending of the arcs of consciousnesses. We build the future. Thus, Our fiery law ordains the blending of consciousnesses. Thus, one should be affirmed in the realization of the focus. The spirit can approach the realization of this fiery law. The manifestation of Hierarchy is the basis of constructiveness.

172. One more misconception: often, because of ignorance or self-justification, people think that their thought is insignificant and can reach nowhere, whereas the potentiality of thought is great, and for thought there exists neither space nor time. But those who think chaotically are, like those who wave their hands in the dark, unaware of the object they hit. Moreover, thought accumulates in space. One can conceive of a mighty choir of harmonious thoughts, but one can also imagine a flock of chattering black jackdaws. Such congregations also fill space and disturb the higher worlds. Dear thinkers, jackdaws, you are also responsible for the quality of your thoughts. Thus, even you create your future.

173. Therefore there is no way by which one can escape responsibility. Even the smallest thought enters into the megaphone of space and attracts to itself the same kind of locust, causing the smoky atmosphere of the planet. Thought can purify by destroying the microbes of disintegration, but it can likewise attract unbridled elements. Not without reason do the dark ones use especially underdeveloped people for certain machinations. You often utter the word cult-ura it means the cult of Light. I remind you of how great is the common responsibility before Light if each thought can either obscure or purify space. Thus let us remember.

174. Certainly the path of Service can bring one to higher knowledge. Only ignorance could bring the planet to its present condition. Humanity has lost the understanding of the beauty of aspiration, and construction has been established upon the stupidity of isolationism. For this reason, unity of Service has been revealed as salvation for humanity. The entire power of constructiveness is based on Hierarchy. Thus the mighty thread unites the entire Cosmos. Verily, only in full realization of Great Service can the beauty of Spirit and the Might of Hierarchy be understood. Space summons to the fulfillment of the great Law. Yes, yes, yes! Thus the steps of true evolution are built.

175. Therefore, only a full understanding of Great Service can give disciples the aspiration to the Hierarchy. When the creativeness of the spirit can encompass Great Service, then all paths to Us are open. Therefore, striving to fulfill the Indications can be affirmed as an impulse leading to the highest Gates. Thus, let all the pearls of the Guru and the Tara be guarded. Thus one can fulfill all given possibilities. The time is pregnant and tense! Therefore, let the disciples strive to keep step with the rhythm of events; and consciousness should be strained in unison with all that occurs. Only thus does one conquer.

176. Verily, if you realize yourself as being constantly in the solemn presence of the Lord, you are already on the shortest path to Us. People loathe especially the routine of daily life; for them it is the symbol of weariness and descent, whereas for us the daily routine is perfectment and ascent; it opens the gates to Infinity. One can learn to love this daily routine, because it tempers the spirit and gives one courage to contemplate the endless chain of the ages of labor. For some, these ages are a menace, but a refined consciousness will accept them as the source of endless creativeness. Beautiful cults became dulled on account of daily routine, but how wondrous is the realization that daily devotion and a flaming love are offered to Hierarchy. If I shall say, "I love Thee, O Lord, and I am devoted to Thee, O Lord, and I reverence Thee, Teacher," by what a mighty choir will this song of praise be transformed on the far-off worlds! Thus, in each act of devotion one can open new locks; and how wondrous it is to feel the inexhaustibility of great concepts. The Ordainment can be concise: "Be aflame in heart and create in love!"

177. Learn not to count days and not to notice years, because there is no difference when you are in the great expanse of Service. One should learn to feel oneself beyond trivial usualness and to adhere in spirit to the manifested world of Beauty. Let us proceed together to where there are no boundaries or end, where one can transform each beneficent gleam into the radiation of a rainbow of blessing to the worlds.

Through devotion one can reach all gates. Let us not forget this even for a moment. Precisely, let us be filled with the smile of devotion, and let us bless the daily routine. Each breath of Ours contains a wondrous substance for the worlds in formation. Ponder upon the treasures which are given to us and which belong to the One who brought us a tear and a drop of sweat for our liberation. Let us also daily thank the Highest One.

178. How necessary it is for everyone not to disunite his heart and mind on the path to Us. Creativeness is affirmed by pure impulses, and it is most necessary to unite all the fiery centers. Thus, it must be realized that the matter of thought must serve as a link with higher substances, because only the subtlest thought can penetrate to them, and the refinement of consciousness can impel that force which controls mighty levers. Thus, only a united consciousness can fulfill the Higher Will. Thus the Chain of Hierarchy is affirmed. Thus a united consciousness rules the world. The Higher Will is transmitted to the closest spirit. Hence, the Will of the Hierarch must thus be fully executed. Therefore one must actively accept all that is given by a united consciousness.

179. The one who relies is dead, but the one who follows is alive. We did not promise to transport dead bodies. We vouched to lead courageous followers. One must ponder very attentively in order to discern the boundary between courageous following and faint-hearted reliance. Also, Our Indications must be understood without delay, for the sun shines differently at the morning hour and at noon. We should be accepted as daily nurture. And devotion will receive its answer if all forces are applied. Such must be the onward movement of those who follow the Lord. Our help, as you know, comes at the last hour, but the door should not be closed to Our messenger. Perhaps Our influence acts beyond the seas, nevertheless the striving toward Us must not be severed.

180. Disunion from the Guide stops the evolution of the spirit, because the disruption of the chain leads to isolation and impedes the creative-ness of the spirit. Verily, only union with the Source of Light moves the spirit onward. Thus, striving to the Highest Hierarchy gives all possibilities and saturates the spirit with the power of Service. The orbits of Light are built by correspondence and by the power of fulfillment of the Higher Will. Thus is the path to Infinity built.

181. Hence it is most important to realize the significance of fulfillment of the Higher Will. Therefore, the power of blending is so greatly affirmed, for only in the blending of consciousnesses is creativeness contained. The disintegration of humanity is so vast because there is no balance. And the events on the planet indicate disunity with the Highest Consciousness. Thus, it can be confirmed that disciples must strive to the realization of Hierarchy. One can attain only through fulfillment of the Higher Will.

182. Gratitude is one of the main qualities of justice. Without justice one cannot reach the path of Great Service. Therefore, in pointing out the necessity for the realization of gratitude. We only assist the Great Service. How beautiful is gratitude! It so easily kindles the fire of the heart, and, as if in the presence of the Image of the Lord, it fills the spirit with nobility. The ingrate is, first of all, ignoble. We term nobility the benevolent accumulations from former lives, while upon Earth nobility is considered only according to one's birth. One should especially develop gratitude, because gratitude is the sister of loyalty. It is necessary to realize how difficult it is sometimes for the Teacher to combine the best possibilities. One must know how to assist by the fire of one's own heart.

183. The blended consciousness affords striving to the highest solution. Why, then, should I such disunion take place when the entire Cosmos is affirmed upon the principle of blending? How can one be dissociated from the chain that holds the entire Cosmos? Lives must be built upon the principle of a tense cosmic chain. Only thus can Hierarchy establish the principle of fiery Service. Hence, on the way to Us one can attain only through Hierarchy.

184. Truly, divisibility of spirit is attained when the centers create flamingly. Thus the harmony of creativeness is imbued with this flame of he spirit. Each creative impulse kindles spiritual orches when it imbues space with its fire. Therefore the torches of the spirit can kindle auras. Thus the flaming centers kindle spiritual quests to a distance. Verily, great is creativeness. Yes, yes, yes!

185. The words that comprise the concept of Good are in great favor with Us. But one of them is utterly opposite to Our customs that is comfort. Verily, investigate the history of humanity, and you will be convinced that nothing great was ever created in comfort. For a long time I have spoken repeatedly about the blessed obstacles, but there are few who love the struggle for achievement. However, it is inevitable to become used to the struggle, because otherwise it is impossible to temper the blade of the spirit. For earthly progress, as well as for the far-off worlds, obstacles and the ability to conquer them are needed. To be at rest does not befit a Hierarch.

186. Thus, We advise giving musk for strengthening activity, but We are definitely against narcotics which calm and deaden the intellect. How, then, will the quality of thoughts, so needed for the future life be developed if we dull it with poison? But medical science is lavish in producing living corpses.

187. It is correct to understand the eternal struggle, and to prepare one's consciousness as if to face an explosion, for only this will correspond to reality. My Hand will not tire in leading the combatants, but My Eye cannot tolerate the sight of lethargy in the intoxication of comfort. Having Infinity before one, yet not losing an hour and valuing the use of each minute is Yogism. When the spirit naturally adheres to the Higher World and kindles a row of torches of the heart, one can call it a righteous path.

188. Spatial Fire is attracted to the earthly crust, and many subterranean manifestations fill the records of the planet. Certainly all events are tightly linked with humanity as well as with ensuing actions. Thus the manifestations evoked by the spirit of humanity create the Karma of the planet. How many of those perturbations are evoked by the spirit of humanity and the quality of thought! Therefore the coordination of the trend of thought with the created affirmations stratifies space which is saturated with the manifestations of Spatial Fire. Thus the life of the planet is forged, and the striving of humanity must be directed to the purification of space.

189. Thus, thought can be commanded to direct itself to a benevolent intention. Humanity dreams of a better future, still it does not know how to pierce the depths of darkness, because the basis manifested by the Cosmic Fire is not observed in life. The laws of gravitation have lost their significance, hence only the law of purification can provide that which the planet has lost. Verily, only purification can provide the essentials for efflorescence. The key is within the spirit, and only this key can vouchsafe achievement. Hence, on the way to Us, the entire beauty of spirit must be understood.

190. It is necessary to understand it literally when I say that a considerable number of sicknesses should be treated with psychic energy. Infection of the nerve substance will always be the primary cause of various diseases. In the infection of the nerve substance the Higher World unites with the lower; through a gap in the nerve substance any intruder can penetrate, beginning with obsession and ending with cancer. Yet the nerve substance can be protected only by psychic energy. This training of psychic energy will be the true prophylaxis of humanity. At least a pure thought can be applied, thereby protecting the entrances to the nerve spheres. Even such a simple measure will be useful. Also, psychic energy will be the best purification during the period of a hidden disease. But terrible is the decomposition of the nerve substance under the influence of drunkenness and all kinds of vices. Ponder upon the state of the subtle body, when the subtlest nerves assume the significance of a skeleton! Bones belong to Earth, nerves to the Subtle World, Light to the Spirit.

191. But again I shall turn to Hierarchy. Nothing can so greatly strengthen the nerve substance as the Chain of Hierarchy. But how to strengthen man in the importance of accepting Hierarchy? Even those who hear about it do not accept it as a vital condition, and thus harm themselves and the great Plan. The harm inflicted upon Hierarchy has no equivalent and cannot be expunged. I cannot even call it an error. It is already apostasy not levity, but treason.

192. Striving toward constant abiding with Hierarchy can provide the necessary steps. How can a tree stand powerfully if one tries to uproot it? Only contact with the pure current gives balance to the forces. Hence, only the roots of Hierarchy can uphold a structure. Each digression brings harm to the mighty growth. One should be consciously affirmed in the understanding of the Power of Hierarchy. Through the clefts caused by disrespect to the Hierarchy, black forces creep in. Hence, one must understand unity with the power expressed by the Higher Might. Thus can one attain.

193. He who strives upward without Hierarchy may be compared to an archer who shoots arrows heavenward with closed eyes, expecting that one of the arrows will reach a bird. All chance must be eradicated from life. We know in which direction we move, and we trust our Leader only thus will no arrows be aimlessly lost; and the Leader knows how to guard against poisonous sendings. However, let us reverence the Leader not only in words but within our heart, and He will grow, together with us; because in approaching the great we grow, but diminution is unavoidable with retreat. This law can easily be represented graphically. Let us imagine how out of the seed of the spirit two diverging lines proceed toward Light into Infinity and how each right move verily magnifies us.

194. Constant contact with the Higher Reason draws the spirit to higher cognizance. Constant application of higher laws brings the spirit to the orbit of the Cosmic Magnet. Invincible is the path that is built by the Command of the Higher Will. The Power of Hierarchy is the Might saturated with the fire of creativeness. Submission to the Power of Hierarchy means the offering of fire to the General Good. How dimly this concept burns in human understanding! The consciousness that does not absorb this understanding can only mumble the great words, being incapable of applying them to life, because only a heart saturated with the greatness of Hierarchy can understand the entire majesty of the cosmic law. Thus, the attraction to the Magnet can take place only through the realization of Hierarchy.

195. The Chain of Hierarchy lawfully leads world-construction. Verily, the creation of subtle bodies can be affirmed only by the subtle matter of thought. The weaver of his own body does not suspect what he introduces into the web of his body by severing himself from the Highest. Therefore let us ponder upon the most vital the Chain of Hierarchy.

196. You may be asked how the entrance upon the path of Service is defined. Certainly the first sign will be renunciation of the past and full striving to the future. The second sign will be the realization of the Teacher within one's hearty not because it is necessary thus, but because it is impossible otherwise. The third sign will be the rejection of fear, for being armed by the Lord one is invulnerable. The fourth will be non-condemnation, because he who strives into the future has not time to occupy himself with the refuse of yesterday. The fifth will be the filling of I the entire time with labor for the future. The sixth will be the joy of Service and completely offering oneself for the good of the world. The seventh will be spiritual striving to the far-off worlds as a predestined path. According to these signs you will discern a spirit ready and manifested for Service. He will understand where to raise the sword for the Lord, and his word will be from within his heart.

197. Do not strive to only a customary decision. One may subjugate many heads by customary speech. But this speech will be unintelligible to the higher worlds. Earthly prosiness sounds like the barking of a dog. No magnet will attract such a husk, and fire cannot burn without oil. But let us discriminate between commonplaceness and daily labor, because many people seek contradiction where it does not exist. Notice such people; they are not successful, because their thought is with yesterday. Let us not be bound by anything of the past. Also do not look for friends according to yesterday, and know at once how to test their hearts.

198. With the growth of assimilation grows the feeling of responsibility. Facing the Great Plan, understanding of responsibility must be made manifest, therefore with each decision the full feeling of responsibility should be realized. Complete responsibility imbues one like Spatial Fire. Full responsibility must imbue each action; for the feeling of containment can only be affirmed when the sense of responsibility impels the spirit to the fulfillment of the Will of Hierarchy. Hence cosmic daring suffuses the Carrier of Fire. Therefore the affirmation of the Higher Will can be realized when the spirit is truly filled with responsibility.

Thus, victories are achieved. Thus, those are invincible who fulfill the Will of Hierarchy.

199. The fiery Envoy of the Hierarchy acts as a mighty fiery Will. The Hand of a Hierarch directs as a Higher Hand. The Hierarch saturates as a propelled magnet, hence one must act consciously. Thus, the spirit striving to the realization of the Teacher can be affirmed on the path, but the spirit rejecting the concept of the Teacher may betray the Hierarchy.

200. Thus, one should fulfill all that is preordained, applying an understanding of the best date. Thus, one should remember how greatly the design of grains of sand is changed under the strokes of different fingers. Even the fingers of one and the same hand produce different designs to one melody; still more diverse is the rhythm of different people, but a fiery heart perceives the subtle differences in rhythm. Straight-knowledge is the kindled fire of the heart. It is difficult to express in words when this string of the heart will resound, but Hierarchy can point out this hour of transfiguration.

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